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The Last of Us Part 1 Review

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Reviewed on the Ps5

When the Last of Us Part 1 was announced I had the same question and reaction as a lot of people. “Did we really need another Remake or remastered version of The Last of Us?” I leaned towards no. After all, they just released the remastered game back in 2014 and it plays wonderfully on the ps4 and Ps5.  Even though The Last of Us is among my top five games of all time I still leaned towards no. Then despite all my reservations, I couldn’t resist.  I had to see if this was the definitive way to experience this masterpiece. As I heard that oh-so-familiar notes of the guitar I knew I was The Last of Us had its hooks in me all over again.

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For those of you who have never played The Last of Us, I have two things to say to you. One play this game. It’s a classic and the story is one of the best pieces of fiction ever. And two know that I’m going to be jealous of you for getting to experience this game for the first time. With that said should you pay $70 for The Last of Us Part 1?

Is this the best way to experience this game? Is the Last of Us Part 1 a good Single Player Experience?

Let’s dive into it.

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Right off the bat, I can for sure answer one of those questions. Yes, this game is easily the best way to play The Last of Us and to be honest, it’s not even close. The Haptic feedback and the blazingly quick load times alone make this the best version of the game to date. Add to that, the game is a massive improvement visually. You can see more emotion on the faces of the characters. You can genuinely tell when a character is worried, uncertain, stressed, and frustrated. Most of the time they don’t even have to speak to convey those emotions. You can see the light leaving an enemies eyes or see how the weight of a moment affects someone when something earth-shattering happens to them.

The environments are often stunning as well. Playing this version of this game with its improvements graphically feels like I was playing the older versions with poor vision and now I’m seeing the game while wearing contacts or glasses. Things like shadows and textures stand out more. Land markers like decaying cities and rivers seem more lifelike. Even the game’s fictional zombies, the infected feel more realistic and detailed.

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Let’s talk about the story. If you’ve played the game before then know that you are getting the exact same story as before. For those who’ve never played the game here’s a quick rundown.  You play as Joel, a grizzled closed-off man who has taken his fair share of hits from the world due to a zombie-like outbreak. He’s a  smuggler who’s tasked with a job to get a teenage girl, Ellie to a militia group known as the Fireflies. The emotional and hard-hitting journey changes them in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

Even though we’ve seen plenty of other post-apocalyptic stories The Last of Us always felt different and special. It’s not the story that makes it special though. What makes this game special are the characters, Ellie and Joel. It’s the way we see them grow individually and also slowly develop a bond between them. Over the journey, you can see each of them lower their barriers with each other. It has both in the story and in the gameplay. Despite this being a fictional world everything about these characters feel real. They evolve and interact with the world in a real way. Ellie and Joel don’t feel like your typical video game characters. No, they feel like people you know personally. And that’s why you get invested in their journey.

And what’s a journey it is. The 12 to 15-hour story is packed full of tense fights, great stealth, and suspenseful moments. The gameplay is fun and every action feels like it has weight behind it. Speaking of gameplay I want to shout out the game’s large amount of accessibility options. This allows a larger audience to experience the game. This version also added a speed run mode and a permanent death mode for those who want an even bigger challenge. 

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Overall/Should You Play The Last of Us Part 1:

So now that you’ve heard about all the improvements and what this game has to offer let’s answer the other two questions.

Should you pay $70 for The Last of Us Part 1? Is The Last of Us Part 1 a good Single Player Experience?

The answer to the first quest depends on you. If you are a person who doesn’t mind paying that price then I say get this game. If you are a person who wants to experience this game again or for the first time, but don’t want to pay $70 dollars I say wait for a sale. This is what I’d also advise to anyone who is on the fence about buying this game again. Do it when you are ready to replay this Hall of Fame-level game. The improvements are worth experiencing this game again if you haven’t in a while.

As for the last question, the answer is hell yeah. This game is a great single-player experience and is one of the best games of all time. The Last of Us is a masterpiece that every gamer should experience.

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The Last of Us Part 1 Review


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