Valari Gaming Pillow Review: A New Premium Video Game Accessory?

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Valari Gaming Pillow Review: A New Premium Video Game Accessory?

This is the Single Player Experience Podcast. The Premier Podcast for Single Player Gamers to find out about the good single-player games they should play and add to their video game backlog. At least that is what the show is about normally. In this episode, our host, Sebastion Mauldin, decided to mix things up and review a video game accessory, called the Valari Gaming Pillow.

So often gamers are introduced to accessories that promise to change how we game. To be honest most don’t and we go on with our lives. The latest to make such a boast is the Vallari Gaming Pillow. A video game accessory designed to allow for longer gaming sessions by neutralizing pain and discomfort. So does the Valari Gaming Pillow achieve its goal? Should you cop one? 

Find out in this Valari Gaming Pillow Review episode of the Single Player Experience!

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