WWE 2K23 Deepest Discussions ft. Jason Craig

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WWE 2K23 Deepest Discussions ft. Jason Craig

In this episode, our host Sebastion Mauldin is once again joined by today’s guest, Jason Craig, a lifelong gamer, a Pro Wrestling Fan, and the host of The Bring Da Popcorn podcast.

Sebastion has been a massive fan of WWE Games. He’s played almost all of them. Just like they do every year WWE and 2K released their annual video game with WWE 2K23. Jason and Sebastion have both played a ton of WWE 2K23. So is WWE 2K23 worth your time and Money?

In this episode, they talk about the highs, lows, and everything in-between for WWE 2K23.

Whether you’ve played the game already and want to hear about the experience again, or you want to know the ins and outs of this game before purchasing, tune in to hear more!

Tune in to learn about dope games to have in your video game backlog.

Sebastion and Alejandro dive into it and more on this episode of the Single Player Experience Podcast.

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