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Batora: Lost Haven Review

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Batora: Lost Heaven is a game that I didn’t know much about before I got the review code. I knew that it was a Single player Sci-fi game and if you don’t know that is my jam when it comes to video games. That said about a couple hours into it, the game reached out and pulled me in big time. Why did Batora: Lost Haven grab me? What type of gamer should have this in their video game backlog?

Let’s dive into it.

Batora: Lost Haven Review - Image 1
Batora: Lost Haven Review – Image 1


In this Sci-fi action RPG, you play as the teenage Avril, one of the remaining human survivors after a global catastrophe that wiped out half on mankind. She becomes the Moon and Sun’s champion, granting her their abilities. Now it is up to her to figure out what caused the catastrophe on Earth, stop it from happening on other planets, and make sure that balance is maintained throughout the galaxy.


Being a champion of the Sun and Moon comes with some perks. The sun gives her a Physical Nature powers that allows her to do some heavy damage with a dope sword, and the moon grants her with Mental Nature abilities which allows her to do range blasts. You can switch back and for between you Physical state and your Mental state and to use the abilities and play styles from each.

In Batora: Lost Haven the gameplay is like a mixture between Diablo and Hades. The game is a semi-top down action game, in which, you can use your melee or range attacks to eliminate the enemies that are in your way. These enemies also have a nature element to them. If you strike with Physical attacks against the physical nature foes you’ll inflict more damage. The same effect happens on the mental side of things.

The game is challenging, but the combat is fun overall. There is enough here to keep you engaged, but it may be a bit lacking for those who favors enemy variety. It’s a good time, but there are those that might feel a bit of repetitiveness regarding the combat.

Batora: Lost Haven Review - Image 2
Batora: Lost Haven Review – Image 2

The Weight of Choice:

“There are no right or wrong choices; Just decisions to be made and each of them shape who you are.” This was a line from the game that almost sums up the theme of the game overall. In Batora: Lost Haven there is game play, but the core of the game is the decisions that you make in the game. You are often presented with dilemmas, in which, you have to make a narrative choice on how you proceed.

Will you doom a race to save a friend? Will you spare someone that did something terrible in the past, but is trying to make up for it now? These are just a few examples of the choices that you make in the game. These choices felt like they mattered and had substantial weight behind it.

All the decisions that you make in the game shape who your character is and the overall plot of the game. Your decisions can make you into a conqueror or into a Defender of piece. Where you fall decides how the narrative plays out.  

Batora: Lost Haven Review - Image 3
Batora: Lost Haven Review – Image 3

The Presentation:

Batora: Lost Haven graphics are simple in the most gorgeous way. Let me explain, the characters and the environment are kinda reminiscent of the cartoon-like artstyle that was popular in the Xbox 360 and PS3 era, but it has this vibrant color scene that really pops off the scene. The Orange and Purple color scheme often amplifies the environments that you are exploring and is a constant reminder the other theme of balance in the game.

Batora: Lost Haven Review - Image 5
Batora: Lost Haven Review – Image 5


Due to the camera angle it can be a bit hard to see the details in the characters and enemies. It’s not a big deal since the combat is color coded, but something worth pointing out to those who likes those types of details.

This game can be challenging and there isn’t a way to adjust the difficulty in the game. If you are a person that likes to turn down the difficulty then this might turn you off.

Overall/Should You Play Batora: Lost Haven:

The Answer is a tentative yes. If you like Sci-Fi single player games and you like games where your choices really matter and have weight to then you should definitely play Batora: Lost Haven. The game does have its faults and isn’t going to be for everyone genre-wise. However, if you like are a fan of story-centric games and enjoy combat similar to Diablo then you won’t be disappointed with Batora: Lost Haven.

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Batora: Lost Haven Review


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