The Last of Us Part 1: The Story You have to Experience

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As technology improves, why can’t our favorite classic games? However, just because it was remade for newer game consoles, doesn’t necessarily always mean that the remake will translate well. When it does though, it is marvelous!

On today’s episode, our host, Sebastian Mauldin, talks about how he was skeptical about The Last of Us Part 1, but after trying it out, he quickly changed his mind.

The Last of Us Part 1 did a great job of bringing back those nostalgic moments of the music and sounds, where the newer technology allows for a better experience and story. Sebastion takes us through a detailed account of how the remake shattered his initial perception, and sold him on this PS5 exclusive game.

In this episode you will also hear Sebastion answer three major questions about this game: is it worth its $70 price tag, is this the best way to experience The Last of Us, and should The Last of Us be in your video game backlog?

Tune in for the answers to these questions and much more!

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