Street Fighter 6 As a Single Player Experience Ft. KinnikuMao

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Street Fighter 6 As a Single Player Experience Ft. KinnikuMao

In this episode of the Single Player Experience, our Host Sebastion answers a write in from a listener. K2KlO wrote in like you can and asked “Can we get some love for some fighting games??” Sebastion isn’t usually a gamer that plays that genre so he called on an expert, KinnikuMao!

Sebastion and Mao discuss the new single-player game Street Fighter 6, which was released recently. Mao is an expert in fighting games and has been playing the game for four years. They discuss the benefits of modern controls in Street Fighter V, specifically focusing on their simplicity and ease of use compared to old-school controls. They mention the 4-button layout, which simplifies motion controls and makes the game more accessible to new players. They talk about the ins and out of Street Fighter 6 and Mao takes on the ProNerd Trivia Challenge!

We’ve got all this and more on this episode of the Single Player Experience Podcast!

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