Should you play the 2022 Saints Row Reboot

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Is it really THAT bad? Maybe, but why not find out for yourself? Sometimes popular opinion doesn’t capture the opinion of all, so that is why when our host Sebastion Mauldin hears about a crappy game, he is more inclined to try it out. What if it ends up being phenomenal?

Sebastion’s experience with the 2022 Saints Row Reboot single player game was unique compared to many others’. After testing it out himself, Sebastian found himself enjoying the game, regardless of all the terrible reviews he had read prior.However, it DID definitely have many flaws. Big enough flaws to pull him out of the game and dampen the entire single player experience. Even though there were some major flaws, it wasn’t terrible, and kind of enjoyable.Tune in to hear a non-biased review of this reboot with detailed descriptions of all the great and not so great things you will find if you decide to try this game out.

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