2023 Q1 Cozy Game Recommendations ft. Rosealyn

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2023 Q1 Cozy Game Recommendations ft. Rosealyn

During this indie spotlight episode, we had to invite cozy games Youtber, RosealynGaming on the show. She is a cozy YouTuber & Fibromyalgia Warrior. She has played and covered tons of games specifically cozy games. She’s the perfect guest to provide some cozy game recommendations! 

She and Sebastion share a love of games with beautiful narratives and good chill games, which leads to in-depth discussions on her top recommendations and the games that she plays regularly.

If you’re looking for something new to play, this episode has a ton of unique games you don’t want to miss.

Listen in to hear Rose’s top cozy games and hear about her story!

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Sebastion Mauldin


Hey everyone. Welcome to the Single Player Experience Podcast. As always, I'm your host, Sebastian Malden, and you asked for it, you requested it. So we're gonna give you an episode all about that coziness. And what I mean by that is we're going to have some cozy game recommendations, but aas. I knew I couldn't do a topic of this magnitude alone. I had to call 'em the big guns, so to speak. The absolute best of the best. So my guest today is none other than the absolute best cozy gamer that the world has to offer. She's played a ton of cozy games and she provides good video game recommendations on her dope YouTube channel. Rosalyn Caming, everyone. My guest today is the one, the only, the queen of coziness herself rose.


Robes. How you doing today? Oh, you're so sweet. Sam. Thank you so much for having me on, and I'm so excited to be able to share some cozy insight with you guys and, uh, what games I have been into this year now. Thank you so much for being on the show. What, for the people who may not know you, can you introduce yourself to the. Absolutely. So I go by Rose or Roselyn. I am a YouTube creator who focuses on games that can help inspire you to take a little bit more time for yourself, but also lead you on a fantastic adventure. One was story one that's going to engross you and keep you hooked, which is what I love about a good a advent adventure. I'm there for the story 100% of the time. I started my creator journey after a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, which is a condition that affects the muscles and fine motor skills. I left behind dental school. I wanted to be a surgeon and ended up becoming a YouTuber. So I turned my dreams of creating a comfortable space for people in a, in a doctor's office to creating a comfortable space for people online where you can find those games that make you comfortable. Provide that cozy environment and go on adventures with someone with a little bit of a more calm attitude to give yourself a break from the stress of life. So YouTube and content creation has been such a joy for me to be able to not only talk about, uh, fibro and other conditions like depression and anxiety, but also talk about games and say, yes, you can be a gamer when you're 20, when you're 30, when you're 45, and there's games out there for you that you can try until you find the perfect, perfect one. And that's what I love doing here on the internet. That is amazing. I am kind of like you to where like, I love games to have a strong narrative and that narrative kind of really gr like that. If, if a game has a good narrative, it grabs me more often than not. So like I connect to that. I connect so hard with that. It's gotta have a story that, that brings me back. Otherwise, it's, it's not an adventure worth having and it's so hard to figure out the value of games for that. You, you look at the prices of games nowadays and you're like, oh no, do I want to drop this, this amount of money on an adventure that I'm not sure I'm gonna like, and that's where Seb and I come in and other creators that we can help provide you some, some guidance to get you started. If you're just starting your gaming journey or if you're a seasoned pro and you're looking for something new to try out, we can start give you, to give you some stepping stones to get to the game genre that you're gonna love. Very well put. So Rose, I gotta ask you a question like, What, what, how do you primarily play your games? That's a good question. So I I've, I've got two sides. Me. Okay. Are you ready for this? You ready for this? Yeah, for sure. I have, I have the cozy, I want a good puzzle, itch, my brain kind of games, and then I have the, uh, I want to win, collect it all. I will be the Eldon Lord kind of games. Oh wow. You're an Eldon ring player. Yeah. Okay. So I've, I've got two very, very strange sides of me here. So I've got, I've got one where I am seeking to turn my brain off, and then I have this other side that is, I want to strategize down to the smallest detail, and one of those would be playing apex legend. And we talked a little bit about Fortnite before we started recording today, and I am one of those people that, that strategizes we're going here, here, here, and here I am. I am the, the shot collar and I'm very, very focused with a very small team of individuals and I absolutely love it. And then there's other days where I'm like, nah, I don't think so. I think I'll just lead my own path here. And I start looking for things like Legend Zelda or Metro or Kirby, like you mentioned, uh, earlier when we were chatting. And I, I wanna find some adventure that's going to draw me in and have an attainable goal. That way the goals in life don't seem so scary and I can just escape for just a little while into a different, I love that. I absolutely love that. Speaking of Kirby, though, I have what I like to call our icebreaker question of the show. Oh boy. If Kirby absorbed you rose, ooh, what kind of powers would Kirby get? See, this is, this is a hard one because I, I love a couple of the original, now when I say original in 64 Kirby crystal shards powers. Okay. I love the, the sword one, and I love the spiky one, and I'm trying to think what would mine be. Oh, the first thing I think of is like, all the things I can't do, which is so sad. Um, but, Hmm. Ooh, that's such a hard one, Seb. It is, it is. If I could, if, if he absorbed me, Hmm. You know what? Even though it doesn't really go in line with, with Kirby, I would say like telepathy. Okay. I like that. And empathy to be able to more easily feel of what, what the people around you are thinking and feeling. And maybe that would provide some mysterious quest line. Oh God. That Kirby would have to go on. I like that. That's a really cool idea. Like a coach like Kirby in the emotional lands or something like that. Yes. That would be a really cool Yes. Okay. It's no longer dreamland. We're we're we're taking it past the fourth wall here. Exactly. It's almost like if Kirby was in the, have you seen um, inside out like the Disney movie? Yes. Like he's at the controls. