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Xbox Series X

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have the Xbox Series X for about a Two years now and first off let me state that I love my time with the console. No matter what game I play it remains quiet. All modern games are a visual treat and with game pass I found myself playing this console almost daily.

So, after a year playing the Series X would I recommend it? Let’s Dive right into it.

One of the best features about the Series X is the fact you can use all you use all your Xbox one gear with this console. You have a ton of Xbox one controllers…They work with this console. Unlike previous generations where you had to start over from ground zero, the Series X always you to bring all that legacy with you.

The Xbox Series X is the same controller as the Xbox One with some new texture and some updates. The new share button is dope and saves a lot of time if you want to take a quick screenshot or Start recording gameplay. No Complaints about its battery life either. I hate constantly replacing the batteries, so I went out and got a Charging Kit which works well.

The Internal SDD in the Series X has made Load times Insanely fast. Long gone are the days where I would pick up my phone during a load screen. I haven’t found a single game that had a load time above 15 seconds. That said the amount of internal Storage for the Series X isn’t great. It comes with a terabyte but after the operation system you only get to use 802GB for games and apps. This is bad for people that likes to store a lot of AAA games on the console. If you’re the type of gamer that likes to delete games after your done with them then this probably won’t affect you much. Also, Gamepass ultimate gives to the ability to stream a sizable library of games if you have a great internet connection. The Series X also has ports in the back that allow you to connect an external hard drive or Seagate’s 1tb memory card. So, depending on who you are storage might be a huge issue or not an issue at all.

Another feature the Series X has is Quick resume. Quick Resume is one of the best features in a video game console ever. I’m not exaggerating…its groundbreaking. Bouncing from one game to another and continuing right where you left off the last time you were playing that game is so damn convenient. Playing an online match in Halo then immediately resuming where you were in a single player game will never get old.

Let’s talk about games though. Even now in 2022, there aren’t a lot of big exclusives for the Xbox. We did get three huge ones in 2021 with Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite. Those are dope games by the way. Xbox has more exclusives on the Horizon. Obsidian’s Avowed and Bethesda’s next block buster, Starfield are slated for 2023. Xbox now owns Activision as well.

Another huge plus of the Xbox Series X is Gamepass. Giving gamers the ability to play tons of games via the Netflix model continues to be a huge win for Xbox. It is a legit monster and the best value in games today.

Despite the faults that I mentioned…All in all,the Series X is currently best Xbox ever made. The quick Load times, gamepass, its mastery at playing games, and the convenience it provides gamers can’t be overstated. Even though the Exclusives games are still slowly trickling out, there is a lot to be excited about in the horizon for Xbox fans. If you’re an Xbox gamer or looking to get a next gen console I can’t recommend the Series X enough.

This gets a 9 out of 10

Sebastion Mauldin

Xbox Series X


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September 22, 2022

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