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Tinykin Review

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Reviewed on Xbox Series X |S

More frequently Indie games that I didn’t have on my radar, come into my life, slap me across the face with its standout trait and leave me floored by greatness. The latest game to do that was Tinykin. So what is this game and what standout trait does it possess?

Let’s dive into.

Tinykin Review - Image 1
Tinykin Review – Image 1

What is Tinykin:

Tinykin is an aesthetically pleasing game that is a mixture of Toy Story, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Pikmin. It is a chill whimsical sci-fi adventure platformer where you and your eagerness to help minions explore a house to find all the parts needed for the main character, Milo to build a spaceship to go back home. That brings me to the narrative. Milo is a young scientist, who happens to find Earth, now a planet that humans have long since abandoned. Milo teleports to the planet only to discover that he has been shrunk to about 2 inches tall in a human-size house. Utilizing the help of Bugs he meets named Tinykin, Milo searches the house to find the parts needed to build his ship to go home. It’s a simple story that fits this chill game.


So one thing that stood out to me with this game was the art styles. Yes, Art styles plural. There is a mixture between the game’s 3d levels and its 2D characters and it’s a blend that comes together and works well. This game is gorgeously well crafted. Each level is different and detailed. I’m serious I was stunned by the details that Splashteam put into each room that made them all feel unique and lived in. They killed it with the visuals of this game.

Tinykin Review - Image 2
Tinykin Review – Image 2


Let’s talk about the gameplay. In Tinykin you wander around large open levels where you find different types of Tinykin. Just like Pikmin each Tinykin has their own specialties and unique abilities. You start your adventure with the red strong Tinykin who help you lift and move items, and you progressively unlock 4 other types of Tinykins. Each with their own abilities that you have to utilize to solve puzzles in the world. I really like the creative cutscene that you get to see every time you discover a new type of Tinykin.

Unlike Pikmin, there isn’t any action or fighting in this game. Instead, you spend your time-solving puzzles, discovering hidden locations and items, and platforming around. The Platforming is good, but not great. I think the puzzles you encounter are amazing. I was constantly amused to be the variety of puzzles and how each level used a puzzle that I’ve encountered before differently. That variety kept things from feeling bland.

One of my favorite features other than the puzzles is the Soapboard that allows you the skate and slide around levels. You can even grind on ledges or up and down ziplines to traverse across an area quickly. The game also gives you a bubble that you use to glide to areas. The diversity in traversal was the cherry on top of an already pretty good Sundae.

Tinykin Review - Image 3
Tinykin Review – Image 3


Let’s now talk about the world design, and the levels and characters you meet along the way. Splashteam did a fantastic job creating obstacles, structures, and walkways out of everyday household 1990s objects. It is addicting exploring everything around this house, from the cupboards, and the blades of a ceiling fan, to the bathroom itself. Each room has its vibe and aesthetic and is filled with its own bug inhabitants that need your help. You help them and they provide a part that you need for your ship. I’ll be real with you I think one flaw of this game is the Bugs themselves. None of them were memorable. I played 10 hours of this game to completion and I can’t remember a single character’s name other than the Tinykin and Milo.

Overall/Should You Play Tinykin:

I’ll be honest with you there isn’t a lot of complexity in this game. That works in this game’s favor though, because it’s the game’s simplicity that makes Tikykin a wonderful gaming experience. If you’re looking for a laid-back chill game then this puzzle platformer is one that I’d happily recommend.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Tinykin Review


Action Adventure 3D Platformer


Good gameplay and well crafted levels


Lack of a good narrative




Playstation 4, Switch, Xbox one, PC


August 30, 2022

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