Potion Permit: Stardew Valley meets Retro Zelda

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Potion Permit: Stardew Valley meets Retro Zelda

Have you ever wanted to channel your inner professor Snape by becoming a potions master? In Potion Permit, you can do just that!

As the village chemist (and pariah), you get to experience the town in a unique way and unravel the mysteries that live within the deep corners of the game.

You are tasked with healing sick patients with your potions by completing challenges and puzzles. This is a very broad overview of what goes on in the game, but you get the gist.

In today’s episode, you will hear an in-depth look into Potion Permit, along with what our host, Sebastion Mauldin, liked and disliked.

From Mass Hive Media’s character creation, relationship building within the game, and visuals, this game gets high praise. However, there are some missed opportunities here, like most games, which we will discuss in today’s episode.

Tune in to hear a first-hand look into Potion Permit, and why you should try it for yourself!

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