Deepest Discussion: Gotham Knights ft. Colton Petry

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A Deep Dive of Gotham Knights ft. Colton Petry

As major Batman fans, Sebastion and guest, Colton Petry of Just Dumb Enough Podcast, aren’t happy to spend an entire episode talking about the failures of today’s topic of discussion, Gotham Knights.

BUT, they have to be honest and this video game was a disappointment for many reasons.

Now, this game does do some things well and they’re talked about too – such as offering good Bat Family content and open world setup. The positives don’t make up for the missed opportunities though, and we’re not even sure this game can be identified as a single player game.

Whether you’ve played the game already and need support and recognition for your experience, or you want to know the ins and outs of this game before purchasing, tune in to hear more!

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