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I think we just gave Nintendo a hit. I think we did. Yes. It's time Nintendo. I like that. I like that. So I gotta ask you, like, you gave us a little bit about your gaming background. How long have you been a gamer though? That's been, oh gosh, forever. I think I still remember ees. Okay. Nintendo Entertainment System playing Mario Duck Hunt. Mm-hmm. I still have very vivid memories of being in my uncle's camper and playing on like a 10 inch screen tv. Oh, that's amazing. I'm trying to play some Mario and those are like the first awesome memories I have of gaming was either playing by myself or going head to head with one of my other family members. And then we started playing Mario Party, which is where the competitive Rosalyn came, came from. So that's where my, my Apex demons have come. It's all that Mario party. That is amazing. That is amazing. So, rose, I gotta ask you, like, you gave us some of your background as far as like you as a gamer, but now I gotta ask you the hardest question. We, we ask gamers on this show, and that is, what are your top five games of all time? Oh, that is a hard one. Okay, so top five games, and this is not in any particular order, I would say, nor is it specific to genre. I like that. Which is, is interesting to me because you think, you know, oh, she really likes cozy games. All, all of these gonna be cozy. Not necessarily, but that is something that I think, I think you can challenge you. I think you can make almost any game cozy. I like that. So keep that, keep that in mind. Keep in front your mind open. So top five games of all time. I love legend o. Absolutely love it. Started playing it when I was super, super young. Watched my brother play it a ton, and I absolutely fell in love with Breath of the Wild. I'm super excited for Tears of the Kingdom to be coming out in May, counting down the days. Okay, another one that is a super favorite of mine is Animal Crossing. Near and dear to my heart, a cozy one, one that I played for hours and hours on end with my mom. To be able to reach someone through gaming was so huge to me. Growing up and being able to spend time with my mom or my dad or my brother was absolutely huge, and I love that. Gaming allowed that for me. Number three, believe it or not, apex Legends. I love Wow, love the team. Like feeling you can get when you're with the right team and you're really, really hitting your shots, you're encouraging each other and you're, you're what I call positively good company. That's my huge motto where we encourage each other to continue to improve and succeed. And I love working with some close knit people and helping them improve. They help me improve and it's just, it's awesome. Absolutely awesome. We go competitive, we go all kinds of different game modes and I just love it. So now we're down to the last two and this, this, this is where it gets hard, right? Cuz I'm like, okay, if I don't, if I don't keep it by genre, what do I play the most? And I think I can, I could be a little general here for number four. Okay. Andy. Andy. Games with a good. So here's some example of those. Uh, and these guys go check these out on Steam on Epic games. You don't wanna miss these. Okay? These are great single player experiences that you can enjoy in an evening, and it's going to stick to your bones. Guys like a good meal, okay? Gr g r i s. It is a experience about a young lady who's going through some emotional trauma. Go check it out. I think I have it over on my channel. I streamed it. I balled. There's no te there's no text in that game. There's no, there's no words. But that game grabbed me just like we were, we were talking about before. Mm-hmm. It's got that story and you start to figure things out and piece things together and you're like, oh, wow. That was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be. And then I think, yes, GR is a fantastic one. Another great one with another great story. Firewatch, you're a Oh, so good. Yes. You're never fire. Watch. Yes, guys, don't be afraid to go check out some Andies. Okay. Uh, fire watch is fantastic. You are playing as a, essentially a forestry employee, staying at a watch tower, watching for fires all summer. V lot of mystery. That's one that I wish I could experience again for the first time, so, so many times. And then number five, we'll, uh, we'll round it out here with Harvest Moon. Huge series made by Natsume and, uh, marvelous gaming. So many different variations of this game are, are available and I'm parade. Uh, a wonderful life, uh, magical melody. Ugh, I could, I could live in these games. Farming romance cows. I love cows. I have, I have a harvest Moon cow. Oh, that's sweet. That is sweet. Can I keep on my desk? So I have a tradition of naming every first cow in every farming game. Cowie Cowie. That's sweet. That is, is sweet. So, uh, definitely harvest Moon games have, have a really, really close, uh, bond in my heart. And, and, and I look for those. I look for those. I'm like, okay, harvest Moon star du Valley. Okay. Sun Haven, okay. Coral Island. Okay. And, you know, you, you, you go down the rabbit hole of, of farming sims and you just start to find more and more adventurers that are mm-hmm. Become a piece of you. So I think those are my top five big heart piece games for me personally. Did you play Harvest Stella? Yes, I'm working to harvest right now. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Yes. I love Harvest, Stella. It's, it's fantastic. And I, I didn't think that was gonna like it because it's more adventure than it is Farm Sim, but it's great. That is great. It's fantastic. That is absolutely great. So it seems like if, if it has a cow and it, and it has some, it's some farming kind of elements. It is. Got your hook. It's got your hook. Yeah. It's, if it's got a cow, I, I don't know how many times I've seen someone, uh, a developer post on Twitter and it's like, if, if they've got a cow, I'm like, I'm in, gimme a cow. That doesn't matter. But it's the end of the world and you're on other rooftops. It's fantastic. Okay. Islands and trains, building a train and, and Tiny Towns Honey maner defending the forest with bees. Like these are things you don't think about when, when you come across big studio games. They're, I think I saw a post on Twitter once. It was like, uh, uh, big studios video game. What if you had a gun indie studio? What if you were a B? You know, things like that. So I absolutely love checking out these smaller games like Mancos. Uh, night Market Planet Atlanta just had a demo that was released recently. Uh, moonstone Island and Pixel Shire. All of these have been fantastic, even getting into some like gardening games like Garden In and Garden Galaxy, these have all been some nice games to be able to turn my brain completely off. And just focus on a goal end game. Mm-hmm. And then I can separate myself from, from the rest of the world, which is fantastic. But yeah, lots of indies. This is a, it's a fantastic time to be an indie lover. Oh, I love it. Absolutely. Yeah. Find some curators on steam to help you, uh, navigate the water, so to say, and find you some good creators, Seb, myself, and there's tons of others of creators on YouTube and all of the websites that you already are on and love that can give you some insight on those games that you don't wanna miss. Oh, for sure, for sure. Rose, I gotta ask you, like, you've mentioned a whole lot of indie recommendations just now, from I Am Future to Honey Forrester to Planet of Lana. Like which one though has probably been your favorite game that you played recently? Ooh, that's a tough one for this year. And