Indie Informer’s 2022 Top 10 Indie Games ft. Jill Grodt

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Indie Informer’s 2022 Top 10 Indie Games ft. Jill Grodt

During this indie spotlight episode, we had to invite games journalist Jill Grodt on the show. Known as the “Indie Informer” and “master of all indie games,” she’s the perfect guest to speak to about this year’s best indie games! 

Jill’s favorite indie games are her favorite games, PERIOD. They’re not just favorites in the indie genre, but her overall top picks, so they deserve a spot on your to-play list. She and Sebastion share a love of games with beautiful narratives, which leads to in-depth discussions on her top 10 games of 2022.

They also talk about their preferred genres and elements, as well as a few games they couldn’t finish this year and ones they haven’t gotten around to playing at all — yet. If you’re looking for something new to play, this episode has a ton of unique games you don’t want to miss.

Listen in to hear Jill’s top games of 2022, and what she’s looking forward to in 2023!

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