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Jack Move Review

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Ever thought of what would happen if you mixed Final Fantasy one, Cyberpunk, and Pokémon together? Yes, No, maybe just a bit? Well if you have then you probably imagined something like Jack Move. Jack move is a Cyberpunk turn based RPG with a modernized pixel style. You play as Noa, a contract for hire hacker who takes on high risk jobs to makes ends meet.  She is home to a cyberpunk city that is run by an evil Corporation. When said corporation kidnaps her dead beat scientist father, Noa and her crew put their hustle to the side to mount a rescue. So is this game worth your time and money? Find out in this Jack Move review.

Let’s dive right into it.

Jack Move Review - Image 1
Jack Move Review – Image 1


One of the major pros for Jack Move is the fact that it delivers a polished JRPG in around eight to twelve hours as opposed to the usual Forty to hundred hour experience that were used to in this genre. Jack move is a game that really respects gamer’s time. It is a game that knows what it wants to be, delivers that in a well crafted manor and then gets out.

The game has a decent narrative as well. It’s nothing amazing and it covers grounds that we’ve seen before in a story telling, but it gets the job done.  The story is brisk and the characters feel real.

Another plus is Jack Move’s graphics. Its pixel art style really pops on the screen. It does an excellent job at felling retro and modern at the same time. There were a couple of big battle moves that really displayed some stand out visual moment in the game.

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Jack Move Review – Image 2


Let’s talk about the game play. If you’re an RPG veteran then you’ll recognize the usual tropes of the genre. You roam around the map; interact with the NPCS, battle baddies and level up. In the battle themselves this game takes a approach similar to Pokemon with the Rock-Paper-Scissors approach. You have Electroware, Cyberattacks, and Wetware. Most enemies have a type and that type has a weakness. Exploit that weakness and your attacks will be super effective. You can adjust the types of attacks, buffs and abilities you have by changing your hardware and software.

The game even has a cool mechanic where you can sacrifice a turn during a battle to modify your build and change your software attacks types to better suit you for that battle. This game also features a Jack Move, which is super attacks you can use when you fill up your Jack Move Bar. This bar fills up gradually when you get attacked or you deal damage to your opponent. When it’s full you can unleash a Jack Move super Attack. This super attack’s strength is determined via a rhythm game-eque mine game where you have to press three directional buttons on time in order. It’s not particularly hard.

Speaking of battles, this brings me to one of the best and innovative game mechanics of this game. In Jack Move, battles happen similar to the old pokemon games where you’d random hit a battle in certain areas like the high grass and caves. It’s the same concept with this game, except with Jack Move you can adjust the random encounters. You have the ability to determine how often they occur if you want to grind and lower then if you want to peacefully explore and do the side missions.

Jack Move Review - Image 3
Jack Move Review – Image 3


One of the negative of the game is the side quests. They were your typical fetch quest and felt like unnecessary content. None of the quest really stood out and felt meaningful.

Another fault I found is that I encountered some dialogue bugs and the game crashed a couple of times on me. Nothing major since I was able to easily start it back up and continue from my recent save file. Thankfully the game also has an autosave feature so I never felt super concerned about crashes.

Even though this game is short the music which is really good does get repetitive fast. You will quickly hear all the whole sound track of the game and after that it is a short repeat cycle. Even with the short length of the game it got old to hear the same songs over and over again.

Jack Move Review - Image 4
Jack Move Review – Image 4

Overall/Should You Play Jack Move:

Overall Jack move is a solid Cyberpunk RPG. Even though it does have its faults it has way more going for it than against it. It’s a well done RPG, with a simple easy to follow narrative and addicting turnbased gameplay. Jack Move might be my sleeper game of the year. This game me that adult version of Pokemon that I’ve been craving for a long time. If you like the Cyberpunk genre and want a short quality RPG experience then I highly recommend checking Jack Move out.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Jack Move Review


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Some Dialogue Bugs, Repetitive Music


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September 22, 2022

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