Cult of the Lamb: The 2022 Rogue-Like Game that you need to Experience

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On today’s episode, host Sebastion Mauldin reviews the indie sensation called The Cult of the Lamb in the most eloquent way, you will feel you are in the game playing alongside him!

This isn’t only due to Sebastion’s ability to paint a picture, but the game itself is layered in interactive game play and story, and your role as a maniacal cult leader is a thrill on its own.

It has all the ingredients to be an addictive game, and boy is it! You will find yourself thinking about your cult and what to do next even when you’re not playing the game. I mean, you have followers to feed and to keep safe, it’s a big responsibility!

Tune in to hear why you should try this game from a detailed account of game story, game play, and characters, as well as a few downsides to the game that are worth considering.

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Sebastion Mauldin

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