The Final Day PaxEast Game Recommendations and The Day Four MVP!

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The Final Day PaxEast Game Recommendations and The Day Four MVP!

In This Episode, Sebastion will go over the best games he played on Day 4 of PaxEast! He is also going to give his Day Four MVP!

In this episode, Sebastion is going to be doing the same thing with the games that he played on Day 4. The slate of games he played on Day 3 was pretty different, so this episode will give you tons of new games to watch.

Game Recommendations and Highlights:

Alterium Shift

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Slay the Princess

My Friendly Neighborhood

Crit Rate

Backpack Hero

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what's up, and welcome to the Single Player Experience Podcast. As always, I'm your host, Sebastian Malden, and if you heard the last couple of episodes, then you know that I recently went to PAX East in Boston. In the last episode, I gave my impression on the games that I played during day three, and I gave my day three mvp. In this episode, I'm gonna do the exact same thing with the games that I played on day four, which is the final date of Pax. The slate of games that I played on day four were vastly d. So this episode will give you a ton of new games to be on the lookout for. So without further ado, I'm going to talk about those games and give you my day for mvp right here, right after the intro. Dj. Start the intro, man. First off, I want to talk about a Roguelike with a unique concept. If you've been listening to the Single Player Experience Podcast, then you know that I get hooked and enthralled on Roguelike games. Those are my jams and might be one of my favorite genres in all of games. Right now, a new entry in the genre is the game Backpack Hero. Backpack Hero is a twist on your standard debt building. Rogue, like it isn't just about what you carry, but how you organize the items within your. Their placement has a huge effect on your overall power. I really like this concept. It feels fresh, and I'm the type of person that likes to organize my gear, and this game rewards me for that. So I played a bit of the game and it sort of reminds me of a turn base version of Moonlighter. I absolutely adored Moonlight. It's still probably one of my favorite Indians of all time. And just like Moonlight, you go out and explore Dungeons and then bring the resources back to upgrade your town. The game is currently in early access, but it looks like it'll have a release date window around May of 2023. Next up, I wanted to talk about Crit Rape by Eon Gaming. So I wanna first get this outta the way. I want to let you know that this isn't a video game recommendation. This is a new software website that I think you should definitely check out. So let me give you the pitch. Basically, it's a video game recommendation system based on what type of gamer you are. Here's how it works. When you sign up, they ask you a series of questions. Then they take your answers and place you in a house system. That's like the gamers version of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Here there are five houses, the Ticus, the Cure, or not the Ascender, the Galland, and the Braier. I'll give you a brief description of each house. So the Van Tagus, these are gamers who are usually long wolves, but beware if you encounter them in a competitive situation. They're here to win high scores in the strategy and difficulty games. Keran Nots. The Keran Nots is here for the thrill of adventure. They love to build, explore, discover in, immerse themselves in the story of a game, high scores in experimentation, and slow pace game. Now on Cary, no stern is left unturned. No achievement unclaimed. The eary won't settle for anything less than a hundred percent. Their dedication to a specific games is often rewarded with a level of knowledge and skills that few can rival. They have high scores for glory and for solo gameplay. Galland is next. They thrive when playing with others and have no problem with pausing a solo journey to embark on a social one. High scores. For fun and multiplayer aspects. And last but certainly not least, we have the braier to the braier. Challenging others is typically top of mind, especially if there's a match to be won. High scores in for glory and fast-paced gameplay. So I took the test and I ended up in the Cure not House. I feel like this house accurately describes me as a gamer. The current top game recommendations for my house are God Award Ragner, rock Resident Evil four, high-Fi Rush, and Octa Path Traveler. Two, besides Resident Evil four, which I haven't tried yet. These games are right up my. So, so go check out their site, take the quiz, and see what house you are in and let your boy know. I look forward to seeing your results in the single player experience Discord server. Now let's get back to video game recommendations. So it's safe to say that a lot of games that I played at PAXs caught me completely off guard, most of them, because they were impressive games that I didn't know about. But one game that I played caught me off guard in a completely different manner. It's a game called My Friendly Neighborhood. In this game, you play as a repairman Gordon, who has set out to kind of figure out what scary things have been happening on the set of a puppet show. Well, that puppet show is called our Friendly Neighborhood. So as you may or may not know, I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to all things horror. Despite this personal hurdle, though, I found myself. Really having a good time playing this game. My friendly neighborhood kind of plays a lot like Far Cry, but instead of hunting down wild animals, you're being hunted by the Sesame Street like puppets. The game balances out the cuteness of the puppets and the suspenseful horror vibe really well. On the set of the