Grid Force: The 2022 Bullet-hell RPG That You Shouldn’t Sleep On.

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Grid Force: The Underdog 2022 Bullet-Hell RPG

Episode 6

Do not sleep on this game (like Sebastion almost did)! There are always new games being released, so trying every single one can be impossible. Sebastion almost didn’t give Grid Force a chance because, frankly, the trailer wasn’t convincing enough, but after deciding to give it a try anyway, Sebastian rates this game a solid 8 out of 10!From game play, game story, to the cast of characters, this game delivers on every level. This fast paced, high energy, game with strong female characters, coupled with it being highly interactive where you can choose different story lines to change the course of the game, makes for an addicting and unique gaming experience. There are however some downsides to this game, like with any game. Aspects get lost within the game, and some of the execution of elements aren’t very well done. Regardless of some missteps, if you like addicting gameplay and a diverse fun roster of characters, you will love this game!In today’s episode, Sebastion goes over all the great components of Grid Force in detail as well as its downsides to give you a better picture of whether you should choose this game.Tune in to hear Sebastion’s review on Grid Force and his take on why you should play it!

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