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PS5 Duelsense Review

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Over the years you could put all the Dualshock controllers together and you’d be excused for getting them confused. It’s understandable, because for the most part they all look similar.  A few differences here and there to tell them apart. That  changes with the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller. The Dualsense is feels like a premium piece of tech, but should you go out and buy extra controllers? Is this a step in the right direction for Playstation? Find out in this Duelsense review.

Let’s dive into it.

PS5 Dualsense Review - Background Image Type 2
PS5 Dualsense Review – Background Image Type 2

The Dualsense Features:

So besides the cosmetic differences what is new with this controller? Well simply put everything.

For starters all Dualsense controllers come with a built in microphone. It’s a addition that allows you to talk to your friends and allies without needing a gaming headset. The microphone also plays sounds that are going on in game, like the clicks of your empty gun, or the metallic dings of you walking on a metal surface.

Another new feature is the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The adaptive triggers is the L2 and R2 button changing the force required to hit the triggers depending on what is going on in your game. For example, if your character is pulling back a bow you can feel the tension as you push down on the trigger.

The Haptics feedback brings the immersion to another level. In the past, controllers would just vibrate all over when something impactful happened. With haptic feedback, the Dualsense adds some variety and layers to the way it vibrates. For example, the controller will vibrate differently for a hit in Madden very the small vibrates that happen when you walk on a unsteady surface in The Last of Us. The features of the controller adds to that sense of immersion. With the Dualsense I literally feel closer to the action.

The Dualsense Layout:

The only similarity between the Dualsense and the previous Dualshock controllers is the tried and true button layout. It’s the same controller button layout place on a slightly larger controller. All the face buttons are here in the same layout, as well as, the analogs stick. So those familiar with the Dualshock controllers will really have to adjust to the controller’s new weight, size and features.


Even though this is the same button layout from the Dualshock 4 this controller feels like it’s in a different league. One of the most important aspect of a controller is how it feels in player’s hands. Thankfully the Dualsense nails that’s aspect. This controller is comfortable to hold even when you’re playing an extend game session.

This is probably due to the layout, as well as, the weight of the controller. It has some weight to it, but not enough that it makes you hands or arms feel bogged down. It’s angled and thin handles allows players to get a firmer grip that what was allowed on the duelshock 4 controllers. Honestly this controllers feels like an Xbox controller with Playstation’s button layout.

PS5 Dualsense Review - Background Image Type 4
PS5 Dualsense Review – Background Image Type 4

The Dualsense Flaws:

One grip that I have with the Dualsense is the battery life. While it does seem to last longer than Dualshock, it still feels a bit on the shorter side. I usually get about 5 to 6 hours of gametime in before I have to recharge. That number leans closer to 4 to 5 if I’m playing a game that utilizes the Dualsense’s features.

Another quip I have with the controller is specific to the white version. It’s a magnet for smudges, and that’s coming from a gamer who makes sure his hands are clean before gaming. I didn’t experience that problem with any other color/finish.

PS5 Dualsense Review - Background Image Type 3
PS5 Dualsense Review – Background Image Type 3

Overall/Should You buy the Dualsense Controller:

The Dualsense feels like a luxury gaming controller. While it does have its flaws, the controller feels like a step towards the future of gaming. Its premium features mixes well with its modern design and aesthetic to form one of best controllers that I’ve ever used.

This is a must buy for a PS5 and PC owner.

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