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Lil Gator Game Review

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There isn’t anything like a game that displays a lot of heart. The latest example of this is Lil Gator Game. As kids we’ve all played in one form or another using our imaginations. Some of us used our imaginations to become knights, Jedi, princesses, and everything under the sun. Lil Gator Game takes that concept, infused it with a heartfelt narrative, and some gameplay elements from Breath of the Wild. So is this a game that you should check out? Who is Lil Gator Game for?

Let’s dive into it.

Lil Gator Game Review - Image 1
Lil Gator Game Review – Image 1

The Narrative:

In Lil Gator Game you play as the a little gator that just wants to play with his big sister who is home from college. Life happens and she has a lot of school work to do, but you love spending time playing with her so you come up with a plan to convince her to drop the school work and play a game with you.

Lil Gator recruits his friends to join in on the plan and the next thing you know everyone around you is in on creating a role-play fantasy adventure. Next thing you know the whole island is filled with cardboard enemies for you to “slay” and quests for you to do. You go on quests around the island all for the goal of having an adventure and create a pull strong enough that Lil Gator’s big sis can’t resist joining in on the fun.

This game features a sweet story that hits right in the feels. If you like cozy stories then this is going to be up your alley.

Lil Gator Game Review - Image 2
Lil Gator Game Review – Image 2

The Gamplay:

Besides the game’s solid narrative the best feature about Lil Gator Game is the gameplay. Every action simply feels good to do. The Game plays a lot like Breath of the Wild. For example, the stamina climbing mechanic, the way that you parachute and glide, the way you skate using your shield and the way you swing your weapon feels like it did in Breath of the Wild. It made the game feel familiar, but the distinct artstyle, narrative, and the characters here prevent the game from feeling like a cheap imitation.

In Lil Gator Game, you have a melee weapon that you can use to “cut down” the still cardboard cuts of enemies like monsters, evil plants, and bats. The cardboard foes don’t move nor do they pose any real threat to you, however, there is still a satisfying feeling you get from beating them down.

When you defeat a cutout you earn the games currency that you can use to deck out the little gator in various cosmetic gear.

Lil Gator Game Review - Image 3
Lil Gator Game Review – Image 3


This game is all about exploration and getting lost in the adventure. The island that you explore is deceptively big and offers a sizable amount of extra things for players to do. For example, you can try to beat the various speed trials that are all around the island. Some consist of racing to a finish line while others involve you “defeating” the enemies around you before time expires.

The Island itself is full a different environments, all of which, have something interesting for you to see and do.

As you explore, you’ll meet many people, most who will have a fetch side quest for you do. These quests are all quick and all fit well with the main objective. I also want to shout out that there are some really cool pop culture references in the game. A Naruto one in particular made this anime fan smile.

Lil Gator Game Review - Image 4
Lil Gator Game Review – Image 4

The Flaws:

A negative of Lil Gator Game is that it isn’t a game that is going to appeal to everyone. If you want a game that is action packed then this game isn’t going to be for you.

If you are looking for a challenging experience this isn’t the game for you. While it does have some areas, particularly when it comes to platforming, that take you a few attempts, there is nothing here that is going to give you a challenge.

Another flaw of the game is that there isn’t a map or a mini map available to help you navigate around the island. I get wanting exploration to be the primary focus, but it is immensely easy to get lost in this game. It’s not the end of the world, but be prepared to get turned around more than a couple of times.

Lil Gator Game Review - Image 5
Lil Gator Game Review – Image 5

Overall/Should You play Lil Gator Game:                    

If you are a fan of cozy games then the answer is a definitive yes. This is a chill indie game that has taken some of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s gameplay elements and used them to help create a game that will likely stick with you. This game is touching, thought-provoking, and simply fun. While it won’t be for everyone, the Lil Gator Game is a short and sweet experience that is easy to recommend.

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Lil Gator Game Review


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