Zelda TOTK Anticipation and Resident Evil 4 Deepest Discussions Ft. LitUnPlay

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Zelda TOTK Anticipation and Resident Evil 4 Deepest Discussions Ft. LitUnPlay

As a newbie to Resident Evil 4 Sebastion knew that he was going to have to call in the big guns for an in-depth discussion. So our guest today is a RE4 super Fan LitUnPlay. With a talent for video editing and love for games, LitUnPlay started a YouTube channel where he shares his funny reviews and rates how playable games are.

In this episode, they talk about the highs, lows, and everything in-between for the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Whether you’ve played the game already and want to hear about the experience again, or you want to know the ins and outs of this game before purchasing, tune in to hear more!

Tune in to learn about dope games to have in your video game backlog.

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Sebastion Mauldin


Hey everyone. Welcome to the Single Player Experience Podcast, the perfect place for single player gamers to find out about good single player games to play, and to hear about other single player gamers who are playing those dope single player games. So with me today, we have the dopest of single player gamers. You might have recognized him from a previous episode. He is a incredible streamer. He's an incredible gamer, and he's just a overall dope nerd. Ladies and gentlemen, this is lit, un play lit. How you doing today? I am doing great. Thank you for having me yet again on. Man, you're a regular. I gotta have you back, man. I gotta have you back. So thank you. Thank you. Look, man, how's everything been going in life lately? Everything. Everything goes well. You know, everything's busy, everything keeps moving. Uh, we're doing stuff behind the scenes to get ready for when I eventually returned to streaming. Um, but yeah, life is good.


You know, I've just been playing games offline, enjoying my own, like me time with video games. Kind of like enjoying all the new games and just like old games and backlog and kind of just like keeping it to myself. I've been a little selfish with my gaming lately. Just me, myself, and I. That's good. I think everyone needs me Time.


And then there's a, for sure there's a certain like sense of relaxation and almost like, you almost have to refresh yourself every once in a while. Yeah. Or else you'll completely forget who you are and like, you'll get burned out. There's a lot of, like, people don't realize how intensive streaming can be. Yeah, yeah. Streaming and content creation. Like, you know, you burn out, you, you might have like a really good idea. You go all in on it and then eventually you're like, I'm all tapped out. And you kind of need to like, go back into hiding, hibernate, recharge the batteries, and then you come back stronger than ever. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Let me, yeah, so let me pick your brain a little bit. Like you've been playing a lot of dope games in 2023. We talked about that in a previous episode, but what have you been playing lately? Okay. Um, so lately, uh, I think since the last episode I have played, I played a game called Scars Above. So it's a indie game that came out not too long ago. Uh, so think Return, but without the Rogue Glide component. So imagine a third person shooter in an alien world where you're fighting creatures that are either humanoid, um, more animal-like, uh, basically imagine returnal without the procedurally generated, without the rope like aspect to it, and more of an R p g shooter or r p g third person shooter. Um, it's an, and like I said, it's an indie game. I think it was like, uh, 30, 35 bucks on steam when it came out. Yeah. It was, it was honestly a lot of fun. Um, I, I really enjoyed Returnal for everything that it is. I loved it. But I know that a lot of people were stuck on the procedurally generated the rogue light. The, you know, you die at the third level. You have to start all the way at the first one return's a really punishing game. And I think this game might be exactly what these, uh, people that were, uh, not so happy with return would enjoy because it, you know, it's a story driven game with really cool gameplay in an alien world. There's, uh, four different kinds of weapons. Um, there's a lot of like cool mechanics. There's like seamless transition between shooting and mailing. And overall it was a, it was a pretty enjoyable experience. It was, it was a definitely a game that was worth more than what I paid for. Yeah. I, you know, this is one of those that I think. I look at game like this and it makes me kind of like proud and impressive the exact same time of like how far AAA games have gone. You know? Cause we see, like, we see the like aaas of the world, such as like the dead spaces and how far they've come. But then like you see games like the scars above and such like that at the double light level, that indie level. Yeah. And now they're like punching above their weight glasses. Not well now, you know? Yeah. Yeah. It's very impressive. I think indies are really taking the industry by storm. You know, you think back, like, I always think back to it like Ho Night was an indie game and it is probably like the greatest indie ever made. Like it has such a, it was such a big. It had such a big reception, it was so well received. People still play it to this day. Like the game came out in 2017 and it is still a hot topic amongst indie games. Everybody's dying for the sequel. Any metro Venia that gets made, it's like, oh, how good is this? Compared to holiday night. Like holiday night set a standard. And I think Indie Games started realizing like, Hey, we don't need a triple A budget to make a good game. We need a decent story. We need fun gameplay. And that's it. And, uh, a well-balanced between the two of them. Yeah. Uh, ho I definitely did that. Hey, Hades is another one I think is like a a hundred percent of, of any games, so to speak. But yeah, like even on 3D games, like you, you like the ones that we just brought up were more on the 2D side of things. Yeah. But like, if you look at the 3D space with Unreal Five and everything they're doing with that, like yeah, ev all the indies now, like the, the people who are able to create in that space, they're gonna be able to create some masterpieces in that thing. Hundred percent. Yeah, I'm, I'm very excited to see what Indie creators end up putting out with on Unreal Engine five. I think it's gonna be insane. Like, it's gonna look good. It's gonna play well in because I, I mean, I'm no programmer, I'm no game developer, but from what I've seen of showcases of Unreal Engine five, it looks like, you know, they're creating this massive library of assets where they can go in, grab what they need, throw it into their game, and like get it running. So I feel like it's also gonna streamline the process. So we might not have to wait 10 plus years to see a really good, uh, indie that hits at the level of a aaa. Oh yeah, for sure. For sure. So what else have you been playing besides scores above? Um, I also played through Wolong. Oh, wo Wolong was actually pretty freaking cool. Um, so Wolong is made by Team Ninja who are the same people who made. Um, the NI games or Neo whatever, however you wanna pronounce them. Yeah. Killers in the comments section below or wherever. Tweet at me. Mm-hmm. Um, this is how you pronounce the game or whatever, you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. So they made those games. Um, so they decided to make a, another samurai aesthetic like game, but this time they gave it drum roll, please. A perfect theist. Mm-hmm. Yeah. They, they took, you can see that they took some inspiration from Seco. The game doesn't play like seco in any regard, shape or form, but the fi, the combat has a little bit of seco sprinkled into it, particularly with the deflecting system. Um, you still play like a traditional Dark Souls, you know, you use target lock, you have a light attack, you have a heavy attack. You can use all different kinds of weapons. There's armors that you can equip, unequipped, whatever. Uh, but the. Across the board, the one thing that you can do, no matter what kind of weapons you're using, is deflect. And that's where the, the combat really clicks in. Cuz if you're not deflecting, you're gonna have a bad time. Oh, for sure. For sure. Yeah. Um, but yeah, it was, it was really good. It was so much fun to, to like start playing the game and be like, oh, this is actually kind of tough. And once like it clicks in, you're like, I got this stuff. And that was, that was the exact same feeling with Seco. You start seco you suck at it, everything's tough, everything kills you, but then it clicks and you're like, I understand how to Perry. And you go from mastering or you go from like getting your butt kicked to mastering the system and the blink of an eye. Yeah. Um, and that's kind of, that's kind of how wall long. It might surprise you listeners, because I'm not usually a souls gamer or like a souls born gamer, but I too have played woo long and I didn't necessarily play through it like you have, you've, it sounds like you've been this thing I what? I platinum it. Yeah. I got, I did everything. Yeah. What? No, I have rage quit. I've officially waged quit. Oh, no. But, but I will say I got farther than I thought I would, I'd get into this type of game and I enjoyed myself. Okay. Um, I, I think, um, I beat, I, I can't remember the beast. It, there was one beast. It, I think it was like the second main boss. It looks kind of like a werewolf. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. So I beat him and then I beat the, um, the next boss. That kind of looks like it's, uh, it's almost like a rhino kind of boss where he kind of charges at you. Yeah. Yeah. In like, um, like a dusty, sandy arena. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It almost is. You're talking about almost like, um, um, like, what was it? The Star Wars, the, the Star Wars arena where the like OB one and, um, PA Oh n cal clones. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When they're stuck in, uh, I think that's g that they're stuck in when Thank you. Mm-hmm. Yeah. When the, the clones show up and like they rescue them and it's like this massive battle. