Game Pass Gurus: Xbox News, Game Preservation, & Upcoming New Games on Game pass

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Diving Deep into the World of Gaming: From MMOs and Indie Games to Inclusive Features and Game Preservation

What if you could unlock the secrets of the gaming world with just a click? Hold on tight as we journey through the realms of Diablo 4 and Tears of the Kingdom, shedding light on their gameplay and boss battles. We reveal the allure of traditional MMOs and the unique camaraderie they foster when played with friends. Come along as we traverse the pixelated world of Lost Eternus, a nostalgic nod to classic video games, and examine its intriguing structure, weaponry, and the hidden lore pieces you can discover.

Do you feel the gaming industry is changing its gears? We’re tackling some critical news stories including the Xbox Series S X and X extended Prime Day sales which saw a discount of 50 dollars. We’ll discuss what this means for gamers like you and how it could reshape the landscape. We’ll also take a look at a new Xbox feature that provides users the power to report inappropriate voice chats. We’ll navigate through the potential impact this could have on online gaming etiquette and the wider gaming community. Additionally, we’ll touch on the issue of game preservation, and how a startling 87% of classic games have become inaccessible.

Finally, we go in-depth into the intriguing lineup of upcoming games on Game Pass such as Exo Primal, Techno Tonica, Wandering Village, and Vimba. We’ll be sharing our insights on our all-time favorite single-player games and the benefits you can reap from gaming podcasts. And of course, there’s the pressing discussion on Microsoft’s FTC case and its implications for Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard – a move that has the potential to shake up the gaming industry. Tune in for a gaming podcast experience like no other, where we play, analyze, and discuss all things gaming.

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