Which Sports game offers the best single player Experience?

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Have you ever dunked a basketball? Our host Sebastion Mauldin can safely say YES to that question. Well, kind of. He was able to live this dream by playing NBA 2K where he dribbled past his opponents and dunked a basketball for the first time in his life. Talk about checking off an item on the bucket list!

All joking aside, Sebastion highly recommends NBA 2K as the best single player experience in  sports games. The game accurately represents the modern game of basketball and you can choose your role in the NBA, where it’s not confined to just being on the court.

There is a major downside to this game, and it has to do with your wallet! Although it’s pricey, there are ways to focus on a certain aspect of the game that would work for you so you aren’t being charged at every corner and still get an enjoyable experience.

Tune in to hear how you can utilize this incredibly well crafted game without breaking the bank and learn ways to get the best value out of game play!

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