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Sebastion Mauldin:

Role: CEO, Founder and Host of the ProNerd Report.
His favorite video game genres are: Single player games, Narrative focused games, Giant RPGs, and Sports games. Outside of The ProNerd Report he lives a simple life as a Married Nerd. He’s usually gaming, watching anime, nerdy TV Shows, or movies. He’s a massive sports fan. He’s a Fan of the Dallas Mavericks, the Philadelphia Eagles, Texas Rangers, the UFC, and Pro Wrestling. He’s known as The Michael Jordan of Eating Tacos and trash talking.

Biscuit's Image for the Meet the Team Page

Biscuit Barktholomew:

Role: Chief of Snacks
Biscuit Barktholomew, a serial snacker since birth, is the perfect good boy for the job. As Chief of Snacks, Biscuit is responsible for ensuring the office has the best snacks available to keep everyone motivated. Biscuit's favorite treats include, peanut butter, burgers and pup cups. In his free time, you can find Biscuit taking a walk (where he MUST stop and sniff AT LEAST 15 times), enjoying long car rides with his humans, or hanging with his friends at the Dog Park. He is also working on building his social media presence on IG and Tik Tok. You can find him as Biscuit.Bartktholomew on both platforms. Follow him and let him know which snacks to taste test next for the office!

This is the ProNerd Report’s Meet the Team Page. The team page is where you can see who is a part of our squad, their official title in the company, and what they do in their role in the ProNerd Report. Their bios will also have a bit about the things that they enjoy.

In their bios, you can also see where each member of the team is active on social media so that you can give them a follow or interact with them (please be kind and considerate).

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