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WWE 2K22 Review

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Reviewed on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5

So I’ve Been a wrestling gamer since the days of No Mercy.  The Smackdown vs Raw games were easily my most played games of childhood. I’ve seen the Ups and the downs of the WWE games. So 2k22 is here and after 2k20 I was skeptical to say the least.  The big question most of us Wasslin gamers had was is it better than WWE 2k20? So does it actually hit Different? Is WWE 2K22 a good single player experience?

So answer is a Stone cold hell yeah! However this game has a lot of faults.

Here is the breakdown review of WWE 2k22.

WWE 2K22 Review- Image 1
WWE 2K22 Review- Image 1


Let’s Start with the Whole Bread and butter and that is the Gameplay. The controls have been revamped and damn it’s a learning curve for Veterans of the series.  I can’t recommend the tutorial enough especially if you played the previous games. The controls now have a fighting game feel to it. This game is definitely leans closer to a combo centric fighting game that the older grappling style. It takes some getting used to but it creates a more fluid match than before. The reversals themselves are a different beast. Beforehand you would store 3 reversals and have to strategically consider when to use them. Now that is gone and you can reverse as many times as you like as long as you time it right. It kinda makes the game easier.

Sound and Visuals:

So the presentation as a whole is already leagues better than previous years. Everything looks sharper and the new camera style during the match has a more authentic feel to it. It gives you a feeling of being closer to the action. The wrestlers themselves look cleaner and for the most part like their real life counterparts. The created players still look rough as hell but hey that’s a WWE game for ya.

The Sound and commentary has been long time complaints of the WWE 2k series but this game is going in the right direction to remedy that. This is the best that the commentary has been since Here comes the pain. The three man team especially shines during the entrances.

WWE 2K22 Review- Image 2
WWE 2K22 Review- Image 2

Game Modes:

Showcase Mode: So 2k22 features several modes for players to dive into. First off let’s talk about Showcase mode. This year the showcase spotlight is on the Greatest Luchador of all time, Rey Mysterio. There are some dope highlights of his career that you get to reenact. They are some missing rivalries and moments in his career but this is a decent collection.


Mygm mode is finally back…but this isn’t quite the complete package we were hoping for. You do get to draft and manage your roster, control the arena and special effects, and book shows. However, you don’t get to go longer than a year. Or use created shows. You only get about 4 match types… and They don’t have tag titles or even Mid card titles like the IC and US title. Like damn bro it’s like they took this mode out the oen before it fully cooked. What happened?!?! This was legit suppose to be the best mode in the game and while it’s fun it feels half assed. I hope they do better in a patch or next year.

The Myrise:

MyRise is the single player mode were you get to create you wwe Superstar and create your own path to try to become the greatest of all time. It is a vast improvement over the career mode in WWE 2k20. This mode feels well thought out and thankfully there are no microtransactions. You can unlock gear and moves and level up your star by the choices you make or by defeating stars in the ring. The story varies depending on the choices you make so there is quite a bit of replay value here. It can get goofy at times, but it’s a dope mode this year.

WWE Universe:

It is the same as its always been. They honestly should combine this with the Mygm mode.

Myfaction: Is their loot casino mode like Myteam in Nba2k and Ultimate team in Madden. Its not my jam. It is a micro transaction loot box mode. They don’t even have it online. If you like this type of mode in other sports games you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.

WWE 2K22 Review- Image 3
WWE 2K22 Review- Image 3

The Cons:

Here are some other faults. We didn’t get any new match types. No wargames, no special referee, no inferno matches. Maybe it’s because it is still new and needs patches but I’m still running into glitches. While nowhere near the level of WWE 2k20 it is still here.

Overall/Should You Play WWE 2K22:

Ultimately this is a dope rebuild of the franchise. The visuals and sound feel fresh. The game play is insanely fun and easy to pick up and play. No lie…The modes are a good start, but can use a lot of improvement.  While it is still missing some big things to put it at a hall of fame level this is the best WWE 2k game in the last decade.

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WWE 2K22 Review


Malleable narrative adventure


Great Gameplay, good Career Mode


Shallow Mygm Mode


Visual Concepts


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S PC


March 08, 2022

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