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Marvel Snap Review: A Marvelous Mobile

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Marvel’s Snap has got its hooks into my ass deep. No lie I find myself playing it in spurts all throughout my day. I Played it while walking the dog the other day. Thankfully my dog, Biscuit, pulled me away from walking into a neighbor’s parked truck. Biscuit saved us money on insurance that day I had to give him a special treat that day.That’s not even when I released that I had it bad. No. It was when I woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare. The messed up part was that the nightmare was that my ass lost 8 points in a battle with someone online because the dream version of me played a Cyclops card. I was sitting the in the middle of the night mad at myself. One, because I was like “Ehhh who the hell plays a Cyclops card?” That was when the realization kicked in. I was hooked on Marvel Snap. So now that you know about Marvel’s Snap ability to hook you, let’s talk about the game itself. Should you play Marvel Snap? Find out in this Marvel Snap Review.

Gameplay Image from Marvel Snap
Image from Marvel Snap Review

What is this Game:

This mobile game is a Marvel-themed card builder, where you collect and play Marvel heroes and villains to try to out-strategize and defeat your opponents. In every game, you play 6 rounds. In each game you have three Marvel-themed locations where you can play your cards on. Most locations have pros and cons powers that reveal themselves as the game goes on. For example, one location might grant all cards placed there with plus 5 points while another in the game might deposit unless rock cards in each player’s decks. The objective is win each location by having the most points in it. Whoever wins the most locations wins the game. To score points you play a card. Every card in the game has power and energy points. The energy shows how much it’ll cost to play that card on the field and the power indicates the base damage that it will do. The energy you get to use rises every turn starting from one energy point to spend to six. You and your opponents get 6 turns to try to win the game.  


That is the best part about the game. It’s simple in a complex way. The rules are easy enough to learn and follow, but the complexity comes from the random drawing of the cards in your deck, and the way the powers of the cards and the locations impact the game. You always feel like every game you play is different in one way or another.

Gameplay Image from Marvel Snap
Image from Marvel Snap Review

Another great thing about the game is how quick the matches go. Each match only last a couple of minutes. If you lose a game it’s no big deal because you can be in another match quickly. There isn’t any wasted time spent waiting on another match.  This game really cares about getting you back into the action.

The game was made by former Hearthstone developers, Second Dinner and they knocked it out of the park with this one. You can see how much love and care they put into this game. The cards feature a gorgeous artstyle and have well-thought-out abilities and traits. The way that you can upgrade your decks and cards designs is top notch. You play games and complete missions to earn credits. These credits allow you to unlock more cards to play or upgrade a card from its basic appearance and work your way up to updating it to 3D, and animated cards.

The game’s biggest flaw is the monetization aspect of the game. It’s a season pass, which provides credits, bonuses, and new cards. Monetization is always an ugly concept in games. It’s still here in this game, but at least it’s optional and the game is still enjoyable without having to dive into your wallet.

Overall Verdict/Should You Play Marvel Snap:

Overall Marvel Snap is one of the best superhero centric games that we’ve gotten lately. The game play loop is addicting and fun and it gets you in and out of the action fast.  The game does have some monetization aspects, but thankfully they are optional. Beware of Marvel Snap. This game will grab you and won’t let you go. Honestly it is the mobile game that I’ve ever played.

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Marvel Snap Review: A Marvelous Mobile


Free-to-play, Strategy video game, Casual game, Digital collectible card game, Strategy, Early Access


Fun and Addicting Gameplay loop, Detailed Cards, and Quick Matches


Features Monetization




IOS, Android, PC


June 06, 2022

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