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The arena looks like that. And you're fighting this like bore enemy rhino. Yeah. Yeah. So like, I, I managed to beat him and then okay, there's like that next level. It sort of opens the world up a little bit. And yeah, they, there's this one creature that almost like hits me with like this electrical ability, like it this like, it's like a bird, right? It's a bird. I, I put on the bird. That's where I got, that's where it got me. I'm like, the bird is the bird made me tap out. Yeah, that, that, that enemy's kind of tough. Like the first time you fight him, he moves around a lot. He does a lot of lightning attacks and he flies a lot. So it's all like, there's a lot of time where you can hit him. Yeah. I I hear you. I hear you. Yeah. I, that's the part that, that made me cry, cry for uncles. So I'm like, I completely, I hit that part. I was just like, you know what, I, I can't, I can't grind no more. I can't do this no more. Yeah. So I, I gave that one to rest and I've been playing. Um, um, have you played Chachi yet? Like the game sort of like win waker? It's like the, no, it's not quite like what game is this? Um, I'm pronouncing it wrong, but I think it's called Chiia or Chiia. It's like t how you spell tc. H i a. It is the new PlayStation release game for, that's on their place, catalog. Chi, uh, T C H I A, right? Yeah. Chiia. Is that how you pronounce ita? I, I have no idea. I, I'm assuming that t's probably silent. It's probably something like Chiia or, yeah. Yeah. I played a little bit of that and it does gimme win wicker vibes. You know what I do? I do recall seeing, uh, someone talk about this game. Mm-hmm. Um, and yes, you, you're right. I recall seeing it and thinking, wow, that looks like a, kind of like a win waker game. Mm-hmm. Um, but no, I, I haven't played it. I, I did have it on my radar. How, how is it? It's not bad. It is, to me it's like wind waker liked. It's not necessarily like, okay, the highs of wind waker. But like I do think it, it plays in a very similar enough manner to where like it'll kind of scratch a little bit of that itch if you're creating like a older wind waker style, the game versus like breath of the wild, you know? But, but yeah. So Wmo is Fallen Dynasty. You played it all the way to completion, you platinum, that thing. What kind of, what kind of class were you in? So, I, I actually stuck with the very first, uh, well not the very first weapon, but the very first class. Mm-hmm. So you start out with, um, uh, what is it, a straight saber And you know, they give you dual swords. They give you a pole arm, like you can get all men are weapons. But I stuck with the straight Saer cuz I'm, I'm a huge fan of like swords. Mm-hmm. Um, so I kind of wanted to stick with a Katana but they didn't have katanas, you know, cuz this is Chinese, uh, history, not Japanese. Um, I did try a couple of weapons. Like I tried pole alarms, I tried dual blades, I tried, uh, curve savers and I, I don't know the, the p the straight saber was uh, like my, my, my stuff. So I stuck with that one. Um, I did a little bit of stealth, but ma I, it wasn't like seco stealth, so this one was a little bit tougher to pull off. So most of the time I would just like run in and start a fight. Oh yeah, for sure. Um, but I believe that out of the five attributes, cuz there was, um, there was, wow, what was it? Water, fire, earth, metal and yeah. Wood. Mm-hmm. I think I ended up going with the green one, which I think was wood. Yeah. Um, and it was, I did wooden water because both of them synergized really well with the straight saver. So it scaled my weapon to do more damage And wood was what gave you more help. So like it ended up working out great. That's cool. That is cool. Yeah. So would you want a sequel from Mulan following Dynasty, or would you want to see something new from like the, the Neo team? I think I'd like maybe D L C from Wang. I don't think I would need necessarily like a sequel to it. I think, I think the game was pretty good and I got what I needed out of it. Maybe some D L C with like additional levels, additional bosses would be cool. Um, but in terms of what I'd like to see from Team Ninja next, I know that they're already working on a new game. Uh, they're working on a game called Call of the Ronin. Oh, that looks so good. That game looks, it looks like Ghost of Saima. Mm-hmm. But like, you know, it's Team Ninja, so like, it's gonna be probably bigger. And, you know, there's guns and, and I feel like it's gonna have like that, like dark souls feels to it, like the souls formula. Mm-hmm. Um, and it looks good. It looks phenomenal. We're back in Japan, you know, so we have katanas. Yeah. Um, yeah, I'm excited for that one. I, I, that's gonna most likely gonna be a day one purchase for me, but I wanna see more of it. I think we, when we saw it, like they also had like a, almost like a gliding mechanic as well, where you kind of had that like, almost like Yeah. That, that like of the wild glider. Yeah. I was like, oh, it looks so cool. I, I'm excited for that one. Yeah. I, I bet you that game though, open wor cuz it's supposed to be open world, the map is gonna be massive. It's gonna take forever to like, explore everything. It's gonna be great. I, I am, I'm actually excited, but I do wanna see more gameplay, maybe get a little bit of what story we're going with and then, you know, uh, but I, I'm still gonna play it. It's just a matter of when. So let me ask you, you, um, so you played through Woo long, like, What else have you been playing lately? All right. I was, uh, I was saving this one. No, no, no. Save the topic of the show for the topic of the show, but I was wondering if you were gonna have something smaller for Oh, okay. Um, no, that, that's about it. You know, I, in, in preparation for the topic of the show, I did play the original topic of the show. Um, and, you know, we can talk more about that when we get to the topic of the show. Okay. But I think, I think that's, that's about it. You know, I've been playing also, uh, I did start, uh, monster Hunter Rise. Oh, how you liking it? I, I like it. I, so as someone who put 300 plus hours into Monster Hunter World, I was a bit skeptical about going into Rice. I was like, am I gonna like it? As much as I liked world, I've already heard that. So my, I was a insect slave user in Insect Wave was like my way to go with Monster Hunter. Mm-hmm. And I already heard people tell me like, oh, in Monster Hunter Rice, the insect isn't that great? It's been kind of Nerf. It doesn't do this, it doesn't do that. And I was a bit skeptical going into it, but a buddy of mine, he got the game on Steam. He's like, Hey, why don't we play this one together? And I was like, ah, sure. So we jumped into it. We did a couple of missions, ran around, did a bunch of stuff. And I, I'm actually kinda liking it. Um, I think from the get-go, I like, uh, world better, but rice isn't bad. I, I've actually been enjoying it. The new monsters are pretty cool. Some of the mechanics are cool, some of them are kind of tedious. Um, but so far I'm liking it. I wanna, I wanna get more hours into it before I make like a, a, an educated decision. But so far I like Okay. That's cool. Gimme one second. We'll close the door. Yeah. Yeah. Take your time. Well, I have you here viewers. Uh, let me tell you all the secrets about the stuff that we're not allowed to. Oh shit, he's back. Okay, lemme stop. Yeah, sorry. I was, uh, I may or may not have been spilling secrets, uh, from behind the scenes stuff that we're not allowed to talk pop publicly. But, uh, don't worry about it. Okay? I'm not worried. I'm not worried. Everyone, you, you can get the behind the scenes things for free this time. But next time we're gonna charge you, we're gonna charge you a pretty nickel next time. Next time you play paying that premium. Oh yeah, for sure, for sure. Yeah. So, you know, you've been so monster. Hunter Rise. It, does it feel like it's smoother though? Because I think, you know, this game was originally made for that switch version, like the Switch, so I'm like, yep. How's it play on, I'm guessing you're playing on PC, right? Yeah, I'm playing on pc. How's it play? Um, surprisingly it plays really well. I would e I would dare say that the game, because of the way that it was made, runs a bit smoother than World World. When you start playing it, it feels super clunky. Especially if you're coming off of something like Eldon Ring Horizon forbid, and West starting to play Monster. Hunter World feels super clunky. Like moving is so unresponsive. Everything has this like Jan and way to it. And when I started playing Rice, you know, I'm obviously, I'm used to world, but when I started playing Rice, like the character is a bit more responsive, he moves smoother, traversals a lot easier. Um, there's these things called wire bugs. Basically, uh, you throw a bug in the air and it has like a silk or like a li uh, some wire that you can pull on and you can like launch yourself. You can use it to a ra like uh, bind enemies. So there's a lot of like new mechanics. But in terms of just the raw movement of the game, I think it is more responsive and smoother than world. Okay. So it almost sounds like if you can combine like aspects of world with like the traversal and the movement of Rise, you'd have your perfect monster Hunter gang. I think so. Yeah. I think, I think that would be a pretty good combination. Yeah, for sure. For sure. So before we get to the topic of the show, cuz I know you're about to unleash, I gotta ask you though, like, as one of the biggest Zelda fans that I know on the face of the earth, how did you like the new gameplay reveal for tears of the kingdom? I, I. All over that, my guy. So from, from the day before when they're like, oh, we're gonna have a gameplay reveal, I, I was at work, I was in the office. Mm-hmm. And I kid you nod when the entire office heard a lable. Yes. Mm-hmm. And everybody's like, what the heck was that? And I was like, oh, I don't know. What was that? Yeah. I was so excited the moment they announced that they were finally gonna show some gameplay. Um, and so going into it, I was pretty excited. Thankfully that day, the day of the actual showing I was at home. So I was able to watch it without any issues. I was able to fan girl and freak out all over it as much as I wanted. Um, but dude, I was so excited. So as soon as they started rolling the, the tape and you know, they're showing, uh, all Pneumo play, my first thought was, wow, this looks just like breath of the. Mine too. I was like, okay, I mean, I'm not complaining about this, but like, this looks like we're gonna be exploring the same world, the same high rule of breath of the wild, plus some islands up in the sky. So at first I was, I was like, okay, what, what are we actually in for? And I was like, okay, this is cool. You know, they climbed, uh, the cliff. They get to the rock, they use the rewind ability and I'm like, okay, this is cool. Before you could stop time, now you can rewind it. That's cool. That's cool. Mm-hmm. They get to the Sky Islands, they show us a little bit of gameplay, you know, they pick up the branch, they hit the, the construct and the branch breaks. And as soon as I saw that branch break, I was like, great. The Internet's gonna keep having a field day because I kid you not, the amount of people that I know that I interact with on Twitter on a semi-regular basis that complain about weapon durability and B L T W is insane. It's an insane amount of people. Mm-hmm. And like everybody, I feel like