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Block Em Review

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Every once in a while I leave my single-player cave and I try something new in the multiplayer space. Sometimes I find myself really enjoying a new multiplayer game and then other times I feel like it is a complete waste of time. My latest experiment was the game Block em.

So what is Block Em? Is it a game that’s worth your time? Is it the new staple party game that everyone needs to check out? Did this game make it on my very selective list of multiplayer games that I’ll play?

Let’s dive into it.

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Block em is a simple competitive multiplayer game for 1 to 4 players where the computer can substitute for missing players. You play as this weird blocked-shaped creature. The first player who wins five mini-games wins the entire game.

Let’s talk about the mini-games and gameplay.
The mini-games all take place on one single screen Just like Fuzion Frenzy and Super Smash Brothers. There are three types of mini-games. One, in which, you have to put the most blocks on the screen. One, in which, you see who can survive the longest as lava completely engulfs the rest of the screen. And with the last level type, you have to make it to a goal first. The controls are very simple. You can push other players, you can jump, you can place blocks, and you can run. That’s it so there is a real pick-up and play factor to this game. Another really cool benefit of this game is the fact that a playthrough doesn’t last very long. You can play all five rounds of a match in less than probably 20 minutes. the unfortunate side effect of all this is that there’s not enough content to really capitalize on the quick turnaround of matches.

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This game despite the fun gameplay gets old extremely fast. There aren’t enough game types to entice players to keep playing for more than a couple of matches. Even worse is the fact that this game doesn’t leave a big enough impression to convince most people to come back after playing it.

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Overall/Should You Play Block Em:

Overall Block Em is a fun game with a very fun premise. Everything it does, it does well. Sadly there isn’t enough content to keep its formula from becoming stale quickly. As it stands currently I can’t recommend Block em as a multiplayer game that you should rush to play.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Block Em Review


Action, Party, Platformer


Fun gameplay


Lack of content. Get's stale fast.


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September 8th, 2022

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