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Wavetale Review

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So Wavetale is a game that I knew very little about before I got the game for review. However, it immediately made a solid impression on me. Despite a few flaws, there are many things to like about the game making it an easy game to recommend.

Let’s dive into it.

The Narrative:

In Wavetale you play as Singrid, whose world has flooded and is being invaded by darkness. It’s up to you to save the day and rescue your town. Thankfully you meet an underwater shadow that allows you to surf and traverse on the surface of the water. With this power, you go off the ride the waves, and beat back the darkness.

While the narrative isn’t something that really stood out, it’s serviceable. The narrative works well at setting the game’s tone and everything makes sense considering the game’s lore and world.

The narrative is short enough that you can likely beat the game in two or three sittings.  If you’re looking for a quick shorter game to enjoy then Wavetale will satisfy you in that regard.

WaveTale Review - Image 1
WaveTale Review – Image 1

The Environment:

Wavetale features a whimsical cartoon-like artstyle that reminds me of something that I’d see in a storybook. That lack of unrealism works in this game’s favor because it’s not a stretch to say that this game is gorgeous. In fact, it might be one of the best-looking indie games of 2022.

The water is appropriately the star of the show here. There is almost a Zen and mellow effect that you get watching the game’s beautiful ocean rock back and forth. It is not to the same extent, but I get the same chillaxing vibe from surfing on Wavetale’s water as I did swinging through the streets of New York as Spiderman.

WaveTale Review - Image 2
WaveTale Review – Image 2


One of the best aspects of Wavetale is the traversal. Running and surfing on the water feels fun and fast-paced. It’s honestly the best part about the game as a whole.
The game also gives you the ability to glide using your nets as a helicopter, the ability to use a charged-up super jump, and allows you to grapple to specific high points in the game.
As I mentioned earlier, it’s just simply relaxing to surf on the water. The game gives you quite the map to explore and it doesn’t feel like a chore traveling from one side of the map to the other.

WaveTale Review - Image 3
WaveTale Review – Image 3

The Flaws:

A negative of WaveTale is the fact that enemies can still attack and hurt you even when you’re locked in a text chat with a character. You have to quickly rush through the conversation to defend yourself or just simply take that ass whooping.

Another unfortunate element of Wavetale is that I experienced some issues with its performance. The game showcases some screen tearing, pop-in, and stuttering issues. Each happens rarely, and they are easy to overlook since it’s easy to get lost in the beautiful aesthetic of the water. It does happen though nonetheless. 

If you are looking for a challenging experience this isn’t the game for you. While it does have some elements of action and combat, it’s easy to defeat your enemies. A couple of swings from your net of death will put most of your foes down. The biggest challenge of the game is probably finding all of the items that people in the area our missing. Besides that though, you won’t find much of a challenge here.

WaveTale Review - Image 4
WaveTale Review – Image 4

Overall/Should You play Wavetale:                               

Simply put yes. If you want a chill indie game with slight elements of action then this game is perfect for you. It has its flaws, like its lack of a challenge and performance issues, but its short story and its fun traversal make it an easy game to recommend. Wavetale is one of the most beautiful indie games of 2022 and it’s a solid game that you should definitely try out.

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Wavetale Review


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