We are getting Catfished by Video Game Companies

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We are getting Catfished by Video Game Companies

We are being played y’all, and it is time we speak up about it!

How many times has it happened that a company has come out with a game that was incomplete and we just accept it like it’s okay. This is the only industry where consumers are okay with purchasing a half finished product. Why is that? We deserve more!

Our host Sebastion Mauldin wants to address this issue in today’s episode, not to call anyone out, but if you are a gamer, you probably know what games we are referring to.

So how do we stop getting catfished by gaming companies? What steps, we as consumers and gamers, should take to stop this madness? There are two ways we can do this and we want to share that with you in today’s episode.

So tune in and hear how we can stop getting catfished by the gaming companies, and get what you pay for!

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