Must Play JRPGs and the Most Overlooked Games of 2022 Ft. Cam Hawkins

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Must Play JRPGs and the Most Overlooked Games of 2022 Ft. Cam Hawkins

True gamers live busy lives, always trying to keep up with the latest releases and revisit favorite games before a sequel comes out. This perfectly describes the host of The Single Player Experience and today’s guest, video game writer Cam Hawkins.

As a co-host of the Unlocking Kingdom Hearts podcast, Cam of course talks about Kingdom Hearts, which happens to be one of his favorite games of all time. Additionally, you’ll learn his favorite games of the year, his pick for game of the generation, and what’s coming in 2023.

Cam and Sebastion also answer a few important questions: Are retro games back?  Is The Legend of Heroes the most underrated franchise ever? Why does Nintendo keep disappointing us, and what’s next for Pokémon?

With a love for world building and character development, Cam has a ton of worthwhile games to share. Tune in to get ‘em in your backlog now!

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