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Carrion Review

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Reviewed on Xbox Series X |S

Never in my life did I think I’d want to be a John Carpenter Style monster. But damn does Carrion make playing as a being that looks like the love child of Flubber and Marvel comics Carnage…fun. This game is fun, but is it a good single player experience? Should you play Carrion?

Let’s break down it.

Carrion Review - Image 1
Carrion Review – Image 1

The Pros:

The atmosphere is insanely well crafted. Everything from the eerie music, to the vivid and colorful 8- bit art style sets the mood for this horror site.  You can tell that Phobia Game Studio put a lot of love the varies environments of this game.

There are only a few controls, yet Carrion’s feel super responsive and vivid. It’s amazing how much control you have over this horrific creature. The Game’s power-ups feel good and add cool mechanics to take down varies enemies or solve the metroidvania style puzzles.

The game doesn’t overstay its welcome. Carrion is a short experience that get’s in, allows you wreck some shit and get it. It knows what kind of game that it is and as long as you don’t get lost you should be able to beat the main quest in about 4 to 6 hours.

For such a short game, there is a decent amount of variety when it comes to Carrion’s puzzles. The puzzles can be tricky, but not overly hard. If your paying attention to you powerups you should be able to mow past them.

Carrion Review - Image 2
Carrion Review – Image 2

The Cons/Flaws:

So lets rundown the bad.

NO MAP: It is easy to get lost in this game.  There isn’t a map system at all. To make matter worse, there aren’t any nav points to tell you were to go next.While that helps with immersion it is annoying when you have to backtrack to areas continuously. It’s easy to not know if you are going the right direction or just backtracking pointlessly.

There is almost no narrative at all here. You are a monster, you escape, and you wreak havoc on anyone who stands in your way of total domination. That’s it. Nothing else but the gameplay is motivating you to continue forward. 

Carrion Review - Image 3
Carrion Review – Image 3

Overall/Should You Play Carrion:

Despite all of the flaws I listed; this game is a good time. Ultimately this game did what it set out to do. Let you play as a weird monster and set out to dominate any and everything that stands in your way. This game does most things extremely well, however its lack of a story keeps it from achieving all-time greatness. Happy Hunting Everyone. 

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Sebastion Mauldin

Carrion Review


Action, Sci-Fi, Puzzle


Really fun gameplay, Short and sweet


Lack of a Narrative


Phobia Game Studio


Playstation 4, Switch, Xbox one, PC


July 23, 2020

Overall Rating: