Batora: Lost Haven Review

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Over here at The Single Player Experience, we always want you, the listeners, to get the most bang for your buck when trying out new games. Often we love to check out the latest indie games.

In today’s episode, our host Sebastion Mauldin, will be reviewing the indie game of the week, Batora: Lost Haven.

Tune in to hear a breakdown of each component of this game to get a better idea of whether this game is worth adding to your backlog list.

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What's up and welcome to the Single Player Experience. As always, I'm your host Sebastian Malden, and in this episode I'm talking about the indie game recommendation of the week. Beto Lost Haven. Beto Lost Haven is a game I didn't know much about before I got the review code. I knew it was a single player sci-fi game, and if you don't know, that is my jam when it comes to video games. That said, about a couple hours into it, the game reached out and really pulled me in big. So why is Bour Lost Haven, the indie game recommendation of the week? What type of gamers should have this in their video game backlog? I'm gonna give you all those answers and more right after the intro. DJ start the intro. Mine.

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