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Why I’m Scared to Play Marvel Snap?

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Normally as a gamer I’m usually only afraid to play horror video games. What can I say, I’m a chicken like Scooby Doo and Shaggy when it comes to all things horror. It was the one genre of games that I would avoid like the plague. That was until mid 2022. There is a new monster in games that puts the fear in my like no horror game ever has. I fear not the threat of jump scares nor the threat of kind of evil trying to do its worst to me. Nay, the game that I currently fear is from a completely different genre and I fear it for a completely different reason. That game is none other than than the mobile game, Marvel’s Snap.

Marvel Snap Review ProNerd Report - Image 9
Marvel Snap Review ProNerd Report – Image 9

Why I’m Afraid of this Game:

So why am I afraid to play this game? It is simple. I’ve seen the wraith that this game has left in its wake, and how many people its has sucked into its vortex. I’ve heard tales of how many people popped in to see what all the ruckus (no relation) was about, and how the game quickly pulled them in. The gaming community on Twitter showed one victim after another and it wasn’t long that I was the one of the few remaining survivors.

The main reason that I’ve been avoiding this game boils down to one simple thing. I’m scared of how addicted I’m going to be to this game. On paper, I’m this game’s ideal audience. I like card games, turn-based games and I’ve been a Marvel fan since I was old enough to read. The only disconnect I have with the game is that I’m not a mobile gamer. I’ve never been a mobile phone gamer. It never appealed to me and if I’m being honest it never felt like real gaming to me. I know that’s not the case, but alas I’ve never tried to get into that genre. This game feels like the gateway into that type of gaming though. Alas another reason to fear this game.

Gameplay Image from Marvel Snap
Image from Marvel Snap

The Temptations is Strong:

At first, I was hold strong. My stubbornness combined with my fear was powering my resistance to the siren-esque game. However, now for the first time ever I’m tempted. The path of destruction that Marvel Snap has created has also sparked curiosity within me. I’m curious if the game leaves up to the hype. I wonder if its pull is indeed strong enough to reel me in. I’m curious if the game has all my favorite Marvel characters and which ones I’d play with, and I’m curious about how deep this game goes with the Marvel lore. The temptation is strong to play this game and as time goes on holding out gets harder and harder.

Why I'm Scared to Play Marvel's Snap - Image 9
Why I’m Scared to Play Marvel’s Snap – Image 9

I Can Ill Afford Distractions:

Another reason why I’m scared to play Marvel Snap is because I feel like I’ll lose productivity. I’ll be real with you…I review a lot of games, manage the ProNerd Report Youtube Channel, and do the Single Player Experience podcast. I can’t afford to be unproductive and strung out trying to get another dope Marvel card. Not to mention that I already have so many games to play and games in my backlog. I don’t need a diversion. At least this is what I keep telling myself. It’s like I told you earlier the temptation is getting strong. Soon I fear that I will embrace the dark side of the force.

Know You know Why I’m Scared to Play Marvel Snap:

So know you know why this game has me shook. Why I’m terrified right now. I’ve seen what this game has done to so many others, and I don’t know if I have what it takes to resist. Even worse, I don’t know if I have what it takes to pull myself out of its grasp if I do try it out.

I’m in a pickle. Seriously my resistance is fading and day by day I’m getting closer to becoming Marvel’s Snap’s next victim.

End of the Year Update:

So I wrote about my concerns and Why I’m Scared to Play Marvel Snap a bit earlier in the year. It is currently the end of the year and as my review of Marvel Snap indicates I indeed fell victim to the game. It was indeed as I feared and I loved every second of it.

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