show, my Friendly neighborhood, you solve puzzles all the while you use weapons around you to kind of keep the puppets at. While this game certainly won't be for everyone, I gotta give it kudos for making this chicken look forward to a horror game. Now let's pivot and talk about the game that blew me away on day four. It's a title that probably won't impress with this gameplay, but immensely with this storytelling. If you've been listening to the Single Player Experience Podcast for a while, then you know that I'm an absolute sucker for a good narrative, and this game did not disappoint. The game that I'm referring to is none other than slay the. Slay the Princess is a game by the talented studio Black Tabby Games. This indie is a choice driven psychological horror visual novel slash dating sim with light rpg dramatic branching, and a gorgeous hand penciled art style. Honestly, and thankfully in my case, this game didn't feel like a scary horror experience with a game so rooted in its narrative. I won't go into much detail about the story and spoil it. However, here's my pitch on the game. It's an indie that feels like a well-crafted Groundhogs Day style storybook. The voice acting in this game is superb. The story sucks you in and won't let you go. The game is tied to your choices in a way where everything you do, everything you. Matters. Slay the princess as a game that you absolutely need to check out. Go play the demo, but be warned, it will get you hooked. I can attest to this firsthand because I play the demo and I cannot stop thinking about this game ever since. Next. I wanna switch gears to one of the few sequels that I played at PAX East, and that's Coffee Talk episode two, hibiscus and Butterfly. If you play the first game, then be aware that based on what I played, you're getting pretty much more of the same game that you know and love. For those of you who haven't played this series, let me give you the rundown. These games are basically interactive conversations that you have as you brew and serve drinks to your customers. It's like a lo-fi chill version of persona in the sense that you're just running a coffee shop and you have deep and meaningful conversations with people. If you're looking for a really good chill and relax game filled with characters that you can bond with and connect with, then this game is one that you should definitely check. All right, so here it is. My last video game recommendation. So there's been a wave of 2.5 D J RPGs and RPGs lately, and after packs East. This upcoming one has my intention. That game is none other than ulterior shift. So I wanna read you the game's description. Here it goes. Embark on a journey through the living world of ulterior and experience is dynamic quest, unique term-based combat, and it's choice driven storylines with three branching narratives and unforgettable characters. Ulterior Shift is a retro inspired J R P G that offers a new adventure with every play through. So that's the description for the game. Here's my impressions though. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Like really enjoyed it. It felt like a combination of Octa Path Traveler, final Fantasy One and Two, and Golden Sun. I especially love that 2.5 D art style that we've been seeing lately in games. And ulterior shift is no different in that regard. The term based gameplay feels like it's fast-paced and well thought out. The music was solid, and the three protagonists that you can choose from give the game immense replayability. This feels like the perfect handheld type, R P G to lose a hundred plus hours to. so there you have it. The final day, day four at Pax East's video game. Recommendations. My first day was filled with a lot of tactics, games, and RPGs. My second day was filled with a nice variety of games, as was my third day of PAX East. My final day of Pax East's was also filled with a solid variety of games, but with a bit of emphasis on horror games and story-based games. Well, all of them are now games, and I'm looking forward to playing more in the. My MVP of the day goes to none other than slay the Princess. This point and click narrative game is gripping in a way that reminds me of the phenomenal storytelling tell tales, the walking dance season one. While it's not the same style of game gameplay wise, it does have a similar magic when it comes to the games engrossing narrative. This is a game that other media members were talking about in the media room. It had a buzz to it. I walked away from my demo of the game salivating for more, and wondering what happens next in this story. And still to this day, I want to know. I need to know what happens next. So that's it for my day. Four impressions of PAX East. I played some dope games that were a nice way to cap off PAXs East as a whole. Honestly, the event itself was amazing and I definitely recommend that you go check it out next year. So that's it. That's all the video game recommendations I have for you from PAXs East 2023. Stay tuned for more video game impressions and reviews right here on the single player and on the pro nerd So that's a wrap for today's show. I wanna thank you the audience for listening to today's episode. I also want to invite you to join the single player experience Discord server. It's the perfect place for single player gamers to find out about good single player games to play, and to talk to other single player gamers and get their video game recommendations. Think of it almost like a single player book club. We always got great episodes and good content coming right at you that you can check out at the Pro Nerd Report on YouTube, and you can check it out right here at the Single Player Experience podcast that you can find on all your favorite podcast platforms. I've been Sebastian Malden. This has been the single player experience and we out peace.

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