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Beacon Pines Review: Black Mirror Meets Winnie the Pooh

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Reviewed on Xbox Series X |S

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I don’t think I’d ever played anything quite like Beacon Pines. Sure I’ve played choice driven adventure games. Just recently I played another game that features a mixture of cute animal characters with creepy elements in Cult of the Lamb. Beacon Pines is a different breed though.

This game was developed by Hiding Spot and Published by Fellow Traveller. Fun fact this game was originally a kickstarter project. So now that you know it bit about the game’s background, let’s dive into the game itself. What is this game and should you play it? Is Beacon Pines a good single player experience?

The Answer is an emphatic yes. In an Interview I did with the game’s creator, Matt Meyer, he described the game as Winnie the Pooh meets Twin Peaks. It is a description that fits Beacon Pines to the tee. This game is a creepy and cute adventure set with a storybook.

Beacon Pines Review - Image 3
Beacon Pines Review – Image 3

The Gameplay:

You play as the reader of the book and Luka, a young teen, who has lost both of his parents. He and his Grandmother reside in the not quite what it seems town of Beacon Pines. Luka and his friends set out to unveil the town’s dark mysteries.

One of the best features of Beacon Pines is its storytelling. There isn’t any combat in this game so the Narrative had to carry the weight of the entire game. Thankfully it does just that. It’s a compelling story that sinks its hooks into you and just when you think that you might be able to predict what’s going to happen next the story goes in a different direction. I won’t spoil any other story here; just know that despite the cute appearances of the characters this story has dark themes. Nothing too intense though.  I’d describe it as a cozy horror vibe.

Beacon Pines Review – Image 1

In Beacon Pines charms are the player’s super power. Charms are words that you unlock as the story progresses. The player chooses which word they want to use at major points of the story. Each word literally creates a new branch on the games’ visual story tree. The game encourages you to see how the story plays out with the charm that you used at the critical point in the story. Often you will go down a narrative branch and meet a tragic end to the story, but pick up new charms in that story branch that you can use in previous critical points of the game. The Ability to redo critical points in the story at a moment’s notice is top notch.

I want to give a special shout out to the narrator voiced by Kirsten Mize. This character was by far my favorite and Mize absolutely kills it in this role. She really made the story come to life and I often found myself exciting when her character makes an appearance in story.

Beacon Pines Review - Image 2
Beacon Pines Review – Image 2

Overall/Should You Play Beacon Pines:

Became Pines is a dope game that knows what it wants to be. It’s a mystery adventure visual novel game that doesn’t overstay its welcome. This game isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for a fast pace action game then this isn’t the game for you. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a conspiracy mystery game with fantastic art, music and storytelling then this game delivers in spades.

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Sebastion Mauldin

Beacon Pines Review: Black Mirror Meets Winnie the Pooh


Point and Click, Adventure


Gorgeous art, excellent writing, Well crafted narrative structuring.


Uninteresting side characters


Hiding Spot Games


Switch, Xbox One, PC


September 22, 2022

Overall Rating: