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Have A Nice Death Review

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I’m addicted to roguelike genre and I don’t think that I’m going to stop. Rogue Legacy 2, Vampire Survivors and Hades got their hooks into me and wouldn’t let me go. Now there’s another game that grips me fiercely and infected my mind with nothing but strategies of how I should do my next run. That game is Have a Nice Death. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to roguelite games, but I can’t stop smiling when playing Have a Nice Death. Even when I die after coming so close to beating a boss, like the security guard Brad I’m always eager for more. So what is Have a Nice Death?

Let’s dive into it.

Have a Nice Death Review - Image 1
Have a Nice Death Review – Image 1

This is a gorgeous action-adventure Roguelike. In Have a Nice Death you play as Death. After you created henchmen to make your life easier they grow powerful and out of control and now it’s up to you to show them whose boss.

The Gameplay:

This game plays in a similar way to Rogue Legacy 2. You move, attack, jump, and dodge to defeat all the enemies in your path to the levels elevator.  That elevator takes you to another level of Death Inc.

You earn bonuses like power-ups and gold as you navigate through five levels to reach the next boss. Each boss has their own over-the-top personality and movesets. I like that despite previously defeating them that the boss fights are still entertaining enough that I don’t mind redoing them.

Have a Nice Death Review - Image 2
Have a Nice Death Review – Image 2

The Combat:

The combat is fast, fluid, and most importantly addictingly fun. It’s very reminiscent of the gameplay in Super Smash Brothers, but with a Hades twist to it. For example, you have special moves that you unlock and equip just like Hades, but the rest of the gameplay is that action platformer that you know and probably love from Super Smash Bros.

One thing that I adore about this game is the large variety of weapons at your disposal. I never felt a sense of repetition due to always having a new weapon or spells to play with and master. What makes the weapon variety even better it that all the weapons feel good to use.


This is easily a frontrunner for the best-looking indie game of 2023. The art style is a noir-style 2D animation with bold pops of color accenting each location.  The levels, enemies, and weapons you use have vibrant pops of colors that mix well with the mostly monochrome environments.

This game is so stylish and striking like very few games I’ve played in recent memory. It’s very rare that I come across another indie game that can give Hollow Knight a run for its money in the visual department.

Have a Nice Death Review - Image 3
Have a Nice Death Review – Image 3

The Soundtrack:

The soundtrack for the game is absolutely phenomenal. It has a spooky and gothic soundtrack that adds the right flavor to the game. It also has some catching Jazz elevator music that adds another layer of charm to the game’s overall vibe.

General Pros:

I love that the game’s loading screen is a charming elevator ride that Death takes to the nice playable floor. It even has smooth elevator-style music. In this day and age, it feels like a Taboo to have load times, but thankfully it’s not that long, and they the developers found a way to make them mesh with the vibe of the game.

Have a Nice Death Review - Image 4
Have a Nice Death Review – Image 4


Unfortunately, I did run into some framerate drops when you load into a level aka when you get off the elevator.  It doesn’t occur during the actual gameplay though thankfully.

Overall/Should You play Have a Nice Death:

The answer is a definitive yes. This roguelike is an enjoyable and ultra-stylish entry into the genre. While it does have a few performance issues none of them overshadow the game’s awesome gameplay and addicting gameplay loop. Playing Have a Nice Death gave me that same sense of joy as Hades, Rogue Legacy 2, and Vampire Survivors. This is a game that is going under the radar and it’s a shame because this should be among the hot topics in games right now.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Have A Nice Death Review


Roguelike, Action, Adventure, Platformer


The Art Style, The Gameplay, and Addicting Gameplay Loop


Dropped Frame Rates


Magic Design Studios


Nintendo Switch, PC


March 22, 2023

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