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Metal Mind Review

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So if you know me either through The Single-player Experience podcast or through reading my reviews on the then you know that I am a huge fan of rogue-like and rogue-like names. It’s one of my favorite genres of games ever. 

This genre has delivered some of my favorite games of all time like Hades, Rogue Legacy 2, and more recently Vampire Survivors. I’m always on the lookout for the next big entry into that genre because those games speak to me on a very high level. So this is how I came across Metal Mind. It is a Twin-stick shooter where you play as a Mech on a mission. As the mech, you upgrade your armor pieces and weaponry to have the best runs possible. It is a very cool idea and it stands out as something unique in a market that is becoming very saturated. So with all that said how does this game perform, should you play it, and is it a new Hall of Fame entry into the Rogue-like genre? 

Let’s dive into it. 

Metal Mind Review - Image 1
Metal Mind Review – Image 1

The Narrative:

After playing this game for quite some time I am positive that I do not know what the narrative is about. This is because the game doesn’t prioritize that facet at all. It throws you into this very unique setting and circumstances and lets you have fun in a rogue-lite environment. If you’re looking for the next game with an amazing narrative this one isn’t going to be for you at all.

Metal Mind Review - Image 2
Metal Mind Review – Image 2

The Gameplay:

In Metal Mind you start as a robot that is equipped with very basic guns and armor. As you go deeper into your run you can collect new equipment that helps you go further and vanquish all your enemies.

The gameplay structure is very similar to Hades. You enter a room and you have to defeat all the enemies in that room before you can progress to a new room. You’re presented with different power-ups during a run to augment your mech as you choose. I found these augments to be different and creative. There is a head/helmet slot, a torso slot, and a leg slot that you can equip different armor types to. I enjoyed experimenting with the different types and seeing how they would affect my mech.

Let’s talk about the fun factor. How enjoyable is this game? Well, I think that depends on how much you like twin-stick shooters. If you like that experience of using one analog stick for movement in the other to aim your weapon then you’re going to be fine here. If that’s not up your alley then I would say that this game isn’t going to win you over with its other mechanics. It is a fun time and I found myself enjoying the gameplay immensely. I think that enjoyment is marred a bit by some quality of life and structural issues that I will touch upon later in this review.

Metal Mind Review - Image 3
Metal Mind Review – Image 3

Additional Pros:

A major pro in its favor is Metal Mind’s art style. It is very stylish pixel art that feels very cyberpunk and futuristic. Everything from the armor pieces to the guns, the mechs, and the enemies are all extremely detailed. 

One aspect that I do want to give props to is the music and soundtrack. Even though I would have preferred to have a few more songs on the soundtracks so that you don’t listen to the same few songs over and over again, I did find that the songs that were there were very easy on the ears and fits very well with the overall aesthetic of the game. 

Metal Mind Review - Image 4
Metal Mind Review – Image 4


One aspect that I don’t think goes in this game’s favor is its method of delivering tutorials. Instead of introducing you to the gameplay mechanics naturally, there is an option to do a tutorial room. This different than the norm option would have been okay had the game informed you of its existence when you started up. However, It’s up to you to find it. I understand not wanting to hold the gamer’s hand but that information seems like a must when you’re introducing a lot of new mechanics in a brand new IP. 

So I played this game on PC via an Xbox controller and while that is a very good experience it comes with the drawback of having to figure out the controller layout a bit. This is because quite a bit of the game’s button prompts are still for the keyboard. Because of this, there are instances where you have to play with the controller a bit and figure out what button on the controller translates into the button prompt from the keyboard.

Metal Mind Review - Image 5
Metal Mind Review – Image 5

Overall/Should you Play Metal Mind:

This is one of the most fun but frustrating games that I’ve encountered in recent memory. I love the structure and the originality of this game. Combining mix and bullet hell gameplay with the rogue-lite genre is a creative and inspired decision. The gameplay in itself is very enjoyable. I can legitimately see anyone who’s a fan of this genre falling into the tried and true “one more run” routine with this game. All this is true, but the experience is marred by the aspects that don’t make the game feel user-friendly. 

It feels like a big mess that most of the controls weren’t mapped for a controller. And also feels like the game could have done a much better job of explaining its systems and its upgrades to you without you having to actively go search for that information. I understand not wanting to hold the hand of a gamer but this feels like one of those cases where the game could have benefited from a smoother introduction into its systems. 

Overall though Metal Mind is a solid entry into the Rogue-lite genre. While some of the quality of life decisions and overall structure of the game prevent it from being a Hall of Fame entry, I do think this is an easy recommendation for gamers who want a twin-stick shooter indie. 

Sebastion Mauldin

Metal Mind Review


Roguelite, Twin-Stick Shooter, Action, Adventure


Addicting Gameplay Loop, Good Artstyle, Solid Soundtrack


The Delivery of the Tutorials, Doesn't Explain Its Systems Well


Whirllaxy Studio


Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S


Apr 25, 2022

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