we're just getting started, right? Mm-hmm. We've got a lot of ones that look absolutely stellar, but one that I wanna call your attention to is called Gord Letz. Gord, how do you spell it? Go. Gord Letz. G o u r d l E t S. Okay. And this is a sandbox building game that has absolutely no goal, no objectives, no Quest line. This is, this is like the ultimate cozy experience. Turn brain off, exist, return to monkey. Okay. Kind of cozy. That's crazy. Okay. Uhhuh, there there's, there's a couple different type of cozy ideals around there, and one can be, uh, provide me a, a. So I can focus on said quests and ignore world quests. Real world life quests. Mm-hmm. And then there are, provide me a situation where I do not have to worry about anything possible. Ever. Golet is that game. No objectives, no goals, just little plant people being dropped off by a train every once in a while and you get to build the world they live in. And the devs even started allowing you to decorate the homes, the chip place. And I'm like, so I cannot wait to see what she does with, with regardless. And then, ah, there's been some other ones that I've been watching too. If you're looking for, hold on, before you go to the other ones, I gotta, I got some follow up questions about Golet. Okay. How did you find out about this game? Okay, so I love watching for these games. I love to curate games. For folks who are looking for a cozy experience, it's something that I do on my Discord. I check every week for new stuff that might be coming, might be coming out, is in development, and I share that with folks for free online discord so that way you can keep an eye on what games might fall into that sign me up category. So Golet was one of those I saw that the developer had posted on Twitter and I messaged her and I was like, Hey, I really wanna show my folks Golet. Would it be okay if, if I played the demo? And they said, yes, yes, yes. Play the demo. So I was able to do that and and be able to show what they have going on so far. And now I get to stay in touch with them and see how Golet develops, which is fantastic. That is amazing. That is completely amazing. What's your favorite aspect, other than you now condemned to decorate? Like all the little gort lit's houses. Oh, oh my goodness. How cute the game is. Mm-hmm. The little characters have like little plant leafs and, and flowers growing outta their head. Reminds me of peak men. Uh, that's exactly what I was about to say, is that, yeah, and they're just, they just bebop around and I'm like, yay. Brain gober. That is amazing. So I take it you're primarily esteem slash PC gamer, right? Yeah. And that's, that's a great question as well, because being a disabled gamer, accessibility becomes an issue, right? Mm-hmm. So you've got a lot of console options. You've got a lot of controller options. You've got a mouse and keyboard option. You've got a lot of of different companies that are coming out with new accessibility options that are similar to controllers, but you can change key binds, change components, which is absolutely exciting and I'm so excited to see it. For me personally. I grew up as a Nintendo baby. Mm-hmm. So I was very used to N 64 Game Cube. We, uh, and now the switch. So I started to notice once I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, that I struggle with controllers and it was a little heartbreaking for me. I grew up on Game Cube and N 64 and I wanted to bring those games to YouTube and I started to realize that I just couldn't do it. That my hands were too sore and I couldn't do the movements that I used to be able to do ab up down, you know, you guys know exactly what I'm talking about. Right? Right. You don't have to be able to do the combos, and I wanna encourage you if, if you're a disabled gamer, you have needs to change key binds. They're out there. Look for those games that have the accessibility. That's something that I specialize in. And now I focus a lot on PC, mouse keyboard. Mm-hmm. And. Mostly because you can change those key vines. You have a lot of freedom as a game right now. Instead of it you being tied to a specific controller, you can plug in an Xbox controller or a PlayStation controller, or you can change your mouse, or you can play keyboard only, or you can play mouse only. And I think that's, uh, such an awesome way to be able to get into gaming. No matter what your limitation or your believed limitation might be, there's a game out there that has the ability to rock your world in a way that you can experience. That's amazing. That's such an amazing story. And like I, it's an issue that I think a lot of people who, when you don't go through that sort of thing mm-hmm. Don't necessarily think about. So I thank you for bringing awareness to that. Absolutely. Absolutely. Because it is very much different on the outside looking in to where, you know, like you, you see all the different nuances of like different controllers that are out there, but like you now I, you have like, I can see a bigger appreciation for like the controllers and the different types that, that are out there now that I really just didn't have that kind of mindset for beforehand. So thank you for Right. Collaborating. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Growing up it was, you know, you bought the console, you bought the controller and you figure that puppy out. Yeah, for sure. You know, you figure it out or you don't play, you know. Mm-hmm. Kind of thing versus where we've got these options now, like if we go back to Eldon Ring, we've got an whole entire menu where you can change every single control. And that's something that I did for that game. Mm-hmm. Um, and that made it so much more enjoyable and accessible to me. And I think that's a huge, huge improvement to gaming that we've seen over the last 20 years. Oh yeah, for sure. And like, I, I love all the work that's being done about that because like now in the lead up to a big game release, such as like the last of us, when the part one is being remade or like god of war, for instance, like there is a certain section where they talk about like accessibility into like the lead up Yeah. Of, of a games release. And they mentioned like, oh, we've added ch like, you know, like checkpoints here or there, like custom checkpoints for people who, who can, like, if you can get to a certain point, like that'll help. Or like different things that I feel like we've come a long way in, in as far as like mm-hmm. As far as like getting, letting everyone being able to play these games. And I feel like that's absolutely, that's so amazing. I wanna see more games. Mm-hmm. Uh, in, in that accessibility, uh, uh, feature. What is the, what is the game show that's popular every year? The awards show. Oh, like the game awards at the end of the year? Yes. The game awards. I wanna see more games in that accessibility category. One day I'm gonna be up on that stage, Seb, and I'm gonna get to announce those. I want to announce those one day. And I, I, if you're a dev and you're listening to this, you know, do the research. Be the person who cares about that other gamer, because there's a lot of us and we're, we're a pretty big army that is amazing of, of, of folks. You know, don't forget about, about the little, little guy, you know, so to say because, um, we, we