Life as a Video Game Composer Ft. Eric Ye

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Life as a Video Game Composer Ft. Eric Ye:

This is another episode of the Single Player Experience podcast the premier podcast, where single-player games find out about the Single Player Games that they should be playing. In this episode, our host, Sebastion Mauldin, is mixing it up a bit and talking about the music of video games. For a topic like this, it’s always nice to have a guest and this episode’s guest is none other than the Music Composer and Video Game Music teacher, Eric Ye! They will be diving into some of the best gaming soundtracks, The Video game music courses Eric teaches, and More.

Eric Ye is a composer, arranger, and songwriter for concert, game, film, and musical theatre based in San Francisco. He earned his Bachelor of Music in Composition at San Francisco State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Composition at the Bob Cole Conservatory at CSU Long Beach. Equally at ease with diverse styles across a wide range of mediums, his influences include Bach, Ravel, Joni Mitchell, Mariah Carey, Joe Hisaishi, Masashi Hamauzu, Thomas Newman, Stephen Schwartz, Disney songs, and the soundtracks of Sailor Moon, Touhou, and Riverdance. His films have been featured in numerous screenings at SF State and local theaters, and he recently scored the sci-fi game Cat Strats.

Eric is going to be giving a talk at MAGWest this year, called “Japanese Video Game Music Demystified: A Guide to Analyzing and Composing Like the Masters.”

Eric is currently opening registration for his latest bookcamp and is offering a special discount for listeners of this podcast. You can use/apply the discount code PRONERD23 to get 15% off of the 2023 Japanese Video Game Music Bootcamp and spend the summer studying Video Game Music!

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