Marvels Snap: Might Be the Best Mobile Game Ever

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Marvels Snap: Might Be the Best Mobile Game Ever

We don’t condone peer pressure, but everyone has been talking about this game, so we had to take it for a spin!

Even though mobile games give our host Sebastion Mauldin the ick, he is a sucker for term based strategy games, so he had to try this game, Marvel Snap. Let’s just say, his ass was hooked! So hooked, he almost walked into a parked car while playing. So fair warning to not walk and play this game.

From the use of strategy, collecting energy points, to easy rules with complexity of gameplay, if you are averse to mobile games like Sebastion, this game might change your mind.

Of course there are some downfalls that we will discuss in today’s episode, along with everything else you need to know about Marvel Snap before you add it to your backlog list.

Tune in to hear all about Marvel Snap (aka Sebastion’s new obsession) to see why you should try it out yourself!

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