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Death’s Door Review

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Reviewed on Xbox Series X |S

It is a rarity that you come across games that have very few if any faults. Death’s door is among those greats. Devolver Digital has a reputation of publishing the best of the best indie games and this is no different.  The developers, Acid Nerve is a two person team that created a game many big time studios dream of publishing. Death’s Door is an incredible indie game that has this mutant ability to suck you in from the get go. So now that you know that I love this game lets break down why Death’s Door is truly special.

Death's Door Review- Thumbnail 1
Death’s Door Review- Thumbnail 1

What is Death’s Door:

Death’s Door is a noir themed action adventure game that has some old school Zelda flavor fused with Dark souls. The result is the weird but it’s unique premise that works. You play as Crow, who is an everyday working man –Well crow who works for the Reaping Commission.

The Reaping Commission is like a Crow version of The Spirit World agency from Yu Yu Hakusho or the Time Variance Authority in Loki. The Reaping Commission is run by Crows that are tasked with retrieving lost souls throughout a gorgeous world you play in.  You as a Soul Collector explore the world, defeat Bosses and their Minions, and solve puzzles to complete your mission.

A soul Collecting mission goes awry and thus begins deep and well crafted Narrative.

Death's Door Review- Thumbnail 2
Death’s Door Review- Thumbnail 2


Let’s talk about the world design and art style. It’s a low-poly art fairy tale with some of the flavor of games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls. Despite the game having multiple area for you to explore the art style remains detailed and well crafted. Each area also feels unique and brings different elements into play like various enemy types or area centric puzzle mechanics. Because of these changes the game never feels monotonous. 

Death's Door Review- Thumbnail 3
Death’s Door Review- Thumbnail 3


Let’s talk about the gameplay.  The Combat can be tough and challenging but it doesn’t feel unfair. When you die and or receive damage it feels like it’s your fault instead of the game feeling difficult in a cheap way. The combat in the game is relatively simple. Crow has a melee and range spells at his disposal. Each you can upgrade using the soul energy of the enemies that you defeat. This is Critical because the game features Three Major Boss are lots of fun but challenging. These bosses are a major highlight and each brings a fresh pattern of attacks to the table. 

 Another major pro about Death’s Door is the fact that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It takes an average of 9 to 10 hours to beat and the game is so well paced that it doesn’t every feel bogged down.

Death's Door Review- Thumbnail 4
Death’s Door Review- Thumbnail 4


I will say one significant flaw to this game is the fact that there isn’t a map to help guide you to the next destination. A map would be a huge timesaver.

Overall/Should You Play Death’s Door:

Death Door is a must play game for anyone who is a fan of this genre. It’s a incredible action adventure game that’s definitely taken inspiration from OG Zelda games like Link’s Awakening. However, Death’s Door does an immaculate job of delivering a different and fresh game that sets the standard for modern metroidvania games.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Death’s Door Review


Action, Adventure, RPG


Magnificent Gameplay, Stunning art style and touching Narrative


Lack of a map


Acid Nerve


Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Switch, Xbox one, Xbox Series X/S, PC


July 20, 2022

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