do feel strongly about accessibility and I think all, all gamers should. Yeah, for sure. I think we should, we should be able to share the adventures that we love with everybody we come across. I think that's important. Um, and because, Gaming is almost like a book club now to where you almost want to talk to other people about the games you experience, you know? Especially last of us, God of work. Oh my goodness. So good. Oh, the theorizing. Even, even if we go with the ultimate theorizing game series, known to man five nights at Freddy's, right? Like you have what? You have to have someone to talk to. Oh my goodness. You're like, what? How many dead kids are there? Who killed who, what animatronic does this person, blah, blah. Like you, it's, it's just, you've gotta be able to share that adventure. And, and I'm so excited to see video games coming into the TV show sphere too. Oh, yeah. Of us. Mm-hmm. I am so excited to start seeing, uh, a lot of folks change their mind on what gaming is and see it as, oh wow. This is not something that. This isn't just for kids. No, it's a medium, you know? Yeah. Mm-hmm. It's, it's something that I can enjoy as a, as an, as an older person, as an adult, as, as a teenager, as a young adult, as an older adult, you know, that this is all accessible to everybody. You don't have to be, you know, 25 sitting in your dorm room, you know, 18 sitting, sitting at home, you know, kind of thing to relax. So I'm excited for the future of gaming. That's amazing. Um, on a side note, you talked about, we talked a little about Elder Ring and how you can change like the controls. Did you see that? Um, um, that lady, I can't remember her name, but like, she was playing the whole game on like that dance, dance evolution like that Oh my goodness. I did. That was amazing. Isn't not crazy. There's, there's folks that do no hit runs. Mm-hmm. There are folks that say, okay, I'm going to do, um, No healing, I'm gonna do no magic. And I think it turns gaming into this spectator sport that no one else imagined. And that's why YouTube and Twitch and these other streaming services like Kick is a brand new one, are so, so important. And that you can bring even more creativity to your gaming experience. It's not just a set adventure that you're going to go on. You can make it your own and turn it into a whole nother game, which is fantastic. I saw her beat was, was it Millennia? Yeah. Millennia. Mm-hmm. With, which is one of the hardest bosses in the game. And I could not imagine doing it with a D D R pad, but I was just absolutely amazed. That is amazing. So I, before we go back to video game recommendations, I got a question for you. What is it, what's your journey as a content creator been like? Like, and what lessons have you learned? Less the lot of lessons. So if we go way, way back mm-hmm. To 2019, I was in a pretty rough, rough spot. I had all of my career dreams essentially thrown out the window. I was given a blank slate to start over and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. You know, what, what kind of person do I wanna be? How am I going to provide for myself, provide for my family? And for a while it was tough. And I remember sitting down with my husband and saying, hub, I can't do this anymore. I, this is, this is too much. I've lost everything I've been working for to be a dentist for 10 years, you know, eight years in. And dreaming of it in high school, dreaming in it, of it in middle school when I was wee little. And he said, you've gotta find something that your heart loves and you've gotta find something that is going to allow you to bring that comfort to people. Because I know you're wanting to make people smile. You're wanting to, for people to have a place they can escape to that's safe. And he said, what? What's safe that you can go back to? What did I go back to? Harvest Moon Animal Crossing Legend Zelda. Safe. But it was an adventure and it was the ability to adventure in ways that I no longer could, with the body that I'm in now, I can't run. I can't go up massive amounts of stairs. I can never ride a dragon. I can't swing, swing an ax to chop down a massive tree. But in these games, I can, I'm Wonder Woman, I can save the world. And I realized, wait a minute, there are people like me across the entire planet who can't do what they used to do, what they loved to do. And world is, the world is so stressful that they don't know how to escape it. I can still provide that comfort. I'm gonna create a space that is going to encourage people to seek out more spaces for themselves to fit. That we don't have to worry about where we fit in the world because our circumstances have changed or we don't fit the standard. We are not the standard model. You know, uh, husband, wife, 2.2 kids, dog and a white picket fence, you know, kind of thing. The world doesn't work like that. So I said, okay, I'll start with some of my favorite games. And, and what did I start with? Breath of the wild. The first game I ever started with a channel was Breath of the Wild. That's amazing. Amazing. There was so many things. I learned how to edit, how to be a better speaker, how to be social, how to spread myself over social media, how to network, how to talk to other people in this space, and also be able to find value in different genres of games and figure out how to present those to people with first looks and show them that gaming is super, super valuable. Not only, uh, in a sense of getting away for adventure, but also for kind of therapeutic reasons. It's, it's a great way to. And be able to work out a lot of puzzles and let your brain work and keep you sharp too. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing that story, by the way. Absolutely. I love to. What is your favorite console of all time or favorite like gaming device of all time? If I had to go to old school, which it's kills me to say that it's old school, I would say the Game Cube because it was the easiest controller for me. I loved how the controller felt the graphics, things like playing Star Fox adventures. Mm-hmm. Star Fox assault blew my mind as a kid. And now, uh, the switch. Nintendo Switch is, is impressive. And the new PlayStations are super, super impressive. Seeing things like the Witcher three and Horizon zero dawn, and you're just immersed in these worlds and you're like, oh my goodness. It's like I could reach out and touch that piece of grass, like, how is this possible? And you, you then you have these thoughts when you go back to your kid and you're a kid and you're playing arina of time, legend Alda on the N 64, and you're like, what? Hell, like, that was end all, be all amazing. You know, blocky 3d, you know, textures and everything. And then you come and you see God of war and all of these super, super intensely detailed, meticulously made, uh, games. And it's just, it's amazing. Far, far how fart the, the world of gaming has come from, from pixels to full on 3D rendering and cgi. I, it's just, it's fantastic. It really is amazing. So, I wanna jump back to video game recommendations because like Absolutely. We've had, had several people write in and one of 'em wrote in what is the, what is the best cozy games of 2023? Do you, Ooh. Yeah. So I'm like, I know that's kinda a little different than what we discussed before the