Forspoken: Was it Really as Bad as Critics Said?

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Forspoken: Was it Really as Bad as Critics Said?

So Our Host Sebastion Mauldin has been curious and interested in Forspoken for a long time. As a long-time anime fan, he’s enjoyed many isekai anime. Forspoken feels like an isekai game with some infamous-like gameplay. Combining the isekai factor with the fact that the game also has a black protagonist (Which as a black man really speaks to Sebastion) Forspoken had a lot of attractive elements that made it a must play for our host. The game came out to some negative and mixed reviews which made Sebastion want to know if the game is as bad as other critics made it out to be. Well Sebastion has now played and beaten Forspoken and has those answers for you!

Find out in this episode of The Single Player Experience Podcast!

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