The Nico Pengin Show: Special Guest Sebastion Mauldin Predicts The Game Awards 2022

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Sebastion is taking his love for gaming over to The Nico Pengin Show, where he’s breaking down The Game Awards 2022’s nominees. From best debut indie game to best action game, he goes over his personal favorites in multiple categories.

Not only does he share his top picks in each category, but Sebastion also gives a shout out to the games that didn’t make the cut. Nico and Sebastion then discuss the differences between the audio design and score/music categories, this year’s best adaptation, and the popularity of Stray and Cult of the Lamb.

As host of The Single Player Experience, Sebastion has a soft spot for thoughtful narratives, so you’ll also hear about the games he loved in the narrative category. 2022 was a wonderful year for indie games, so get ready to write down those faves too!

Plus, you’ll learn what game made Sebastion shed a tear while playing, and the most addicting game he’s played in a long time. Tune in for all this and more!

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