every time that there's any discourse regarding Breath of the Wild, it's about weapon durability. Nine times out of 10. Oh yeah. For. So, uh, the moment I saw the branch break out was like, oh yeah, people are gonna rage about this. They're gonna be like, oh, they didn't fix the durability of the weapons, whatever. But then the guy's like, oh, well, uh, the branch broke. Let's grab another one. It breaks. And they're like, okay, we killed the enemy, but this kind of took a while. Let's show you a new ability. And I was like, oh. And the moment this man fused the rock with the steak, I lost my shit. I was like, like immediately, like the dude was in the middle of explaining mm-hmm what, like how he makes the rock in the steak. And in my mind I'm like, holy shit, you can fuse weapons with virtually anything. And immediately I was like, can you fuse weapons with weapons? Can you fuse weapons with shields? Where does it stop? What can you combine? I was like, this is insane. Can I like, at some point when I fix the master sword, cuz come on, we're gonna fix the master sword. Yeah. The master sword is not gonna stay broken. Or I, if it does, that's actually kind of cool that they. They give like an end to the master sword. Mm-hmm. But I feel like if they're gonna get rid of the master sword, they're gonna replace it with something else. But we'll see. Now let's, let's not dive into tin foil happier just yet. But yeah, so my, in my mind I'm like, this is insane. This changes the game and its entirety cuz now not only is weapon durability even less of an issue, not that I think weapon durability was ever an issue, but now you can combine all manner of things to create some ridiculous things. Like when they combined the, the stick with the pitchfork and made this like obscenely long weapon. I was laughing my ass off. That is so cool. Um, yeah, it was so cool. I was like, this is so ridiculous, but this is awesome. I laughed when he put it on his back and you can still see it being stupidly logged on his back. I would've, I would've died if he had like, tripped on it. Yeah. And just like tell him both. That would've been so funny. Yeah. But yeah, so I, you know, immediately I was like, wow, that's gonna change. Like the whole, as like the whole approach, the whole mechanic of the game with weapons. Cuz now it's not just a matter of like, oh I found a good weapon. It's like now it's like I can craft an even better weapon with the weapons and the stuff that's around me. Mm-hmm. Um, so that, that, that was really cool. I think that's gonna add so much variability to the system that al that they already had in place with breadth of the wild. And then when they showed the next ability ultra hand and how you combine materials to create a boat and put the propellers on it and how you can like make a car, you can make a floating a raft, like all manner of things. Once again, my mind was like, holy crap, you can create so much traversal in this game. Like, it's not anymore just climbing and using the horse or paragliding, it's how can I create a a, a boat? How can I create a flying machine, you know, all manner of things to help with the exploration and the traversal around haru. Um, so, so with with those two abilities in mind, you know, it's, I think it's gonna e even if it is. Obviously, you know, it's high rule, it's still the same place. The surface is gonna have some changes, like structures are gonna be different. You're gonna find new things, you're gonna find missing things. Um, and you have the whole, uh, area up in the sky, which is completely new. But even considering the setting, I think just the fact that the weapon system is gonna be completely different and traversals gonna be affected greatly by the ultra hand ability, I think that the game now has enough content and it's to feel very different from the original game, from Breath of the Wild. That's good cuz I, you know, some of the discourse that I heard online was like, this feels good and this feels like it looks good, but like a lot of this still looks like it could have been breath of the wild D o C. Yeah. And from a fan's perspective, especially a super fan, it's good that you feel like this still justifies a sequel as opposed to D L C because like, I, I, even me, so like I could see the middle ground of it, so to speak, where I do wish we kind of could see like, sort of like a bigger picture to where it actually feel like a massive sequel as opposed to just like a couple of new features, you know? Yeah. No, not, I, I get that. You know, I, this is the first cel the game that's reusing a setting in its entirety. Mm-hmm. Um, every Celler game, even the ones that are supposed to be like direct sequels, like Majors Ma or, uh, a of time to majors mask, like you're still in a completely new setting. You go from high rule to terminal. Um, um, so this is gonna be the first game where they take the, the same world, the same system, the same uh, engine and basically just like add stuff to it. Um, Like I said, you know, I think, I think high rule, the surface of high rule is gonna change. Maybe not a lot, right? Like it's, it's still gonna be high rule. You're still gonna have the same geography. Um, but I think there's gonna be enough changes to like, oh, that wasn't there before. Let's go explore that. Oh, where does this lead? Oh shit, this leads to a whole underground cave that was clearly not in the game before. So I think there's gonna be enough of addition to the surface plus like the sky stuff looks massive. Like it looks like it's not just like an islander too, it looks like it's like 20 million of them up there. So I'm sure that just like getting there is gonna be a journey and then you have to explore them. I'm sure there's gonna be stuff to do up there. Um, and then the other thing is like, you know, I'm very excited to see where the story takes us, cuz I think we'd be lying to ourselves if we say that the geography of high rule isn't gonna change. Based on what, uh, this, uh, creature, this evil entity that we believe to begin. And again, Endorf is gonna do to the land. Like what at, I'm assuming at some point he's gonna assemble his armies, you know, they're gonna mount a full on assault on high rule, and that's gonna maybe block sections off. He's gonna turn like fortress, he's gonna mount fortresses in different places. You know, I think the land of high rule is gonna change throughout the game. And I think those changes that come with it as part of the story are gonna just add to the value of having this be a completely new sequel versus just a D L C. I think that's a, that I hope that you're right because I'm like, I hope so too. Oh, about's say. If not, I think people are gonna be really pissed at like, yeah. People, people will be upset. You know, I'm, I'm a super huge self defend, like a n whatever Nintendo does with the game. Like I'm there day one, I'm gonna play it. I'm most likely gonna enjoy it. Uh, they would have to make some. Ballistically bad choices for me to be upset with the game. Um, and from everything I've seen, like anytime that I see anything related to the game, my hype for the game just builds up. Um, so like, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm fully aboard the hype train and I'm like at the front conducting the train. Um, but I do, I do hope you know that I'm right. I hope that things do change throughout the game. Um, and a lot of people keep complaining. They're like, oh, well, Nintendo's not showing any of that. It looks like the same game with just a, a couple of new features. And like, I get the complaints, but at the same time, it's like, if there are gonna be major changes, I don't wanna know about them. No. A month and a half out of the game. Mm-hmm. Like, we're so close to the game that at this point I just, like, I, I hope they don't release any more trailers anymore. Nothing. I want radio silence on the game from now until release day, so that once the game comes out, I can play and experience everything blindly. Okay. Li how many switches do you have right now? So I still have my OG switch that I bought. Mm-hmm. The day that it came out back in March of 2017. I have that one. I bought an O lid when the O LID model came out. Um, and then I bought my girlfriend a switch, uh, for animal crossing addition. So we technically three switches at the moment. How close were you to buy that ZDA switch? How close were you? What do you mean? How close was I? You got it. You bought the zda switch too, so I, so that, that was the other cool thing, right at the end of the stream. They're like, oh, uh, here's the, the SDA theme, the Lind switch, and, you know, I figured this would happen. The leaks came out months ago and in my mind I had this like, internal debate. I was like, I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. And as I kept telling myself that I don't need it, I could see my fingers scrolling through my phone. Mm-hmm. Going to Amazon, finding the thing, clicking pre-order. Thank you for your order. Your order has been confirmed. And I was like, oh shit. I guess I bought it. No, that's so funny. So are you gonna keep all the switches or are you just gonna what I'm some, what I'm doing is, uh, my current O lid. Mm-hmm. The the one that I got when the O lid came out. I'm probably gonna give that one to my brother. Oh, sweet. Uh, yeah. And I'm gonna, I'm gonna keep the sel, the O lid with the bass and the controllers. Um, cuz I, I thought about, you know, my first thought was I'm gonna give the oli to my girlfriend, but my girlfriend doesn't use the switch as much as my brother does. So I'm gonna give, I, I think the all it would be better spent on my brother. Um, But yeah, you know, I, as soon as they announced that on the stream, I was like, wow, okay, well I'm most likely gonna get that one, the, the, as soon as I saw it. But my thing was like, these things are gonna sell out like crazy. Oh, for sure. Um, and they, you know, the, I think the stream said that they were gonna be available for, uh, 28. So I was like, oh, there's still like a month left before, uh, those go on sale. So I was already planning, you know, I'm gonna start saving up money. I'm gonna follow this one guy on Twitter. A shout out to Warrior 64 Warrior. What's the same here? Yeah. Warrior 64 has like the drop on whenever you're trying to buy something. Hit notification, follow him, turn on notifications, you're in there. Um, so I even made a, a note on my calendar. I was like, oh, on March, or not March, on April 27th, turn out notifications for Warriors so that you don't miss the, the switch sale. And today I was at work, chilling, minding my own business. And I happened to be scrolling through Twitter and I see Warrior tweet out saying, oh, the, the switch uh, is up for pre-order on Amazon. And I was like, what? I thought this wasn't supposed to go live for another month. I was like, shit, I'm late cuz the thing was like posted an hour ago. I'm like, that is gone. That was sold out like the second warrior posted that. But I was like, you know what, lemme give it a try. So I clicked on the link and surprisingly they were still available, so on Amazon Best Buy and Target. So I was able to secure one on Amazon on my account that now it's locked in. That is amazing. That that is amazing. Yeah. So officially during the switches lifespan of six years, you were gonna have officially four switches? Yep. I have bought a total of four switches on the lifespan of the switch on its six years. All right. Let's be honest, this has gotta be your favorite console of all time at this point, right? Probably, you know, I, I, I very much enjoy the PlayStation five. The PlayStation five has been amazing. Um, but, you know, I, I grew up on Nintendo. Legend of Cell is my favorite series ever. And anytime that I, I'm also a sucker for limited edition like themed consoles. Um, back in the day I had a, a Halo Xbox 360. I had a, I have an Xbox, yeah, I have an Xbox One that's, uh, gears of war themed. I had a PlayStation four pro, uh, themed with Star Wars that had like beers face on it. So like, I love that stuff that I, I live for that like limited edition theme stuff. So when I saw this one for the Switch, I was like, well, this is Selva and the doc dude more than just the Joycons. The doc for this, uh, edition. Looks so freaking cool. I was like, we have to get them. I liked that. I like that. Did you see the pro controller as well? I tried getting one of those today. I spent probably more than I should have trying to get one, but that thing sold out in seconds. I had notifications on Warrior tweeted out, Hey, pre-orders are up on GameStop, and I kid you not like I I happened once again to be scrolling through Twitter. I saw when he tweeted it, it said five seconds ago, I caught the thing. Five seconds in, I clicked on the link. I went to the website, I added it to my card, and as soon I, I immediately like read through, make sure the information was right, clicked on, uh, place order, and I'm guessing between the time it took the, the website to register me clicking on place order and it actually processing the order they sold out. In a matter of seconds. It was like 20 seconds in and they sold out it and I wasn't able to get one. That's crazy. That's absolutely. But I'm, I'm hoping, I'm hoping they'll restock them soon enough and hopefully I can get them on Amazon or a website that I trust a little bit more with ordering stuff. Um, I did manage to get the, the carrying sleeve that's also themed with soda. Mm-hmm. And I got, uh, the link of Mebo. So once I, once I get the, the pro controller, I will have collected all of the tears of the kingdom merchandise. Yeah. That's really dope. A after that you're almost like, than infinity gauntlet, where you basically got all thinking of for, for the Swedish generation especially. Yeah. Cuz I, I was also able to secure a collector's edition, uh, back when they announced them. Mm-hmm. So I'm, I'm, I'm set. Honestly, uh, the, the only thing I haven't gotten, and I am actually considering. Getting is, uh, Nintendo has a special deal with GameStop, where if you buy, uh, tier of the kingdom in store and you go pick it up in store, there's a, you can get a plaque, like a wooden plaque, um, with engravings related to the game. But that's only like, while supplies last. So on May 12, I would have to like get up early, go to GameStop and pick up my copy and hope that they still have the plaques available. That's crazy. That's fun. Yeah. So you're ultimate collector. You, you're the ultimate delta to collector at this point. Yeah. I need a, I need to clean my shelf back there and like start displaying some of the cool stuff that I've collected over the years for games. Yeah, for sure, for sure. So yeah, li we've talked a little bit about Zelda. We've talked about some of the other games we've been playing. I wanna switch gears here, like Okay. Before we get to the topic of the show, cuz we're almost there. I gotta ask you, have you been watching anything dope lately? Well, I did, I think since last time I did watch, uh, the entirety of the Last of Us on tv. Oh, loved it. Absolutely love it. It was, it was, it was good. I, you know, last of Us is one of my favorite games ever. Um, and the show, you know, I, Pedro Pascal is amazing. I love Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey from Game of Thrones. I was like, she has potential. Like, she, she does good work. And then to see her play, Ellie, you know, it was, it was such a good show. Like I really enjoyed it. Um, my girlfriend watched it with me. She liked it too. She, she's the type of person that doesn't really care for like, gory and violence things and like zombies. Like, that's just not her thing. But I was like, trust me, the story is worth it. And she's like, all right. Um, and I think it was around like episode three, the one with, uh, bill and Frank, that she's like, wow, this is really good. So great. And then she was hooked. Yeah. So good. That episode's probably gonna win awards that, that single episode. Mm-hmm. Yeah, that episode was so well made. Um, you know, a lot of people complain that it had like added nothing to the story, you know? Um, it's very different from the game where, uh, Ellie and Joel actually interact with Bill and like, go through the town and like do stuff with him. Whereas in this one, like they're, they're both already dead by the time they, uh, they get to the house. Um, but even, even then, I think the episode was so well made and it gave us so much into the characters of Bill and Frank that we didn't get to see in the show. You know, we see the humanity in them. Oh yeah, for sure. Uh, and I th I think that was, that was so well made. Like, it, it was beautiful. I, it is one of the few parts where I prefer the show's, interpretation of the characters more so than the game. And like, I love the game. I think that might be, if not my top five, my probably my top three easily, easily game best games ever made, but like, I loved the way they did, like the Buell story and Frank's story in the game, but like the, the, the way they did it in the show was masterful. Absolutely. It was beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, let's see, what else? Um, I've been kind of slacking on my Annie Mae. I, I've been keeping up at one piece and that's about it. Haven't really like started a new show or anything. We're about to get to Zoro and King, right? Yeah. Yeah. That's gonna be fun. So, so Soto and King are already fighting. Mm-hmm. Um, but yeah, we're the, the conclusion hasn't happened yet, but yeah, they started their fight. Sanji and Queen are fighting, uh, and Luie just came back from being knocked out of, uh, and he's back on mm-hmm. On the roof fighting with Cai though. So like right now it's like peak one piece right now. Mm-hmm. It's, aw man, it's so good. And for any of the man manga readers out there, like, you know, it gets good, you know, it gets very hype. Oh sure. So very, very soon. For sure, for sure. So did you watch, um, John Wick four by any chance? Oh, I did. I did. I loved it. Loved it. And that last, last week was a phenomenal week. Mm-hmm. I started my week on Thursday night by going to watch John Wick, and then at midnight, you know, we'll, we'll get into the topic of the show in a bit, but I literally got back from watching John Wick had to do a download, and then I, I stayed off for almost the entire night. So like, it was a phenomenal start to my weekend. What? Okay. But yeah, John Wick, John Wick four was so good. Oh. You know, a a lot of people are like, oh, well it's just another movie of Keanu Reeves killing people for like two plus hours. And I was like, yeah, end. Exactly. Who would want more? Who would want more in the action pieces, the sequences, the filming end. Everything about this, a world above the other three. I I really think that every John Wick movie has like, just been bigger and better than the previous one. Mm-hmm. And after Parabellum, I was like, there's no way they're topping this. Like, this has to be like their best work. And I was so wrong. No. Or was just phenomenal. Like having Hido Yuki and having Donny Yen in it was insane. Absolutely magnificent. The nuun scene where he was just like, whooping the dude with the nuun. Oh my goodness. Yeah. I loved it. That, yeah, that whole Japan sequence was amazing. Everything, the, the build up, the intensity, um, you know, it was, it was great. The one thing that made me really sad, and, you know, spoilers, the movie did just come out a week ago. So just a huge spoiler for anybody, you know, if you're still listening, if you're still watching, keep in mind that I'm about to drop a spoiler in 3, 2, 1. It was so sad to see Lance Reddick's character die in the movie. Oh yeah, for sure. I I was wondering how, you know, what, what was gonna happen with his character seeing as, uh, Lance just passed away recently. Um, I was curious, you know, if, if they knew, uh, in advance, like, I, I'm not, do you happen to know why he passed away? Like what was the cost? I, I, I still don't know. They said, um, they did say they didn't spec, they didn't suspect foul play, but like, they haven't released the cause of death. But like, this was supposedly like, not even the last John Wick movie he was supposed to be in, there's supposed to be like see a prequel scheduled for that. He's supposed to be a part of where like it's supposed to be Yeah, for the inside character story. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm. Um, Yeah. So I was, you know, I was very interested when, when they killed him off, I was like, oh, I wonder, you know, my mind started, I started thinking like maybe he was diagnosed with a terminal disease and like he knew that his time was coming up, so they decided to write him out of the movie. Um, but yeah, you know, it was, it was bittersweet, you know, especially given that he had just passed away to see him in the movie go, it was, you know, it was a bit touching. Um, but, you know, masterful performance from him, even in the little bit that he was in on this movie. Um, yeah, it was just overall, it was a, a phenomenal movie. So impactful, so meaningful from the, and like, like I mentioned before, the action sequences, anytime that John Wick threw down with anybody, it was. But there was, there was the one scene, there was one filming in one filming sequence in the entirety of the movie, where I was like, holy hell, that is insane. And that's that like aerial shot they do while they're inside of the building mm-hmm. Where the camera's just like on top following all the action. Oh. As, uh, he has the, the shotgun with the fire, fire rounds. Mm-hmm. That whole piece, how it was filmed felt like a video game. Oh, did you? Like, did you know it is from a video game, by the way. Really? I, so when I saw that, uh, the game that came to mind was, uh, hotline Miami. Exactly. That's exactly the reference, I believe. Yeah. I, mm-hmm. I fi I figured, yeah. I was like, wow, this looks like if I was playing Hotline Miami. So seeing that, I was like, wow, this is great. Yeah. No, a phenomenal movie is a great movie. To anybody out there that hasn't seen any of the John Wick movies, go watch the first one. You're gonna be hooked and you're gonna go watch all three of all four of them back to back. That is so amazing. Uh, let me ask you though, would you play this day one if John Wick, if they made a John Wick game? Yeah. Like you haven't even told me who's making it though. Yeah, yeah. You'd be like, yeah, I'm a boy. I was just like John Wick, but in the AUM style. Oh, so cool. Right. Yeah, that's, uh, you know what, that would be phenomenal. So give it, give it the, like the Aham night combat. Mm-hmm. And then for the, like, the shooting aspect of it, who, who I'm, I'm trying to think. A game that might be, I don't know. I don't know of a game that would be that fluid, but. As far as shooting goes, it would, it would definitely, I think it would have to be something like straight, like new. Mm-hmm. I don't think there's a precedent for that, but I think mixing the close quarter combats of the arkham night with a third person shooter mechanics and like make it fluid to switch between the two of them would be phenomenal. Like, I'm surprised no AAA studio has jumped on that yet. Oh, they should. It, it is a license to print money and this is what I would want in like Rock City to do instead of a suicide squad game. Yes, yes. You know what? Yes. Uh, a hundred percent. Oh, that'd be so incredible. But enough about that. Li let's get to the topic of the show because we have planned playing a great game. Especially you, you've been playing a great game. I've been chickening out for the most part. Been playing a little bit pieces here and there, but No, I digress. You've been playing a great, phenomenal game that's scoring very well across the board lit. What game have you been playing? I have been playing Resident Evil. Oh, wait, hold up, hold up. That. Okay. You know what? That, that didn't, that didn't feel right. Okay. Um, the, the, the emotion was there, but I think, I think the location isn't quite right. Okay. Um, so why don't, why don't we take a, a little bit of a drip? Okay. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. He was prepared. Everyone. Well, I don't know why this didn't work out the way. There we go. Oh, okay. I like it. There we go. Um, yeah. That's weird. It was supposed to, I, I, I, I planned it out and it was supposed to work. Well, it, it actually actually looks pretty good though. Here we go. We're gonna, we're gonna try it again. Alright. Take two. Everyone. Yeah, take two. Um, yeah, you know, that didn't feel quite well, so why don't we, I think it, it had to do something with the setting. So why don't we, why don't we run that again? Why don't you ask me again what I've been playing. Okay. Okay. Lit. So you've been playing the game, been reviewing very well across the boards. Yeah. What have you been playing? Well, I'm glad you asked because I have been playing what? Resident Evil I feel transported right now. That is amazing. That is amazing. Look at that. We, we are at the Village. Okay. Uh, the iconic village of the one and only Resident Evil four, but in HD 4K textures because this is Resident Evil four remake. Yeah, for sure. For sure. So is this living up to everything you imagined from Resident Evil four. It to short answer, it has far exceeded all of my expectations. Four. Wow. Resident Evil four, to give you some contexts. Mm-hmm. A resident, evil four was the first resident evil game that I ever played. It was probably the first like scary horror game I ever played. Like seriously, when I say play, like obviously I tried other things that were like scary, but I never like played them seriously. It was more like I was watching my uncle play and like he would give me the control and I'd be like, oh, this is scary. Take it back. Person 2 0 4 was the first game that I like, actually, like my parents bought for me, and I knew full well that it was a horror game, a scary shooter, and I went into it and I was like, I'm gonna complete this. Mm-hmm. I played the crap out of it. I think the fir, the first time I played it was on the PlayStation too, and then I played it on the. Oh, sorry, the backwards. I played it on the, we first and then I gave it a try on the PlayStation too. So I played the we version first with the motion controls and that was super cool. Uh, cuz the, it was just around the time that the, we had come out, um, actually I forget when exactly the, we came out, but I, I played this game, uh, I think 2006, 2007 was when I tried, uh, resident till four on the we. And it was so cool. It was such a phenomenal experience with the horror, the action. Like back in 2000, back in the early two thousands, this was revolutionary, this like third person over the shoulder camera, the way you moved, the way you aimed, you know, the jump from Resident Evil three to Resident four was insane. It was genre defying, it was trendsetting, it was everything you needed out of a video game. Um, So, yeah, it was, it was really cool. So like, I love this game from the get-go resident THI oh four is one of my all-time favorite video games. Not just within the resident Thibo series, but overall ever. Wow. Um, so, so when, when the remake got announced, you know, I lost my shit. I was so excited, very, very excited to see one of my favorite GA video games. Get the remake treatment. Um, and last week, as I was mentioning before, I went to watch John Wick on Thursday night cuz I knew Resident four remake was coming out on Friday. And I wanted to be ready uninterrupted to game the entire weekend. And when I tell you that, that's what I did, I want you to believe me that for the entirety of the weekend, I played this game. The game released at midnight. It took like 20, 30 minutes to install and as soon as it installed, I kissed my girlfriend goodnight. And I told her, I will see you Sunday. He went to bed, I stayed up. From, from midnight. Right. I started playing around at like 12:30 AM I stopped playing at like four in the morning cuz I was like, I have work tomorrow. I should probably go to sleep. I went to sleep, I got to bed at four 30, I woke up at seven 30. What? So I got three, I got three hours of sleep. I thankfully only had to work till noon. Mm-hmm. So I worked till noon and then the second I clocked outta work, I booted back up the game. And I did not stop playing until three in the morning Saturday. Wow. I took bathroom breaks, I took shower breaks, I took food breaks. You know, I took the, the bare minimum to exist outside of playing video games. Mm-hmm. But that, that was my weekend. I woke up Saturday and I went right back to it. I woke up Saturday at like 10 in the morning and I went right back to it and I kept playing until like one in the morning on Sunday. How are you not Monday late? How are you not like dead to the world by Sunday? I, I was, I was sitting on this chair in front of this monitor gaming to my heart's. I just couldn't put it down. You know how like when Eldon ring came out? Mm-hmm. I think, I think we were talking about this when Eldon Ring came out, I was playing Horizon Forbidden West, and I put Horizon forbid and West Down to try Eldon Ring. And I, you know, I, you can ask my, uh, some of my friends, one of my buddies, I told him, I was like, Hey, I'm gonna put, um, forbidden West down. I'm gonna play Eldon ring for the weekend, and then I'm going right back to Forbidden West to finish it, and then I'll finish Eldon ring. That was a big fat lie. I started playing Eldon ring and I just couldn't put. That first weekend the game came out. Mm-hmm. I put like 40, 50 hours into it. Out of the 72 of that was the, the weekend. Um, and it was the same with Justin and TiVo. It probably even worse, like I did not take a break. I just like kept playing. I started playing it, uh, Friday, midnight, and by Saturday 7:00 PM I was done with the game. I had finished my first play through. That is insane. So let me ask you, like, did, was this everything you remembered it to be? Yeah. So the game did change, uh, drastic amount of things, uh, but I think it changed 'em for the better. Mm-hmm. So the story for one is more fleshed out in the remake. They took more. To develop the story better, to develop the interaction between characters in a much more natural, realistic, believable way. Um, and in a way that makes more sense to the overall story of the game and of the series. Um, so there was a lot of thought and effort put into like, making the story fit better into the series. Okay. So do you also Yeah, I was, I was gonna say like, on those changes, do you feel like they're more, like quality of life kind of changes or do you feel like they're just like, changes that kind of fit this engine a little bit better? So, so in terms of, in terms of gameplay mechanics and like the, the sign of the game, there was all number of changes. There were quality of life changes. Um, I think the, the one that people realized the soonest is the fact that you don't have to pause the game and open your inventory every time that you wanna switch weapons. You now have a, a, like a quick selection, um, cross, I guess, cuz it's not a wheel, it's not like, like a. Weapon wheel. Mm-hmm. Um, but it's, you have eight inventory slots that are easily accessible to you via the D pad on the controller. So you got two spaces up, two down, two left, and two right. So that's probably like the, the earliest, easiest quality of life change that you get to see. Um, you know, the game now has crafting, which isn't something that the original had. You can craft ammunition by finding gunpowder and resources. Um, something that they, to, they completely changed that I think is so much better now is the treasure system. So back in the original game, you know, you would find there were four types of treasures. You could find that as soon as you found them, you could sell them. Then there were treasures that were, uh, bigger treasures, kind of like. Masks, crowns, that you could put smaller specific jewels into them to increase the value. But these jewels that you would put into them were like predetermined jewels. So like you would find, uh, jewel A, B, and C for the crown and those jewels you had to put on the crown. You couldn't like mix into other things. Now, for the remake, you have some of those same like big treasures, but the jewel system, the treasure system, is completely revamped. You now find there's six different types of jewels that you can find. You can find, uh, ruby, a sapphire, a yellow diamond. You can find, um, uh, what is it, a red barrel, uh, alexandri and. Emerald, I think is the other one. So it's six of them. There's three circular ones, three square ones. And depending on the big treasure that you have, you know you can find the mask that requires three circular treasure. So you, you can pick, you can mix and match however you want. And there's a cheat sheet within the game that tells you, hey, if you match three of the same color, you'll get a multiplier of X amount. Cool. If you do three different colors, you'll get this kind of multiplier. So now any treasure you find, you don't need to find the specific jewels that fit into it. You can fit whichever jewels you want into it. You just have to follow the shape, and then the color is completely up to you. Oh, that's really cool. So like, that sounds like a good quality of life. Um, change that really kind of helps the gamer, especially the inventory management system to where like, you don't necessarily have to hit pause to go in and switch out your weapon. I'm like that. I like, I remember the snippets of what I played of Resident Evil before, back in the day, and that was like one of the things to where I'm like, this is, and especially coming off of like playing Halo, I was like, oh, this feels so rough in comparison. Yeah. And the, the other thing that was really rough with the OG was the controllers, you know, like the tank controllers and not being able to, uh, aim, move, and shoot at the same time. Mm-hmm. I think that was probably, you know, looking at the, the gaming environment nowadays, like if you go back and play the og it's really tough that you're like running away from enemies, but if you wanna shoot them, you gotta like stand still, pull your gun out, aim, shoot, and then you keep moving. So that was a another big quality of life change that they did with the remake. You no longer have to be stationary to aim and shoot, you can be moving. Um, and it's actually like the mobility's actually pretty good in this game. So, you know, overall just like improvements in terms of mechanics, gameplay story, obviously the visuals look phenomenal now. Um, yeah, I, I think it's, it's nothing but an upgrade from the original. So you've, um, played this game to completion. How many times have you completed the game? So I've done, uh, at this point I've done six full Playthroughs. Sure. And I'm currently, yeah, six full playthroughs. I'm in the middle of my seventh one, and then I'm planning on doing an eighth one to, uh, so I technically, I haven't like. Completed the game, I'm still missing three achievements. And one of those achievements requires that I complete the game on the hardest difficulty without using, um, any of the infinite ammo weapons. Mm-hmm. So it's a, like an actual chance. It's a clean, safe, hardest difficulty. Um, and you just go through it. But then there's also, you know, if you wanna like actually a hundred percent complete the game, the game aside from the achievements, has challenges in them, which is very traditional. The resident remakes two and three also had this and one of the challenges requires you to complete the game on the hardest difficulty, clean file, um, in under five hours and 30 minutes. What that is, which is insane. It's pretty insane cuz the heart difficulty is really tough and five hours and 30 minutes is ave you know, it's looking at the full game. If you know what you're doing, it's five hours and 30 minutes is actually very, very generous. But it still feels like you have to rush. Like you can't stop to like ex uh, explore everything. You can't really take your sweet time with like every encounter. Some of them you have to rush through and hope that you don't get hit. Some of them you have to actually stay in fight and, you know, that adds to the time. Um, so the playthrough that I'm currently doing is the one of hardest difficulty with no bonus weapons. Mm-hmm. And I'm almost done with that one, so I should be able to finish that one up pretty soon. And then I need to put on my big gamer, big boy gamer pants and do the hardest difficulty in under five hours and 30 minutes. And I know that one's gonna kick my butt a little bit. So you've played this game an extremely long amount of time, so to speak. Do, would you say this is easily, easily your most like played game this year? Yeah. Hundred percent. Not even close, is it? No, I. This year, I don't think, uh, any game. And you know, I say that knowing, well, I say that knowing that Wolong, that space remake, um, what else? I feel like I'm missing a big one. What, what was the other big game that came out this year? Yeah. Metro that you played, I believe, right? Yes, yes. Uh, re the, the remaster of the, uh, Metro Prime, um, uh, one piece Odyssey that The Rice of the Tomb or Yeah, shadow of the Tomb Raider. Um, I played Def Store as well, I think this year. Store. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Considering all of those games came out or not came out this year, but I played them this year. Even taking that into account, this is easily the game that has me the most hook all out of the entire year. It's the one that I've put the most amount of hours into, and, you know, I haven't been able to put it down. I, as soon as I get from work, like the one thing I wanna do is boot up the game and keep playing. All right, so you know what I gotta ask you before we deep dive a little bit more into Resident Evil four. Is this now your front runner for game of the year of 2023? A hundred percent. And it, it is not only my front runner for Game of the Year, it is also an listeners, you know, if you feel like you need to come at me and attack me, uh, feel free to tweet at me. Uh, I feel like this is the best remake that has ever been made. And once again, wow. I say that knowing I say that fully aware that that space remake came out not that long ago. That space remake was perfect in every way, shape, or form. It was the way to do a remake, but then Resident Evil Force said, all right, hold my beer and like blew it out of the water. Wow that that's some hot takes right there. I like that. I like that we, we got them hot takes here at a literally unplayable and at the ProNet Pro Nerd report. I like that. I like that. So before we get back to it, I just gotta ask you one question. Do you feel like based on what you played at the of re E four, like does this give you faith that if they were to take what many can many believe is like one of the low points of the franchise resident Evil five and do the same treatment for Resident Evil five, that they can completely turn the stigma around on that game as well? A hundred percent. Wow. So there's, there's some sections in the r e four remake that you have AI companions. Mm-hmm. Both in the, I gotta protect this person kind of way, but also in the, Hey, this person also shoots with me and it helps me out. And I think that's, that's uh, capcom diving, like, you know, dipping their toes into testing out, uh, companion ai. Cuz I think ultimately they're planning on remaking re E five and giving it this kind of treatment. And just like you said, I really hope that with that remake, they turn the stigma around. Cuz R E five was a phenomenal game. People always criticize it for the bad game ai. And as someone who played re five to completion, I played it on the hardest difficulty multiple times. Was Sheva annoying as an AI companion shirt? She had her issues, but I was never. Completely bothered by it to the point of, uh, to the point of cursing the game and being like, oh, this is like the worst thing that's ever come out of this series. Um, r e five had a really good story. Uh, you get a really good conclusion to the Chris versus Wesker arc, which I think out of all the resident evils, they might be the biggest rivalry ever. And to see that come to such an epic conclusion was so freaking cool. Like, how cool was it when Chris Redfield said, I'm gonna punch the shit out of this boulder. Mm-hmm. And then I'm gonna go kill that guy over there. That was badass. Like no one can take that away from Chris cuz him punching a boulder was next level. That's amazing. Yeah. So I, I really think so. I think if they give it the same remake treatment, you know, quality of. Um, improvements on the AI and give it both online and couch co-op. I think the game would definitely turn the stigma around and would become, uh, once again, one of the great, uh, one of the great resident Delo games. Well, I mean, I think there's only what three remakes lift to do right now. There's like what, five, six, and zero? Yeah. Yeah. Um, there's also been talks that they might go back and redo r E one, so they already made a remake for r e one, but they kept it in the same style as the original. Mm-hmm. One second. Just gonna lower. No, do your thing. Um, I think I, I think the game is fine as it is. I don't think that resident one really needs a remake the way that they've done to these guys. Mm-hmm. But I would, I will say it would be really cool if they re remake the remake of, uh, re one and put it into the ca the re engine and make it a third person over the shoulder shooter. I think with E one Story and gameplay, it would be really cool to see that happen. Um, but I don't think that's Capcom's priority. I think eventually they're gonna do, they're gonna remake five, hopefully eventually they're remake six, cuz I think six really needs it. Yeah. Six had so much bad stuff with it and six had such a good cast. It had Leon, it had Chris, it had, uh, older Shirley Berk, Berkeley, I think is her name from Ari two, the little girl that, uh, Claire saves. It had, uh, I think Jake was his name, who's supposed to be Wesker son, like it was stacked. Just having Leon and Chris on the same game is already like, phenomenal. And then they dropped. The story was so bad, the gameplay had so much issues. So that's a game that I really hope eventually gets to remake treatment and they really clean up cuz that's, that's a game that could definitely use it. All right. So going back to re E four, some of the nuances there, what are some of the, the best features of re E four? Some of the best features of re E four. All right. Um, so we, me, I mentioned earlier, uh, some of the quality of life changes, right? The, I, I think the, the biggest, most needed change was the, the tank controls. Mm-hmm. Now you no longer have to stop to aim and shoot, um, The quick select and the inventory. I really like what they redid with the treasure, like the whole revamping of the treasure system. Um, but I think the overall design, just the, the level design with the game, the way the story progresses, some of the areas that have been reworked, um, are just, I just great. Like the village starts out very similar to the original with the central village area where you fight the chainsaw guy, but then right after that the game like completely changes. Like the setting is, um, uh, turned around. Like you no longer go through a door and just like magically appear where you're supposed to be at according to the story. The area, like the entire area is now laid out in such a way that it makes sense when you go through a door that you would get to this setting and then you find a shortcut that loops you around and that makes. A sense in the, like the geographical sense behind how you're moving through the village. It makes sense that if you go this way and you go then take a right, and you go through this door, you now end up back by the village, but in a different section. Oh. So, um, yeah. They, they also added pairing to this game really changes things a lot. Yeah. Yeah. That was, I was, I was gonna get to that one. Yeah. I, that has to be my favorite edition in the game. You, you know me, I love my seco. Mm-hmm. I love my pering and the moment I saw in the trailers that they gave Leon the ability to per attacks, I was like, it's over. It's over for everybody. Um, and my question with that was like, okay, what about stuff like a chainsaw? And then, you know, two seconds later they show him deflecting the chainsaw. Mm-hmm. You know, like he blocks it. I was like, it's over. It's over. I am gonna be untouchable. And sure enough, that first playthrough I did, there were so many times that in the original I would've gotten hit cuz they threw an ax and I was in the way they slashed at me. But I was like, oh, that's right. I can par and I would just deflect. And, uh, so there's actually something really cool with the, the flex system is that there's two kinds of, uh, peries. There's a perry where you just like Perry normally you, you like defend yourself from an attack and then there's a perfect perry where if you time the, the Perry perfectly with the attack, you open up the enemy to a follow up attack. So you can kick them, you can knock them down with one of Leon's Malay attacks. Um, And the timing's actually a little bit tricky for the perfect Paris, but once you get it down, like anytime that someone attacks you, you perfectly par it and then open them for a follow up attack. And it just feels so satisfying. It is just great. And I loved it. I love that they gave my, I, I would say that's probably one of my all-time favorite mechanics and video games. A deflecting system. Mm-hmm. I love that they gave a Def flex system to one of my favorite video games ever. That is really dope. Yeah. So I gotta ask you, so not only do they have like a pairing system in the game, but they also have added, you know, some quality or life changes. The game looks beautiful. It runs beautiful. Um, you didn't have any problems with like, any performance issues while playing the game, did you? No. So thankfully, you know, I upgraded my gear, my gaming rig at the beginning of the year. I'm running on a 47 eti. Mm-hmm. Uh, and at no point did I have any stuttering, any drop frames, like the game runs. Silky smooth. Um, even at like full tilt settings, like I had everything maxed out and the game was just running perfectly. Like Capcom has done some good work with that re e engine and just a general optimization of these remix. Um, cuz three and two were the same way. Like I didn't have any issues running them, uh, on my current setup. So with your setup, I know you're playing on pc, but do you play mouse and keyboard or you play on pc? No, I play on controller. Yeah. Yeah. I figured. I'm a, I'm a, I'm a huge controller guy. I've never, I've never really been much of a keyboard and mouse player. You know, I, I heard someone say what they're like a keyboard. A keyboard and a mouse is, is what I used to write my emails not to play video games. Get your head out of your. I feel you all that. And I was like, yeah, that, that's, that's true. Keyboards were made to type, not to freaking play video games, but you know, I, I, I obviously, I understand like aiming with a control with a mouse is so much better than a controller. Mm-hmm. But I just, I never got used to it. So I, I play with a controller even though I'm on pc, I'm a controller guy myself, so I completely get it. You know, I, I will say though, like I, I want your opinion here. If you, if they have a re e four version of a PS five, is that a day one by for you an re e version? Uh, like a resident evil version. Like say they have like a collage of like a re E four, like one through four and then like seven and eight and they have like a collage on like the face plates of the PS five. Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah. I see what you're saying. Um, yeah, probably I would probably, Uh, yeah, I would probably spend some money on that, especially if they got like a cool one for the re e four remake. Mm-hmm. I would, I would buy that in, like, switch the plates on the PS five for sure. Would you prefer an re E four plate or a Spider-Man two plate? Oh, that's a hard one. Um, I'm gonna say the re E four one, just because I haven't played Spider-Man two yet. Um, I'm, I'm very excited for Spider-Man too. I think Spider-Man two's gonna be a, you know, another big hitter this year. Um, but I wanna, I wanna see more of it, you know, I. That trailer where they showed venom in it, I lost it. So cool. I lost my shit with that because from the end of the first one I was like, oh, Venom's gonna happen at some point. Mm-hmm. But I thought it was gonna be like a D L C, I thought it was gonna be, you know, I was very surprised that the black suit didn't make it into the game. So I was like, oh, where's the black suit? Like what has Venom not gonna be in the game? And they're like, oh, we're making a whole other game to dedicate to that. Yeah, we feel like the story of Venom in the black suit deserve a whole game. And I was like, oh, let's go. And yeah. And then when they showed Venom in the trailer, I was like, this is it. This is gonna be phenomenal. Yeah, for sure. I can't wait to play that and I can't wait. I hope that they have like the nineties, like animated Spiderman venom suit, you know, like the way that looks. Oh, that'ss gonna be sweet. I hope. I definitely hope that's one of the alternate costumes, cuz that, that would be pretty dope. That's gonna be sweet. So back to Brisbane Evil four though. What is your favorite weapons to use in the game? Cool. Um, so surprisingly one of the best weapons in the game is the starting, uh, handgun. Mm-hmm. Um, which is, which is very cool. Very, uh, sticking with the original game. So in the original game, the handgun actually has the highest critical chance out of all of the pistols. And if you fully upgrade the gun and get its exclu, uh, its exclusive upgrade, um, this exclusive upgrade makes it so that the crit chance on the handgun is, uh, five times higher. So the gun already has, there's like insane critical hit, uh, uh, critical hit chance. And with the exclusive upgrade you up that by five. So like almost every other shot that you take, it's, uh, a critical. So you, as long as you're hitting head shots, you're like destroying everybody. Um, So the hand, the handgun's really cool. The, the freaking the first sniper, you get the hunting rifle, the bolt action sniper mm-hmm. Is the strongest weapon other than the, the rocket launcher in the hand cannon. Uh, it's the strongest weapon in the game if you get its exclusive upgrade, cuz it also increases its, uh, attack power by like two or three I think. Uh, so it's, it's, it's pretty cool that some of the starting weapons are like the best in the game. Um, but I, I think without a doubt, my, my favorite weapon is the infinite rocket launcher, cuz it, you know, it destroys everything. You have an infinite amount of rocket launchers and the rocket launcher kills even bosses in one single. Oh, that's dope. That is real dope. It's, it's fun. It's, it's a bit of a wor uh, so you have to complete the game on, I think, uh, hardcore, which is the second hardest difficulty. Mm-hmm. And once you complete it in that difficulty, you can purchase the infinite rocket launcher. But the infinite rocket launcher is worth, uh, 2 million, uh, PEs. Wow. Which is the currency. Yeah. So it's a, it's a lot of money that you have to drop on it, but once you get it, like you don't need anything else in the game cuz you will literally nuke every. That is insane. But like you've played this game so much to where like you've probably almost gotten close, if not already have, of buying every game a gun in the game now almost. Yeah. I the only, so the only gun I'm missing at this point is the hand cannon. Mm-hmm. Um, so the hand cannon is the strongest magnum in the game. So back in the original, you had to complete the game on professional difficulty, uh, in order to get the hand cannon. So the hand cannon, it just says the name implies, it's literally there's like magnum that hits stronger than anything else in the game. Um, most enemies will die from one shot regardless of who they are. Even some bosses, uh, like one or two shots from a fully upgraded hand canyon. Um, so that's the only weapon that I'm missing in the game. And for that I need to finish the current playthrough that I'm in, which I'm like almost, uh, I'm pa past the halfway point. So at this point, like, um, at this point, what would be the pitch for new gamers who've never played Resident Evil before? Should they play Resident Evil four first a hundred percent. If they've never played a resident evil, like not even the o the OG ones, uh, I think four remake is probably the spot to drop in. Uh, cuz it's, it's the most art Katie, the most actiony, the most like cheesy with a simple story. Um, but enough action to keep you engaged. Uh, Leon's a great protagonist. Leon's like overall, like a really cool dude that's just like fun to. To watch him, like he's, so I was actually making the comparison. I think Leon is a hundred percent the John Wick of the resident TiVo universe. Wow. He, he's just like all, like, especially in this remake with some of the cut scenes and some of the actions that he can do, he, they really turned them into kind of like John Wick. Like he's very smooth about how he, he shoots, how he moves, how he kicks, like goes from close quarter to range with the weapons. Like it's, it's pretty, pretty fun to play as Leon. Um, that, that is dope. And yeah, I mean, the resident deal games are great and if you're looking for a good action third person over the shoulder camera shooter, like this is it, there's enough, um, there's enough combat mixed in with puzzles story, um, and a good, there's a good amount of like, uh, looting too. So it's like kind of like a looter shooter third person with a fun story. It's just, it's just a great game. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So my last question lit is, are you ready? Because it is time for the pro nerve trivia challenge of the show. Oh boy. Yeah. Lit. It is time. Let's see how you do this. Go around last time. This kick my butt. So let's see. Let's see if we can do better this time. I think you got it this time. Alright, so this time. Alright, so there is a character by the name of Falcon in the M C U. What is Falcon's Government name? His official name in the M C U Sam Wilson. All right. So he's one and oh. So far. So far so good. All right, all right. All right. In the world of Harry Potter. Oh boy. All right. So there are three main characters. In Gryffindor, in in the Gryffindor Trio, they are Hamani, Granger, Harry Potter, and blank. What is the name of the blank? Ron Weasley. All right, so he is two and oh, ladies and gentlemen, he is mowing through these questions for that. Hey, let's go, let's go, let's go. We might have a new champion. Let's see. Don't jins me. No, I won't. I won't. All right, so, all right, here we go. In the realm of d c. All right, so name, Ooh, this is a good one. All right, so in the name, in the d c eu there is the character by the name of the Flash. What is his official birth name? Uh, Barry Allen. He is three and oh, everyone. He's mowing through these questions. He's got it. He's got it. Uh, he's got the momentum on his side. Alright, so here we go. The question number four. And it is, oh, this is a good one right here. Oh, no, this is a real good one. Right. Here it is. Xbox Trivia. Cut. All right. So, alright, so Sarah, what have we got? What do we got? There is two characters that are of African American descent in the Halo universe. Which character is still alive? And accompanying the chief in Halo three in, wait, that is still alive? Yes. In Halo three. Like, oh, in Halo three. Okay. Okay. Uh, major Johnson. That is four. And oh, this is ladies, gentlemen four. And, oh, he's, he's mowing through it. We're about to have a new champion. I can fill in in my bones fo Oh boy. Oh boy. All right. So here we go. The last and final question comes in the realm of Pokemon. All right. In the first generation, there is a Pokemon evolution of Oddish. This Pokemon evolves into which other? Pokemon. So Oddish is a radish. Is that your frontal entrance? Let's see. Cuz it's so, I know, it's, it's Oddish. There's a mid evolution. Mm-hmm. And then it's um, oh man, it's, I can picture it too. It's the mushroom, it's the big mushroom. Mm-hmm. Um, oh man. Is it gloom? Oh man, that is, I am gonna, oh, man. Uh, let's, let's go with radish. Uh, you're asking for the next evolution, right? So you're asking for the middle evolution. The middle, the middle Uhhuh. All right, let's, let's go with radish. That is incorrect. Ah, it is Gloom. Gloom was, that's up upsetting. I thought gloom was the third of a, what's, uh, what's the third one? All right, so look, looking right here, there's Aish, there's gloom, and then there's Viel, bloom, vile plum. All right. I don't know why I said radish. I wasn't even closed. It was gl right? I think radish is another Pokemon, by the way. Is it? Okay? I think. Well, that makes me feel slightly better. Yeah. I think you just, I, these Pokemon questions they always get me. I clearly don't know. And, and you know, the crazy thing is the questions you've asked about Pokemon are first gen, which is like the only gen of Pokemon I know. And every time it's like a, a Pokemon question that gets me all messed up. It, you were really close. Like you had so much momentum and that Pokemon question, it, it hit, but let full dis like full, dis dis like disclosure right here. Like the wheel was just a hair off. It landed on Pokemon, but it was also just a hair off of another category. So it'd been very interesting to see what that other category would've been. I see, I see. Yeah. You did really good though. That's alright. We'll we'll get it next. Yeah, for sure. Fuck, there's no Pokemon Quest. Oh yeah, for sure, for sure. I'm gonna, I'm gonna go study, I'm gonna go hit the books on the Pokemon. Yeah, I think you'll be ready. Dick. Stop. So let, before we go though, where can the good people find you? The good people, the listeners, the viewers, all you lovely people out there can catch me on Twitter at lid on play. That is L I T U N P L A Y. Uh, that is where I frequent out the most. You can catch me there, uh, at all times. Tweet at me, message me. I'm always down to have any good discussions about video games or just anything media nerdy in general. Uh, you can also catch me on the YouTubes at literally unplayable, uh, which I think you can actually search me up as lid on play too, like if you do at Lid on Play. Mm-hmm. Um, we got some, uh, good videos, some reviews, some playthroughs and stuff there, and I'm hopefully gonna be adding to that in the near future. Um, other than that, you know, I have a bunch of social media's, Instagram, uh, TikTok. Um, you can also find me on my Discord server. And you know, I have a one stop link for, uh, all of that that, uh, we can give you down in the description below. Uh, yeah, for sure if you would be so kindest to do. And yeah, you can. Uh, but yeah, Twitter, Twitter and Discord are the best places to catch me up. All right. Sounds good. Sounds good. Before we go lit, what is gonna be for dinner tonight? For dinner tonight? That is a phenomenal question. I have not thought that far ahead, but I'm, if I had to take a guess, it's gonna be, uh, leftovers with a little bit of Resident evil. Oh, okay. He's gonna jump in and he's gonna play Resident Evil for the eighth top everybody. I feel it. I feel it. Yeah. Um, I don't know, I think, I think, uh, so yesterday we got, um, my girlfriend and I got Chinese food and I think we still have some leftovers. And if not, I think I have some beef, some chicken hearts and some rice and salad that I could, uh, put together. That sounds good. That sounds good. Yeah. And chicken hearts are great. I don't, I don't know to y'all lovely people listening. I don't know if you've ever had chicken hearts, but, and you know, to some people it's like, oh, chicken hearts, that doesn't sound tasty, but think. Higher quality chicken nuggets. Okay. That's basically what they are. They're really good. Yeah. So if you've never tried them, you're feeling adventurous. That's like my tip, my culinary tip of the day. Go give chicken Hearts a try. You want a, everyone gives chicken. Hearts a try. Alright, lit. Thank you so much for being on the show today. Can't wait to have you back on the next episode when you played. Thank you for having me Another game, and we're gonna have to do a deep dive into whatever game you're playing at that time. Well, Uhhuh, I'm glad you bring that up because, uh, coming up, see, we, we should add a segment at the end of the episode with like the coming sooner next. Oh yeah, for sure. Let's do that. Up, up next. On the next, up next. Um, yes. Up next. I like that. Up next for Lake. I, yeah, I like that too. You see, we, he, we here at the Prone report, we put stuff together on the spot. I like, I like that. Uhhuh up next for lit. What we got on the. Up next for Lit, we got, uh, April 19th is the release date for the D l C, for, uh, horizon, for Forbidden West Short, all the Berg and Shores. Yes. Uh, so that's April 19th, so I'm assuming that's gonna take me that weekend, maybe a little bit of the week to get through, which is great because then on April, what is it, 20? See, let me look at the calendar. April 28th is the release of Jedi Survivor. Yeah, let's go. So Burning Shores on the 19th, uh, Jedi survivor on the 28th. And you know, I was talking to my brother yesterday and I was like, Hey, you, you know, when genetic survivor comes out, I think that's gonna take me like probably two weeks to platinum. You know, do a plate through, enjoy it. Go back and find all the collectibles, do everything. I, I think two weeks to platinum. And I looked at the calendar, guess what happens in exactly two weeks after a Jedi survivor comes up, the game you're gonna be lost into for the rest of the year, it becomes May 12th, which means that lid will be piecing out of the universe, out of the face of the earth and will not be heard of for another three months. Because I will be diving head first all of my time, way worse than with Eldon Ring or Ari four. I will lose my time and my existence into tears of the kingdom. All right. All right. So up next for Lit, the ladies and gentlemen, we got three banger games he is going to be diving into. We will at least hear his thoughts on the first two, the third one, we'll have to wait until he is back from hibernation though. But so everyone go follow lit and all the descriptions, uh, all of his links will be in the description below, um, especially the one-stop shop link that we're gonna add over there. And li thank you so much for joining us, man. Oh, thanks you so much for having me. Always the best of guests. I, I love having you show you, man, all yeah, thank you so much. It's, it's always fun to, you know, nerd out, talk about games and yeah, thank you for putting together an awesome space, an awesome show, and, uh, for, uh, continue to have me over even though I keep running the clock out as much as I can. Nah man, you're all good. I love it. I absolutely love Nanette with you. So everyone, until next time, I've been Sebastian, that's been lit and we're out. Hey, thank you so much for watching the video. If you like the video, hit that like button. Also for more videos, just like this one, go ahead and hit that subscribe button right here. Thanks again for watching the video and for more like it stay right here at the Pro Nerve Report Channel. So that's a wrap for today's episode. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you like the video, don't forget to hit that like button. Also, hit the subscribe button for more videos just like this one. I also wanna let you know about the single Player Experience Discord server. It's a perfect place for single player gamers to talk about the good single player games that they've been playing lately, and to get video game recommendations. Think of it kind of like a book club for single player gamers. The link to join will be in the description. Once you're in, feel free to share your video game backlog list. Talk about the good single player games you've been playing, or give your feedback on the show. If you have a game you think should be recommended and should be reviewed, let me know about it right there.


so that's a wrap for today's episode. I would like to send a special shadow and thank you to Lit Un Play for being a guest on the show. I also wanna let you know about the single player experience Discord server. It's the perfect place for single player gamers to talk about the good single player games they've been playing lately, and to get video game recommendations. Think of it kind of like a book club for single player gamers. The link to join will be in the description. Once you're in, feel free to share your video game backlog list. Talk about the good games you've been playing, or give your feedback on the show if you have a game that you think should be recommended or that you think I should talk about. Let me know in the single Player Experience Discord server. I'll see you there. Before we go, I just want to thank you so much for listening to today's episode. Stay safe, stay gamming, and I hope to catch you in the next one. Peace.

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