Upcoming Indie Game Spotlight: Lucid

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Normally we talk about a game that you should have in your video game backlog. However, in this episode, Sebastion highlights an upcoming indie game that you should have on your wishlist. That game is Lucid.

In this episode, Sebastion talks with the Creator and Sole Developer of Lucid, Eric Manahan! Eric Manahan talks in Depth about his game, the inspiration behind it, what it’s like to create a game as a solo Dev.

Eric and Lucid Links:

Here is the link to the game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1717730/LUCID/

Here is Lucid’s Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/_theMatteBlack

Sebastion and The Single Player Experience Links:

Head to Discord to join the FREE Single Player Experience Discord Server! https://discord.gg/YeCwD6gtDv

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Sebastion Mauldin

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