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Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess Review

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Reviewed on the PC
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When I saw the trailer for Grid Force I wasn’t interested. The trailer didn’t wow and there are so many games out there I knew that this game was probably going to be one that I was going to skip. This is evidence on how dumb I can be sometimes.  I’m so glad that I didn’t skip out fun ass game. So what is this game? Who is it for and is it a good single player experience?

Let’s dive into it.

Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess Review - Image 1
Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess Review – Image 1

Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess is a grid-based bullet hell game with a gorgeous art-style, solid gameplay, and a deep roster of playable characters. You play as Donna, who wakes up in a strange land with no memory of who she is and why she is there.  Thankfully she meets up with a squad of ladies who not only want to help here recover her memory, but also help her to defeat the goddesses and save the future.  


The game plays like a shooter version of dodgeball. You have a side of the grid that you are free to move, dodge, and shoot in and your opponents have the same. Your goal is to defeat all your opponents before they defeat you.

There are a ton of characters that you can recruit for your squad. That brings me to another plus in this game’s favor. The story choices you make in this game feel like they have weight behind them. It feels like every choice matters. The game even has a disclaimer that tells you when you are about to make a really big decision that’s going to impact the narrative. A choice you make can decide who joins your team, unlocks more world building lore or even decides who lives and who dies.

It’s also cool how much freedom that you have in leveling you characters and roster. Through the element points that you earn you can make your character really good at wielding an element and also raise the physical that is associated with that element. It’s a leveling up system that feels unique and well thought out.

Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess Review - Image 2
Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess Review – Image 2


I really dig the lore of this game. They way this game tells its story is a mixture between the in game text bubbles and a detailed manga style cut scenes that you can read at your own pace. The fact that the world is now the Grid which is shattered remnants of the Old world that’s been cobbled together. You can see a lot of different cultures represented in the setting of the game.  

A huge plus for Grid Force is game’s cast of characters. I can’t stress enough how dope it is that all the characters in this game are diverse women. This isn’t just a gimmick, you can tell that each character was given a wealth of details and that there was lots of love put into each character. The main characters that make up your team are Komiko who is a quick tempered kimono wearing warrior who has a dope sword, Bird a bazooka tooting a easy going Islander, and Pan who is the wind wielding goofball in a floating chair.

I also want to shout out the art style. This game is colorful, vibrant and extremely detailed. It’s features a pixel 2D art style that looks simply amazing.


No game is perfect and here are some of my gripes with this one.

I feel like way that you block or defect attacks could be better. I like the mechanic it just doesn’t feel like it was executed as well as it could have been. The health bar does get lot with all the actions and colors that are being displayed on the screen. My last gripe is that the background music stopped work a few times during the game. It happened in parts that like in the middle of battles which was weird.

Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess Review - Image 3
Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess Review – Image 3

Overall/Should You Play Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess

Overall I think Grid Force Mask of the Goddess is an indie game that is a strong contender for sleeper game of the year. If you want to play a game that has addicting gameplay and a diverse and fun roster of characters then you should definitely play Grid Force. This game has its flaws, but for every flaw there are three things that this game nails. I want to again shout-out how unique and refreshing it is that all the playable characters are diverse women. If you’re looking for a fast pace action RPG that is fresh and unique then look no further than Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess Review


Indie game, RPG, Adventure, Shooter


Amazing visuals, Fun Gameplay, Diverse cast


So wacky block and deflect mechanic, hard to see health bar


Dreamnauts Studios, Playtra Games


Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox Series X and Series S


August 11, 2022

Overall Rating: