Beacon Pines and Some Indies You Gotta Try Feat. LitUnPlay

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Beacon Pines and Some Indies You Gotta Try Feat. LitUnPlay

The Single Player Experience has invited many guests to share their thoughts on the best games of the year, but this episode is a little different because you’ll get some fresh picks from a fellow content creator and game reviewer!

With a talent for video editing and love for games, LitUnPlay started a YouTube channel where he shares his funny reviews and rates how playable games are. His most recent review was Beacon Pines, so he and Sebastion get into a deep discussion into this underrated game’s surprises and visual novels as a genre.

LitUnPlay also shares his favorite indie games of the year, including one Sebastion has never heard of, plus their top games of 2021. You’ll also hear Sebastion’s The Last of Us theory that he’s never spoken about on the show — until now. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Tune in to learn fun facts about LitUnPlay, his review process, and what upcoming indie releases you should add to your watchlist!

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