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Phogs! Review

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As a 90s kid, we grew up with some dope but weird cartoons. Among them was a classic called Catdog. Phogs feels like catdog but in a zany and friendlier world and with A Dog-dog. Its a weird concept, but a unique one. What is this game exactly? Phogs is a puzzle adventure game that seems like a fusion of Sackboy and Cat-dog. You play as two adjourned dogs named red and blue that go on an adventure to find all the treats the world has to offer. This is a crazy unique concept for a video game but is it a good game? Is Phogs a good single player experience?

Let’s find out.

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Phogs Review – Image 1


The Good: Let’s start of with the good traits.

First off, I can honestly say that I’ve never really played a game like this. So, props for originality. You use each thumb stick to control each dog.It’s a unique game mechanic that I had to adjust to. That said it’s a concept that works well. This Dog-dog was fun to play as.

The game world was well thought out and designed. The art style is kind of reminiscentof Sack boy a big adventure but with its own flavor to it. Each level that you travel to has puzzles that have some creativity to them. I found that Phogs puzzles showcased the

I played this game on Amazon Luna with an Xbox controller and didn’t have any issues. The wasn’t any lags and visually the game looked good. Load times were zippy as well. I honestly felt like I was playing the game on the Xbox series S.

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Phogs Review – Image 2

The Cons:

The isn’t a story at all. None. We aren’t sure why the Dog-dog is doing all of this except that they want bones.

Also, if you aren’t big into puzzle games then there is no reason for you to play this game. This is the entire game. The Puzzles are fun and well thought out, but the platforming aspect leaves a lot to be desired. The controls are also not precise and I get that this game is leaning towards floaty movement, but the lack of control can be irritating.

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Phogs Review – Image 3

Overall/Should You Play Phogs:

Phogs is a chill time. Don’t get me wrong this is a weird concept, but one that works way better than it had any right to. Parents this is perfect game for kids. It’s a unique entry in the puzzle adventure genre that most will enjoy.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Phogs! Review


Puzzle Platformer


Original Concept


Not the best platforming mechanics


Bit Loom Games


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Amazon Luna


December 03, 2020

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