show, but do you have anything that you'd recommend as like some of the best games so far in the coziness is and the cozy genre 2023? Very, very big question. Big question and, and good on you for writing in, because this is, this is, uh, a big question that I think a lot of folks struggle with. Mm-hmm. And I think the first thing you have to do is identify what, what is a cozy game to you? That's a good one is, is it going to be something where you're focusing on strategy? That could be Sid Myers civilization. Okay. That could be Zoo Tycoon. That could be Barron Breakfast. That could be Fable Dom, brand New City Colony Sim that's coming out. Absolutely gorgeous. It could be something like Lake Burke Legacies, which focuses more on the rail romance side of things and creating a kingdom. Maybe you like creating a kingdom and you wanna play kingdom. Play Kingdom. Yeah. That's a good one. Mm-hmm. You know, or maybe you want a more personal feel. Go colder the lamb. Oh, go harvest Moon. Mm-hmm. Go bear and breakfast. All of these awesome indie games that provide you a place to manage something that you can create your own of. So you're providing a situation where you start with nothing and you are able to build something to your heart's content. Exactly. How you would, uh, expect something to be. And this is something that I think I started to get into when I was in college and I found a game called Niche. And it's a, it's an indie game. Okay. And it's about genetics. Mm-hmm. I was in school to become a biologist. I have a degree in biology and it's called me a genetic survival. And you start out as this little cat thing and you choose your own genetics. That's crazy. And I was like, what? I was like, this is so cool. And I just started looking for more and more games where I could control what was going on and be able to experience a adventure, but with a twist where I could decide. And I think that stems, oh, you probably remember this sub when we were younger. Choose your own adventure books. Oh yeah, I do remember those. Yes. We're like, mm-hmm. You're like you. You choose to, you choose to go down the forbidden pathway. Turn to page 42. Exactly. And you, you know what I mean? So you're given like two or three choices. So games like that, like, uh, Val Heim, I Am Future, uh, sun Haven is one of those that's a brand new farm exam, coral Island, where you get to start choosing the, the things that you wanna do and Legend Zelda with the new open world kind of mm-hmm. Kind of feel. You get to decide what you're going to do first and how you're going to achieve it, rather than saying, I'm going to get the key to get the sword to kill the boss. Yeah, for sure. I'm going to get the key, wander around for five hours looking for apples. Uh, find a horse, uh, do 50 side quests, maybe take on a side boss, and then there's a blood moon. Yeah. And then, you know, kind of thing. And then I might get on the main quest. Yeah. Something like Witcher three, like, I'm gonna go hunt down a Ki Kamora and not worry about where a series is at the moment. Like, it's like, okay, cool beans, I'm in on it. So there are so, so many different types of cozy games. Ones where you have the ability to focus on a single quest, and then you have cozy games that you can focus on a quest with elements that you can control. Mm-hmm. And then there is cozy games where ha they have no quests whatsoever. Yeah, sure. There's, it's very broad term cozy. Very broad. Yeah. Very broad. And it's okay to, to love things in all three categories. Mm-hmm. And that's kind of where I sit. I, I have some days where I wanna play games like posto. Where I am taking care of a potion store and it's almost, it's deck building. Mm-hmm. Totally out there genre. And then I have other days where I wanna place Sun Haven and I wanna use a magic spell to defeat a cactus in the desert. And completely different. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, and then there's, there's other days where I wanna play garden Story where I'm a grape. Like, cool, you can be anything you want. And I love that about cozy games. It's like, is more of an experience focused on the player rather than, uh, just delivering an adventure. That's true. Osa what type of grape? What type, what type of grape? So Garden Story is, is an adventure, uh, that I want to get more. And it is another, another cozy, cozy one that I have suggested. Um, essentially there's this rot that's taking over the world that you've gotta face as, as a grape with a sword. So that's another one that I absolutely wanna get more into. And I absolutely love the track to a lot of pixel games and stuff like that. Yeah. Since, mm-hmm since I grew up with pixel stuff, I start looking for pixel games. So, uh, there's definitely a lot of options for exploration in the cozy genre and you, you can, like we said before, you can make a lot of things coz. Oh yeah, for sure. Now, now can you make Resonant Evil for a cozy? I don't think so. Doubtful. Okay. But you could prove me wrong. You could prove me wrong. Monster. Monster Hunter. Could you make it cozy? Why not? Final Fantasy. Why not Elder Scrolls? Why not Hogwarts legacy? Why not? Um, spend time actually developing characters and quests and side quests and experiencing a game for everything it has to offer. And that that is what makes a game cozy. That's true. That's true. So I've played, um, quite a few like games that I think are more. I guess they, the, I guess when a lot of people call cozy games, like that big relax and chill game where the purpose of it mm-hmm. Is intentionally that to relax and chill. Like, I guess you could say like little Gator game. Um, potion Permit is another one that I played recently. Yes. Love potion permit. It's so good. It is really good. Um, but yeah, like, I think there was another one, um, um, Shmi Come Home. It's about like, yeah, Shmi. Yes. If you like Shmi, check out Mail time. Mail time, very similar. They, they're coming out on April 27th, that'ss something that I've been watching, so yeah. Some feel good games too. Mm-hmm. You know, Shumi comes home. Uh, sale fourth is another good one. Paradise. And there's some new ones even coming out called Sticky Business, where that's a good one. You find your own, uh, stickers and even some experiences that are multiplayer as well. I know we've focused more on the single player experience, but games like Unrailed where you're building a train together or maybe you're playing rap together, that can be a cozy experience. Start to share those adventurous with the people you love and suddenly the experience changes from one of desperate survival to one of absolutely having a fantastic time. Take Minecraft for example, where you start to just do creative mode or you're having fun with multiple friends and you're like, ah, I don't have to worry about the skeleton cuz somebody's got my back. That's true. That is true. I want to ask you though, um, so we talked about a lot of different games that you've been playing lately. We talked about like some of what does cozy mean to you and your like, content creation journey. But besides Zelda, besides tears of the Kingdom, what is your most anticipated game for the rest of the year? Good question. So I'm gonna take you over to Steam, right? Mm-hmm. And I'm gonna go over to my wishlist