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Dice Assassin Review

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I grew up loving chess. As a kid I would play in Chess tournaments and in my small bumpkin town, I did well. To this day even though I don’t play as much I still enjoy the occasional match. A new love that I’ve found at this stage in my life is Roguelike games. I’ve gotten to the point where I play any roguelike/lite game that I can come across, even thoses that are focused in genres that I don’t normally play. So imagine how surprised I was to discover a chess centric roguelike game. I couldn’t wait to dive in. So what are my thoughts on that combination? This Dice Assassin Review will tell you if this is one for you.

Let’s dive into it.

Dice Assassin Review - Image 1
Dice Assassin Review – Image 1

The Narrative:

First off, let’s talk narrative. Or lack thereof. Just like in my V Rising review, there’s zilch in terms of backstory here. I get it, not every game needs a narrative, but come on, a little something to sink your teeth into would’ve been nice.

Dice Assassin Review - Image 2
Dice Assassin Review – Image 2

The Gameplay:

This is how Afil Games describes the the game: Dice Assassin is a challenging game where you defeat enemies on the board according to the dice numbers. Choose attacks using cards, position yourself strategically to overcome enemies on the board, and devise tactics using action cards.

In Dice Assassin, every stage presents a diverse array of adversaries, each with unique movement patterns. Rats scurry diagonally, frogs leap horizontally or vertically, bats swoop to adjacent squares, bombs detonate upon contact, and archers take aim along straight lines (though they require activation first). As you progress, you encounter additional foes and confront challenging bosses every tenth level. Maneuvering through these encounters requires rolling two dice each turn—one for movement and one for attack damage. While dispatching individual enemies may seem straightforward, the constant threat of encountering new adversaries demands caution. Your initial arsenal includes a basic slash attack and a crucial dash maneuver, enabling you to inflict damage while evading stronger opponents.

Periodically, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a shop between levels to purchase dice upgrades or new cards. However, the steep prices often restrict your options, and many items are single-use only. Consequently, acquiring meaningful upgrades remains a challenge, despite some limited meta-progression over approximately twenty levels and a handful of boss battles. The repetitiveness of the initial stages, once you’ve mastered their strategies, detracts somewhat from the overall experience. While the allure of boss encounters remains strong, the remainder of the game can quickly devolve into a grind.

Nevertheless, the gameplay experience is satisfying, blending elements reminiscent of chess with those of traditional roguelike games. The inclusion of both a shop and mission objectives provides opportunities to unlock new items and abilities, enhancing replayability and encouraging experimentation with different strategies after each run.

Dice Assassin Review - Image 3
Dice Assassin Review – Image 3

Additional Pros:

Now, onto the pros. The chessboard vibe hits you right off the bat, and the UI? Clean as a whistle. There is a really low commitment pick-and-play factor to Dice Assassin. Since the runs are quick and there isn’t a story you can pick and play it quickly, enjoy it, and go about your business.

And props to the devs for making it work like a charm on both PC and the Steam Deck. I love that this plays well on the PC and on the Steam Deck. I spent most of my time playing this on the Steam Deck, and the game plays like it was intended for the device. If you’re itching for a chess fix on the Deck, look no further.

Dice Assassin Review - Image 4
Dice Assassin Review – Image 4


But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Dice Assassin drops the ball when it comes to explaining the rules, and don’t get me started on the music — bland as day-old bread. This game does a poor job of explaining its rules. There is a tutorial in the main menu, but it feels poorly paced and it doesn’t do a great job at keeping you engaged. 

Dice Assassin Review - Image 5
Dice Assassin Review – Image 5

Overall/Should you Play Dice Assassin:

So, should you give Dice Assassin a shot? Well, it depends on your love for roguelikes and chess. It ain’t gonna blow your socks off like some other games out there, and let’s be real, its shelf life’s about as long as a loaf of bread in a house full of hungry teenagers. But hey, it’s a good time, even if it’s just for a quick fix. I will say that I don’t think that this hits the highs of other Roguelike games or Chess games, but I do think there’s enjoyment to be had. This game doesn’t look the best and it has a short shelf life in the enjoyment factor. All that said, Dice Assassin is an enjoyable time even if it has to be played in a small dose.

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Dice Assassin Review


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April 25, 2024

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