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Blood Waves Review

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Reviewed on the PS5

Do you remember when everyone was playing Call of Duty Zombies? Well Blood waves is a game that is hoping to bring back that magic and feeling. So does the game live up to the highs of COD’s Zombie mode? Is Blood Waves a good single player experience?

Here are those answers.

Every once in a while a game comes along that has potential, but sadly falls short of what could be a really fun time. That Blood Waves to the Tee. While there some fun to be had this game is as basic and one dimensional as you can get. Here is the premise. You play as a woman who oddly looks very similar to Lara Craft from Tomb Raider. You try to take out zombies before they take you out.

That’s a simple explanation, but to be honest this is a simple game. To its core, Blood Waves is a wave-based Zombie survival game, were you kill the undead and try to survive as many waves as you can before you die. When you inevitably die, you’ll restart from wave one. Yes the very beginning. And you try to see how long you last. I told you it’s simple.

Blood Waves Review - Image 1
Blood Waves Review – Image 1


This would be a lot more fun if there were different levels. That’s not the case here though. You are stuck in one large circular room where zombies come out of doors in every direction. Yes you heard that right, just the one room.

Let’s talk about the stars of the show, the zombies themselves. In the early stages you will encounter the standard ghoulish zombies that tries to swarm you and kill you. That changes as you progress to high waves. Then you have to contend with sword zombies, acid zombies, bomb zombies and electrical zombies. I really like the enemy variety. It adds a new layer of gameplay and challenge to the game.

Speaking of the zombies, occasionally when you kill one you get cash or sometimes ammo. The ammo drops are few and far between. That’s another game mechanic that feels a bit lackluster. Normally you expect ammo drops in the game. It rarely happens here.

Blood Waves Review - Image 2
Blood Waves Review – Image 2

So let’s talk about the awards you earn for completing a wave. You get survival points and upgrade points for beating a wave. All of which, you’re able to spend between waves. You could upgrade the damage a weapon or a trap can do, and you could upgrade your character’s attributes. Attributes like your character’s health and stamina. You can spend the money you’ve earned on guns, traps and ammo. The traps never felt worth it nor useful. 

Next let’s talk about the game’s controls. The controls are simple as well. You move using the left stick. Move the camera with the right stick, you can roll with circle or B, and swap your weapons with the d pad. You aim and shoot using the triggers. It’s really basic controls that works to the game’s advantage.  The basic controls really gives the game a pick and play feel to it.

Blood Waves Review - Image 3
Blood Waves Review – Image 3

Overall/Should You Play Blood Waves:

Blood Waves is a super simple game. In the end that is a double end sword. While it’s simple enough to quickly pick up, play and enjoy there isn’t enough depth to keep the gameplay loop from feeling repetitive fast. Again this game is fun. If you like Zombie games survival games you can get some enjoyment out of this game. The problem is that there’s not enough content here to make you want to continuously play this game. With more levels and maps this game could be so much more. It’s a shame because right now Blood Waves feels like just one level that is just scratching the surface of its potential.

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Blood Waves Review


Shooter, Survival, Zombie


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Only one level. Game gets old quickly.


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Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


May 11, 2018

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