and I'm gonna give you, give you this insane number, right? I have 201 games. What that I am looking for to on my wishlist. Okay. From, from ones that are already available. Like please touch the artwork. Good pizza. Great pizza to research story to, uh, lait melatonin. Mm-hmm. It's another good one that I wanted to check out. A space for the Unbound. That's another popular one. Let's build a zoo. Oh. A space for the Unbound is really good. Yes. And some other adventures that are in the same realm as gr like Sable and Journey. Things that are very expressive, uh, that I am excited to try and, and more multiplayer experiences like moving out. Oh my. Which is fun. Yeah. Which is similar to, oh, what's the cooking version? Overcooked. Overcooked. Yes. Overcooked. Which is so, so, so fun to play. And then you have other, uh, experiences like Tunic. Mm-hmm. Which is similar to Legend Zelda. Lost Ember Spirit. Farer. How'd you like tunic, by the way? I haven't gotten to try it yet. Okay. So I'm excited to both try, uh, tunic and a lot of these other ones that are here on my wishlist. There's just so, so much. To experience. Another one that's been on my, uh, watch list is Void Train. I haven't heard of that one. Spooky, spooky, but playable with multiple people. Mm-hmm. Crafting survival looks fantastic. Another one coming out very soon. Roots of Patcha, which is a farming and romance life Sim. Yes, yes, yes. That is coming out April 25th. Thanks to Mark your calendar for two great ones to look forward here in, in the month of April. And so, so many more to keep an eye on. The, the possibilities are endless, truly. So, since you're on Steam, do you have it pulled up? What is your most played game on Steam? Oh, and what's that hour? I bet you you're gonna, I bet you you're gonna know. I bet you you can make a guess and it might surprise you. Actually, it's Zoo Tycoon, right? I wish Sue Tycoon was on, was on Seam. Oh, okay. But unfortunately it's not. Okay. Hmm. Harvest Stella is pretty long Harvest. Stella is pretty, I was just looking at Harvest, Stella, checking in on that. Not pretty long. So one of my, one of my biggest games that I help folks enjoy is called Sun Haven, and it's a farming Magic haven fantasy. Mm-hmm. Sim Okay. Just released. Okay. In one point. Oh by the way, fantastic acute, awesome adventure, but also you get to choose your own path, which is super Sun Haven. That sounds cool. Yes. And I even wrote a 700 plus page guide for this thing. What? Yeah. Like I love it that much. I've got 500 hours into this game. Absolutely love it. But believe it or not, my top okay with over 4,000 hours of play. Apex legends. Wow, okay. Wow. And I think that that goes to say of how you can make any game cozy. Mm-hmm. Because you think, oh, first person shooter, no wake can not be a cozy game. But when you surround yourself with positively good company and you find people that you vibe with and that you wanna share an experience with, it becomes cozy. I've got someone I play with almost every single day. His name is Goose and we do ranked and he's a former Marine and he loves playing Apex. And I always look forward to time with Goose and Time with other is Time with Goose. You can check out, uh, goose over on Twitch. By the way. Kazu Goose, K U Z u Goose on Twitch. He's fantastic. You would love him, Seb. Oh, for sure. I think a lot of you guys would love him. Um, but when you, when you find people that. You vibe with you find your tribe. Yeah. You really don't, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. And, you know, whether, whether that tribe is, you know, I wanna play Eldon Ring co-op for three hours on a Saturday, or let's play some among us, or let's play some Minecraft, or let's play some Apex. You can make those games cozy by bringing yourself into those games, by being that positively good company, finding your tribe, and, you know, building a community around that. I like that. I think, I think, uh, I think a lot of games have potential to be cozy. I like that. I like that. So, I gotta ask you though, I mean, what's, what's your favorite character in all of games? In all of games? Ooh. Like if you had a Mount Rushmore of, of characters who, who would be on your Mount Rushmore? I think the first one that came to Mindset as soon as you asked mm-hmm. Was. Legend Zelda Link, breath of the Wild. Okay, so that version of Link. Okay. That version of Link. And I think I can, I could dive, really deep dive on this because his character goes through so much development. He loses everything. Mm-hmm. He loses every ability he ever had. He grew up to become a knight. He'd trained excessively. He was the best in his field and calamity strikes and there's nothing he can do. Even though he did everything right, even though he was trained to the best possible extent and had every single advantage going his way, there was nothing he could do to stop it. There was nothing he could do to make things happen differently, and he wakes up with no abilities. He's lost it all. He doesn't even know who he is, where he is come from, who his tribe is. Everything has been wiped. And I think that story shows how we can all find ourselves in gaming. I like that, that regardless of where we're coming from, it's a blank slate. And I can, ugh, I can just feel myself like, attracted to that because I lost everything. Yeah. But then he comes back and he's like, okay, I'm gonna start with a stick. True. He does start with a stick, you know what I mean? Like you start with sticks. Mm-hmm. And, and you might, you work your way up to the master sword and everything is possible. I love that about games that, that everything becomes possible. With time. So I would say definitely link from Breath of the Wild with all of that lore is absolutely inspiring. Okay. I like that. I like that. I like that answer. That is very, I like that. I just, I just really like that. Mind blown. Yeah. I was about to go into a t I was like, enough said, I really just like that answer. That's so deep. That really is. I like that. So getting you with all the philosophy today. Yeah, for sure. It really is. I'm like, you're making me think so hard today. Yeah. It's like, oh, brain tired it. Exactly. Powering down, man. Shutting down. Exactly. Exactly. So we talked about your journey as a content creator, some of the games you liked, uh, what, what it mean to be a cozy gamers. You gave some recommendations. I gotta ask you though, like out of all the things you've done on this show, which has been absolutely amazing, I got one last question for you. Sure. Are you, and that's, are you ready? Because it is time for our pro nerd trivia. Oh, no portion of the show. Ladies, gentlemen, people, dogs. It is time. Geese. Geese our goose. It is time for our pro nerd trivia portion of the show. Well, we are gonna ask, our esteemed guests rose five different questions from five different types of nerdy categories. If she gets all, all of them correct? Absolutely. Every single one, she will be inducted into our pro nerd Hall of Fame. As of right now, we only have one, one esteemed person who's in the Hall of Fame. So I believe he will have company today, I believe. Woo. You will have a new member pranks for sure. Woo, the Rose. It is time. Okay. It's time As, as those 90 kids would say, it is. Time to