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Makis Adventure Review

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Every since I was a kid I always dreamed of playing a game that would let me play as Beast Boy from the Teen Titans. The game I’m talking about today doesn’t do that, but it does give me a taste of what I imagine that experience could be like. Thankfully that taste is a good one. If you are looking for a action adventure game where you can play as a shark in the water and a scythe slashing adventurer, then I’ve got the game recommendation for you.

Let’s Dive into it.  

Makis Adventure Review - Image 1
Makis Adventure Review – Image 1


In this game you play as Maki, a shapeshift adventurer who transforms into types of sharks when he is in the water. You set out to defeat a big bad evil that been up to no good and bring peace to the land. While the overall plot of the game treads on very worn ground when it come the “defeat the big bad guy to save the world” it does bring a unique enough gameplay twist to keep things interesting.

Look I’ll be honest here; the narrative is one of the weaker points of the game. Besides the titular character, Makis, I can’t remember anyone’s name in the game. That is due to the fact that there weren’t many characters that make a lasting impression in the game.

The story itself is cliché, so if narrative is a huge deal to you then this game might not appeal to you. That said for most the story will be serviceable enough.

Makis Adventure Review - Image 2
Makis Adventure Review – Image 2

The Gameplay:

One of the best aspects about the game is the gameplay. In Maki’s Adventure, you attack, dodge, swim, solve puzzles, and platform. While not all of these aspects are top notch, they all are done well enough to provide a gameplay experience that is a thrill to play from the intro dialogue all the way to the credits. When you are exploring on land the gameplay centers around fighting enemies, using a slash button and a dodge button, playing a variety of minigames, and platforming.

The platforming aspects of the game are fun and addicting. The game features your traditional platforming mechanics like swinging from vines (in this case chains), and jumping from surface to surface. It also has some moments when you are platforming using a mine cart in a similar to Donkey Kong 64.

Makis Adventure also features parts of the game, in which, you have to turn into different species of sharks to defeat enemies or solve underwater puzzles. This is one of the most unique aspects of the game. Throughout the game you get magical teeth upgrades that allow you to turn into a different species of sharks. Each shark transformation has its own unique skills and capabilities that add a fun twist to the underwater gameplay. For example, you can transform into one shark species that allows you to hammer and destroy certain surfaces in the game.

Makis Adventure Review - Image 3
Makis Adventure Review – Image 3


This game features a 2D artstyle when you are in the levels themselves. The game looks good and often reminds me of some of the game experiences that I had on retro consoles. Outside of the island levels you traverse around a large body of water as a shark. In this portion of the game, the game has a 3D artstyle reminiscent of Nintendo 64 games like Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Both types of artstyles work well with the overall vibe of the game.

Makis Adventure Review - Image 4
Makis Adventure Review – Image 4

Overall/Should You play Makis Adventure:                    

If you are a fan of 2d action platformers then the answer is a yes. This is an indie game that has its flaws like the game’s story, however it’s a fun and addicting game that most will enjoy. If you are looking for a short action adventure platformer with a unique gameplay element then you should check out Makis Adventure.

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Makis Adventure Review


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