The 2022 Sports Video Game Awards ft. Reggie Johnson

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The 2022 Sports Video Game Awards ft. Reggie Johnson

We’re taking a break from the world of action RPGs and superheroes to talk about sports! Not the official NFL league we watch on TV (although you will hear predictions for Super Bowl LVII), but sports video games like Madden, 2K, and MLB: The Show.

On the show with Sebastion today is Reggie Johnson, lifelong gamer and host of sports-centered podcasts Reg in AtL and Just the Stats. Join us for a spoiler-free conversation on Reggie’s favorite video games ever, including his favorite of 2022. Who will be his pick: Elden Ring, God of War, Gran Turismo? Or, will he choose a sports game?

You’ll also hear discussions on microtransactions, the new dynamics changing the game in Madden 23, and what constitutes a sports game. For example, do billiards or arcade-like games make a real sports game? Are racing games like Forza or Dirt 5 true sports games?

Plus, Sebastion and Reggie also hand out awards for the most improved sports game and an MVP award for the best sports game of 2022. Tune in to find out who the winners are!

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