do, or Yeah, exactly. Cards. Exactly. Cards. I'm ready. Exactly. Exactly. So Rose, I have on my screen right here, the Wheel of Destiny on the side screen right here. It's gonna spin in whatever category it rolls on, is the category we're just gonna have to roll with. So, okay. No pressure or anything, but let us begin. Here we go. All right, rose. Our first category is in the realm of Harry Potter. Oh boy. Yeah, I believe in you. I think you're gonna get this. Ooh, I think you're gonna get this. Alright, so in Harry Potter there is an artifact, an item. To which to use this item, you have to say a phrase, and that item is the marauders map. How do you activate the marauders map? Oh, no. Okay. Uh, I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good. Exactly. That is exactly correct. That is exactly correct. So you are on the board with one question, correct? No wrong answers. You got that one correct. You didn't hesitate. You, you just went in for I was, I, I heard, I heard it in my brain and I was like, mm-hmm. What the words are? You got it? What words? Words, what? English? I like that. I like that. So our next category is in the realm of Star Wars. Oh boy. This is gonna be a toughie. I think you, I think you got this one. All right. So what. There was a Jedi, a famous Jedi. He happened to be one of the Otis Jedi to ever to live. He was a small little man by the name of Master Yoda. Master Yoda, unfortunately met his demise in one of the movies. What was Master Yoda's last words? Oh, no. I don't know. All right. So yeah, no clue. His last words when he died. He said, when I am gone, the last of the Jedi, you will be Ah, yeah. I never would've guessed. I should have guessed and just been like, may divorce me with you. Yeah. And then he says, measure what you have learned. So, so that is Yoder son. That's a tough one. Yeah. No, well, I mean, he says that as a ghost, but I'm, I'm just counting. I'm just counting when he died, but. So, yeah. Yoda's, last word. So you are one of one. You, you're doing pretty good though. Shucks. You're doing pretty good. I think you're gonna love this next category cuz it looks like you have landed on Nintendo. Heck yeah. All right. Let's see. Nintendo, will, will I bring honor to my family or dishonor on my cow? Oh my goodness. Mullan. Oh, I was just like, oh my goodness. Mullan, why does that sound familiar? Oh, as, as soon as you said it. Well, I bring, I was like, oh, that's Mullan. I was just like dishonor on you. Dishonoring not on a cow. Oh yes. Yeah. Oh my goodness. I love that cricket. Oh, and Moute. Yes. All right. So, okay. What do the fireworks spell at the start of the display in animal crosses? Oh, no. Which one? Um, the, it just says, what do the fireworks spell at the start of the display in Animal Crossing? Let me see if I can find, you've got collaboration, you've got regular animal crossing, you've got new Leaf, you've got the city one, you've got New Horizons. Let me see, let me make sure, let me before we, um, let me see if I can go click here and get more detailed. All right. So, all right. Let's see. Do, do, do, do, do. All right. It says the original animal crossing, but I'm not, oh, so we're talking N 64. Yeah. So I'm. I, I did not play that one, unfortunately. Yeah. I'm gonna give you another question cuz I, I don't know for certain if that is the, if that is the right one, but the answer for everyone's clarification is, yeah, I gotta know. Now, what do the fireworks spell at the start of the display and animal crossing? It is the year, so I guess whatever the year is. Oh, okay. Okay. I didn't know that, huh? All right, so your n All right, I'm refreshing here. Your next Nintendo question is, what was the first Nintendo game with Princess Zelda as a playable character? Oh, I feel like that's a deep cut too. That is a deep one. Princess Soda is a playable character. I know. Aja Calamity, you're able to play at Zelda. Uh, I haven't played the older ones. So Zelda. Zelda two. Mm-hmm. Spirit tracks. I believe she is just simply a guide. I don't think she is the she's cuz she's a ghost. Ah, win Waker. You do not play a Zelda a ka of time. You don't play a Zelda. I'm gonna be honest with you, I've only played two Zelda games. Skyward sword. You don't play a Zelda? Mm-hmm. Age? Asia Calamity? No. No Age. Asia Calamity? Yes. Breath of the Wild? No. Twilight Princess? No. What's the next one down win. Wakers. No arina of time. No. You're not being MAD's mask, Maura's mask? No. So that, that would be pre arina of time. Okay. So, uh, let's see. Next one down would probably be Links Awakening, which is a no. Uh, I don't think in the original legend, Zelda, you play cuz you're given the, it's dangerous to Go alone. Mm-hmm. Take this. Mm-hmm. Oh, I don't know. I've given you lots that she's not in though. Yeah. You've, you've narrowed it down quite, quite tremendously. Let me just say Age of Calamity, since I know for sure you can play a Zelda. That's a good guess. Unfortunately, that is the wrong answer. The answer is Zelda one of Game Lawn. Ah, that would've been my second guess. Yeah. And came out in 1993. Yep. That's a weird one. That is a very weird one. That that is. It's weird. Weird deep cut, by the way. It is a weird one worth playing. All these Zelda games are worth playing, but it's a weird one I've never played. I've only played Breath of the Wild in 15 minutes of windbreaker. Win Waker is really, really good. By the way, if you wanna see more legend Zelda mm-hmm. I have play throughs of, of the majority of those. Oh, for sure. You should go check those out for sure. Yeah. I, I need to play those. I need to. I just, you need to, I just, you know, I ha there's so many games in the backlog. Oh, yes. I totally understand. There's so many games. There's so many good ones. You're like, how do I choose? Exactly. Exactly. All right, so your next question is in the realm. I believe this is question number three or four? Three, yeah. Okay. Three star, uh, star Wars was second. First was Harry Potter. Zelda was third. All right. So four, one right here, Uhhuh. All right. So fourth official question. All right. There are several characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy, but there is only one character who has the ability. To stand Absolutely steel and become invisible, known as a character who doesn't necessarily get humor. Who am I? I can see his face. I know his sarcasm is very dry cuz he doesn't understand things. Uh, he's, he's a big guy. Okay. I think he starts with a d I'm trying to think. Okay. It's not the bug girl. It's not what's her face? It's not star lord. It's not grut. It's not the raccoon. So your name and character, so you've seen gorgeous. Yes. Yes. Just his name is not coming for me. Drax Drax. Yes, yes it is absolutely Drs The Destroyer. Mm-hmm. It is absolutely Drs the Destroyer. All right. I knew, I, I knew it'd pop in my head eventually if I started Yeah. Listening. You were moaning it down. Moaning it down. I like the way you could see the way your mind works as you like. Yeah. You eliminate things. It can't be until you get What's the info? What's the info? I do know. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That's so interesting. Alright, so your last question is in the realm of Batman. It is Batman. Truvia. I think this is a little bit of a hard one if you're not familiar with the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight mythology, but we'll see. Well boy, we'll see. All right, so what is the name? Of the policeman who eventually becomes the police commissioner in most Batman mythology, oh no, I should know this. Mm-hmm. Ah. What kills me is, you guys are probably gonna laugh. Mm-hmm. Shows my age as well. The Batman that I've probably watched and know the most about is the Adam West Batman. Whoa. Really? Yeah. Which, which old? No, no, no. Yeah, that one. Wow. Uh, Gordon. Is it Gordon? Yes, it is Gordon. Yes. I was like, oh, I better not mess this up with Superman or Spider-Man. Yeah, it is Gordon. You did really well. You did really well. You answered quite a few of those. How do you feel after. Not bad. Not bad. I, I feel like I'm still a gamer. Yeah. Still got my gamer badge, right? Oh yeah. For sure. For sure. More than are mi You didn't unfortunately get all five. Correct. But you had a really good showing though. Yes. I put in the effort. You really did. All right. Would you like a bonus question? Just for fun? Absolutely. Let's, let's go for it. All right. So in Finding Nemo mm-hmm. There is a turtle That sounds like a surfer. He is a sea turtle. What was the Sea turtle's name? Yeah. Righteous. Yes. Ous. Sure. For sure. I like that. Thank you. I like that. So, rose, before we go though, where can the good people find you? Heck yeah. That's a re really good question. I am over on YouTube at Rosalyn Gaming, where you can just type in Rosalyn. You'll see, uh, a little girl holding, holding a heart with some white glasses. That's me. And you can also find me on Twitter at Roselyn Gaming. Same exact tag. I'm over on Reddit too, helping some people out with some questions on Sun Haven, but I am mostly on YouTube. You can find some cool first looks for some upcoming Cozy games. You can enjoy some video series and adventures with me and check out some video guides as well for Sun Haven. So I've got a lot to offer over a 600 and some videos. There's definitely something that you're going to love. I, I know that there's something there that you can, you can enjoy, uh, from games like Stray, where you're a cat to Legend Zelda to, uh, checking out, uh, other games live like Apex and some, some oldies, like n and other indie games. So there's a ton to, to discover and I can't wait to see you guys there. All right, so the links to all those will be in the description of the episode. Go check her out, everyone. She's absolutely amazing. I discovered her and I did a deep dive into her content and absolutely enjoyed myself. So definitely go check her out. Before we go though, rose, I got one final question before you, before I get to the, the wrapping up portion of the show, and that is, if you had the powers of ratchet and clank or ooh, ratchet and clank, or you get to have link's, abilities and breath of the wild, which one would you want to go with? Ooh. You know, I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with ratchet and clank. That was actually before my time and since I was a Nintendo baby. Okay. I didn't get to experience Rushton clink, so jog, jog my memory banks. Okay. Okay. Let's switch. Let's switch gears then. All right. So, okay. You get to be a Super Smash Brothers character, which Super Smash and have that Super Smash Brothers character's, powers. Which one would you want to choose? Ooh, there's so many good ones. I used to play Pit a lot. Okay. Used to play, uh, Sheik Legend Zelda a lot. Um, let's see, who else? Captain Falcon. Taco Punch Falcon and Punch. Um, I used to love Fox's Blaster. Mm-hmm. Ah, who else? I played a lot of Marth too. You were just playing everybody. Yeah. I just, we played a lot of Smash Bros growing up, but I think it'd be cool to have, have wings. I would say pit. Oh, that's a good one. To be able to have bow and arrow. Mm-hmm. And, and to have the ability to fly. I think that'd be so. That'd be really cool. I like that answer. I like that answer. So before we go though, rose, thank you so much for being on the show. It's been an absolute blast. Absolute pleasure. I'd love to have you back any time like you're available. You have been amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me and I'm, I'm so excited to introduce folks to the idea that cozy gaming can be much more than what you, but you may have thought it was. Thank you so much for having me on. For sure. For sure. Everyone that's a rap for today's episode. Thank you so much Rose, for being on the show. Again, I wanna remind you and everyone that you can also just check us out on the Single Player Experience Podcast or all your favorite podcast platforms can be found on the Discord and on the single Player experience YouTube channel. Just check us out if you like what you heard today. You know, send some thanks to Rose cuz she absolutely carried me today. She's absolutely killing it out here. You know, like thank you so much Rose for being on, and until next time. Bye everyone. Bye guys. Hey, thank you so much for watching the video. If you like the video, hit that like button. Also for more videos, just like this one, go ahead and hit that subscribe button right here. Thanks again for watching the video and for more like it stay right here at the Pro Nerve Report Channel. So that's a wrap for today's episode. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you like the video, don't forget to hit that like button. Also, hit the subscribe button for more videos just like this one. I also wanna let you know about the single Player Experience Discord server. It's a perfect place for single player gamers to talk about the good single player games that they've been playing lately, and to get video game recommendations. Think of it kind of like a book club for single player gamers. The link to join will be in the description. Once you're in, feel free to share your video game backlog list. Talk about the good single player games you've been playing, or give your feedback on the show. If you have a game, you think it should be recommended and should be reviewed, let me know about it Right there. Before we go, I just want to thank you once again for listening to today's episode. Stay safe, stay gaming, and I hope to catch you in the next one. Peace.


so that's a wrap for today's episode. I wanna give a special shout and thank you to Rose from Rosa and gaming for being on the show today. I also wanna let you know about the single player experience Discord server. It's the perfect place for single player gamers to talk about the good single player games they've been playing lately, and to get video game recommendations. Think of it kind of like a book club for single player gamers. The link to join will be in the description. Once you're in, feel free to share your video game backlog list. Talk about the good games you've been playing, or give your feedback on the show if you have a game that you think should be recommended or that you think I should talk about. Let me know in the single Player Experience Discord server. I'll see you there. Before we go, I just want to thank you so much for listening to today's episode. Stay safe, stay gamming, and I hope to catch you in the next one. Peace.

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