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Shredders Review

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It seems like extreme sports games are making a comeback. Recently we got Rider Republic which was a decent game that showed that there is still a demand for Extreme Sports games. The Latest Release in the Genre is Shredders.  Is this the next must play extreme sports games? Does it live up to the great snowboarding games of the past?

Let’s dive into it.

Shredders - Image 1
Shredders Review – Image 1

Shredders is a title many of us were hoping would take the mantle off SSX. Sadly That isn’t the case at all. Shredders is an average game with more faults than triumphs.

The Visuals:

One of the pros of this game is it’s visuals. The Graphics are going to blow anyone away but it looks good. The show and background scenery look nice and there are solid moments of beauty in the game. While the game looks solids enough the world feels empty. They aren’t any NPCS and you do randomly come across other players. The game plays well and I didn’t run into any frame rate drops on the series X and S.

The Narrative:

Let’s talk about the story. Oh Boy…. So You play as two inspiring youtubers who want to become famous. The campaign is largely about meeting names, doing stunts and doing what sponsors want to achieve that goal.  Yeah… The story is as bad as it sounds. As a matter of fact the story, characters and cutscense are cringe as hell. So if narrative is a main focus for you don’t play this game.

Shredders - Image 2
Shredders Review – Image 2

The Gameplay:

Shredders isn’t a pick up and play games by any means. To do cool tricks you have to understand the controls to a tee. The controls aren’t well thought out, and often unresponsive.  There isn’t a consistency in the speed at which you move and flip or twist. Occasionally they are zippy and tight then they are times that you move slower than a three toed sloth. It’s all over the place.

If you can adjust to that the gameplay isn’t too bad. It’s challenging but feels really satisfying when you land a dope trick. The campaign is short has some cool set piece moments. It’s not going win any awards anytime soon but this could be a fun 8 hour experience.

Shredders - Image 3
Shredders Review – Image 3

Overall/Should You Play Shredders:

Overall Shredders is a mixed bag. There is some fun to be had, however with the bad voice acting, the terrible story and the challenging inconsistent controls this games falls right into that okay to average class of games.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Shredders Review


Sports Simulation


Good Visuals


Bad Narrative


Tim Broothaers


Xbox Series X|S, PC


March 17, 2022

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