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Media Remote for PlayStation 5 Review

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Over the years gaming systems have become more than just devices used for gaming. Many use them as their primary entertainment systems as well. As a result, we get products like the PS5 media remote. The intention is that this device is used to help users easily use their consoles to watch content from apps like Disney Plus, Netflix and Youtube.

So do you need a media remote for the Playstation 5? Is this a must have item for media streamers?

Let’s dive into it.

Ps5 Media Remote Review - Background Image Type 1
Ps5 Media Remote Review – Background Image Type 1


The Media Remote for PlayStation 5 is a sleek and slick remote control. The remote is about 0.8 inches thick and measures out to be about 5.7H x1.6W inches. It’s not that big at all and fits in the hand well. It is a bit small so there might be some concern with losing it, especially to those that are veterans at losing remotes.

It has a matte white finish with a glossy black streak/band running around the edges of the remote. The look matches the aesthetic of the Playstation 5, The Duelsense controller and the Pulse 3D headset. Sony has done an excellent job making their entire accessories line match and fit the modern-esque vibe that they’ve committed to this generation.

Ps5 Media Remote Review - Background Image Type 3
Ps5 Media Remote Review – Background Image Type 3

Button Layout:

The buttons are flat on this remote. The remote features a sizable navigational D-pad like pad. Its does the job when it comes to navigating the PS5’s various menus, but it does feel a bit clicky. In the middle of the navigational pad lies the controller’s enter button. The Controller also features a TV power, volume up/down, a mute button and a PS home button.
Unfortunately the buttons on the remote are a bit on the smaller size. Those with larger fingers might have a tricky time hitting some of the buttons without hitting some of the others. It’s not the worst problems, but it is something to consider if you have larger hands or fingers.
This remote features a dedicated button for the Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify, and Youtube. I’m usually wary of controllers having these dedicated app buttons due to some become outdated over time, but these seem like solid choices and companies that will be around for the lifespan of the PS5.

Ps5 Media Remote Review - Background Image Type 4
Ps5 Media Remote Review – Background Image Type 4

How to Pair and Use the Media Remote for PlayStation 5:

Thankfully it’s not hard to pair this media remote with the PS5. All you have to do is go into the PS5’s Main Menu, hit accessories, and then select the option named “Media Remote.” Afterwards the PS5 will give you steps to set up and pair the device.
It boils down to holding down two select buttons until it tells you that you are connected. Afterwards your remote can control your PS5 in the same manner as your Duelsense controller.

Overall/Should You buy the Media Remote for PlayStation 5:

This is a remote that has a plethora of flaws, like its build quality and the smaller buttons, but it’s a controller that gets the job done. It’s a solid alterative for those that don’t want to pick up the Duelsense controller to navigate the media aspect of the PS5. If you are looking for a remote that allows you to turn your PS5 into your media hub then this controller is a good buy.

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